WIN-It-Wednesday: Chobani Greek Yogurt

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday on BeFreeForMe is sponsored by one of my all-time favorite products… Chobani Greek Yogurt.

In fact, during last week’s visit to the supermarket I learned real quickly that I too wasn’t the only one who craved  this 2” tall cup of greek-love. Waiting  for the Dairy Manager to come out with a fresh supply of Chobani, I noticed three other women were waiting too.  Before the Greek God (aka: Dairy Manager) could get the several cases of Chobani Greek yogurt off of  the chariot, ahmmm… I mean the dolly, the other gals and I pounced  before he could even think about placing each little cup of joy on that dairy case shelf.

And that’s when it hit me… I guess I’m not the only Greek-Geek around.

Besides being made with all-natural ingredients and real fruit, this yogurt also has no artificial flavors, colors, & preservatives. This gluten-free yogurt is also great for served up with any meal… breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With twice the protein of most other yogurts, I love Chobani Greek vanilla yogurt in the morning blended with my fresh fruit or gluten-free granola. I also like their plain yogurt tossed with chopped grilled chicken (try this instead of using mayonnaise), used as sauces on chicken or burgers (check out the recipes for Turkey Burgers with Chobani Horseradish Sauce – adapt to make gluten-free) or to make Cole Slaw during hot summer weekend.

All these delicious reasons and recipes are why I am thrilled that this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday on is sponsored by Chobani Greek Yogurt.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us the Chobani Greek Yogurt flavor that is your favorite. (Me? I really don’t think of myself as a “vanilla type of gal”, but I have to say Vanilla all the way when it comes to my Chobani.)

A total of TWO BeFreeForMe members will be selected to win a prize pack containing one FULL CASE customized with the Chobani Yogurt flavors of the winner’s choice. (Sorry… Dairy Manager not included).  One (1) winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST, and one (1) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, July 6 and Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter to win two times!

Good luck, enter to win and  join me in being a greek geek… and as always…
Be Free!

P.S. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you download your coupons for Chobani Greek Yogurt… and join Chobani on Facebook and Twitter!

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103 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Chobani Greek Yogurt”

  1. Jill Says:

    I am a sucker for the plain yogurt as I like to add my own fruit, but Chobani Greek is the best!

  2. Mami2jcn Says:

    Lemon is my favorite.

  3. Jessica Says:

    I would have to pick strawberry!

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    I love chobani greek yogurt. I am very happy that is natural since I cannot have aspartame and nutrasweet and that is in many low fat yogurts these days as a sweetener and its not in chobani and they have the best taste and real fruit not the minced stuff as others do. My favorite has to be the pineapple. It reminds me of pineapple and sour cream. I used to eat that as a child as a treat. We never had much ice cream then. I grew up on yogurt and still love it to this day.

  5. Krysten Mayfair Says:

    I love Chobani’s blueberry yogurt! My 17-month old daughter gobbles it up – must be her favorite too!

  6. Michie Page Says:

    I love blueberries! I have always enjoyed blueberry yogurt, but Chobani makes it that much better!

  7. Lisa Vance Says:

    My favorite is plain. But then, I like vanilla ice cream too!

  8. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Cherry is my all time favorite, and lemon comes in second. I really like Chobani.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Chobani, my absolute favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, anything anytime treat! LOVE IT! All of the flavors are yummy but if I was forced to pick a favorite it is a tie between Blueberry and Black Cherry. I am going out shortly to replenish my supply!!

  10. Venessa Says:

    Oh yum! I love Greek yogurt. My absolute favorite flavor is Vanilla. Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  11. kathy Says:

    mmmmmm i like vanilla

  12. Lori Says:

    I prefer the plain because it gives me more flexibility in cooking, baking, and eating! YUMMY!

  13. Linda Williams Says:

    I love the Vanilla because it is so versatile; I can bake with it or add fruit for breakfast or snacks, and use it for dessert toppings instead of whipped cream.

  14. patricia jacobs Says:

    I love lemon. I take it with my medicines!! I love cherry too. Its all good

  15. Larc Bogdan Says:

    Honey, honey, honey!

  16. Kimberly Z Says:

    I <3 Chobani plain Greek Yogurt – I love to add granola, fresh fruit, and lots of mixers to it! The vanilla is also super yummy! I also like to add Chobani to protein smoothies! 🙂 great giveaway!


  17. Francine Says:

    Pineapple is my favorite. I also like the lemon and the blueberry. Sometimes, I buy the mango. There’s lot of delicious choices.

  18. Jessica Nevin Says:

    I love the Vanilla! It is perfect for adding fruit too in the mornings or for snacks to dip with.

  19. Lynda Craig Says:

    My favorite Chobani yogurt is strawberry. I like to use the plain to top baked potatoes.

  20. Natalie Clark Says:

    Chobani pineapple is the best!

  21. Kathleen Reale Says:

    I love all the comments so far! You guys are making me hungry! =)

    Be Free!

  22. Valerie McAllister Says:

    I love the plain flavor the most because of the endless possibilities you can incorporate into any meal you choose to your liking.Ola.

  23. cindy Says:

    I like anything with cherries so that is probably my favorite but after reading these comments I need to try the pineapple!

  24. Laura Says:

    My favorite is the peach. All the way. I can’t eat any other kind of yogurt now!

  25. Mary Cowin Says:

    Natural would be my favorite!

  26. Marilyn Says:

    I love the vanilla with my favorite gf cereal added in the morning. It holds me til lunch.

  27. Rachael Says:

    I love the plain with my own fruit!

  28. Laurie Payne Says:

    The Chobani Black Cherry yogurt is the best for me. I will scoop it over a bowl of gluten-free Rice Chex cereal. It’s breakfast, a dessert, a snack all in one! Delicious!

  29. ToCo Says:

    Lemmmmmmmmmmmmm…on!!! 😀

  30. Jessica Says:


  31. Faith Pavkovich Says:

    My favorite is Chobani is Peach.

  32. Caryn Says:

    My favorites are pineapple, and cherry with some rice chex mixed in for a little crunch!

  33. Lisa Says:

    I have never tried any greek yogurt so I would love to try some!

  34. ROBIN Says:


  35. Cindy Says:

    Luscious lemon all the way!

  36. Christina Says:

    I’ve never tried this, which is why I’d like to win!

  37. Kara Williamson Says:

    You better believe I buy CHOBANI VANILLA in the 32 oz. size!!!!! And it is awesome mixed in with regular plain yogurt – you get a neat consistency with a little less sweet, and then punch it back in with cantalope and cinnamon!!!!!!!!
    Strawberries dipped in chobani is the ultimate healthy night time snack!!!!

  38. Lisa Says:

    Peach!! It is delicious!

  39. kristina herrick Says:

    I love the greek yogart and its so much better for you. my favorite is the vanilla and like Kathy I like to cook with it. I made a potato salad with the yogart instead of mayo and boy was it yummy! thank you Chobani for this contest!!

  40. Erin Small Says:

    Just one favorite?? Hmmm… Peach! or Raspberry… or I’d like to try the Lemon…. oh, it’s too hard. Let’s go with Peach. YUM!

  41. Jennifer C Says:

    I love to use plain yogurt in recipes. Yum!

  42. Debi Says:

    I was given these from a co-worker that didn’t like them….boy they are good. I eat a yogurt everyday on my first break at work, these tend to hold me over longer than my normal brand.

  43. Karen Says:

    Vanilla! Vanilla! Vanilla!

  44. Cara Says:

    I love all the Chobani flavors, my favorite is probably cherry though. I wish they had a chocolate, YUM!!!

  45. Debbie Says:

    I love the greek yogurts, in almost any flavor. I think I would have to say that the pineapple is probably my favorite flavor. I eat a yogurt every day besides I love yogurt I enjoy the health benefits of it.

  46. Sue Edwards Says:

    I love the plain..then I can add anything I want. I love to add Honey to mine!

  47. Amy Says:

    I love the creaminess of Chobani yogurt. My fav is blueberry!

  48. Christina Says:

    Vanilla – yum! I’d love to win

  49. Sam Says:

    Black cherry! No, blueberry! Oh, wait! Pineapple! I would have to say the plain yogurt just because I couldn’t choose a flavored version! I can make it into any kind I want!

  50. patricia jacobs Says:

    I eat so much yogurts, it my favorite food, i feel like i splurge and have such a treat.

  51. tracy Says:

    I love pineapple flavor. My husband and me fight over the last one every time.

  52. Denise C. Says:

    I like my yogurt plain. Then I can add anything I want – granola, raisins, fruit. Sometimes I even add a little cocoa when I am craving chocolate.

  53. catriel Says:

    I’ve been eating plain yogurt for decades, and only recently have seen wonderful thick Greek yogurt like Chobani available in mainstream grocery stores. I love the versatility! I can add my own flavoring (vanilla extract or berries, for example, and stevia for additional sweetness), substitute yogurt for sour cream in dishes like baked Yukon Gold potatoes, creamed Vidalia onions or creamed spinach, or use it (with or without herbs) as a dip for (GF) tortilla chips. It is an excellent product!

  54. jan Says:

    i wouldn’t know how to get through a day without chobani yogurt! since my celiac diagnosis, there probably haven’t been many days i haven’t eaten it at least once!!!! anyway, my new favorite is black cherry- i’m usually waiting for it to be restocked too!!!

  55. Megan Heady Says:

    Chobani restored my love for yogurt!! Lemon, Black Cherry, & Strawberry are my favorite!

  56. Becky Says:

    I love the vanilla.

  57. Tracey Says:

    All of Chobani’s flavors are fabulous, but my favorite may be Vanilla! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  58. Selene Says:

    My favorite is pineapple! Not too sweet, and 2%… gotta have a little fat. 🙂

  59. andy depeano Says:

    Yum all the flavors are excellent!! I love there yogurt the taste is great and the variety of flavors are awesome

  60. Sr. Bernadette Cote Says:

    I’ve heard so, so many favorable comments about this yogurt that I immediately purchased some of it. It IS delicious!

  61. christine Says:

    I looooooove vanilla!!!!

  62. april Says:

    I love their blueberry greek yogurt. Haven’t tried cherry yet…that could be a new favorite. But they are ALL SO GOOD!

  63. Monisha Says:

    I love vanilla and would love to try the other flavors too!

  64. zoey dampf Says:

    There yogurt is the best!!! the flavors are excellent and the taste is wonderful, they fill me up and they are my favorite i like all the flavors so i cant just pick one,

  65. katheryn Says:

    Blueberry and strawberry are all time favorites at our house but I would love to try the lemon and pineapple flavors……..YUMMY!!

  66. alice Says:

    my favorite is the pineapple flavor, I am a little upset that I cannot get the coupons to print with my computer, but that does not stop me from buying them…

  67. Kathleen Reale Says:


    That’s a bummer that you weren’t able to print the coupon out with your computer. I have found that if you contact the manufacturer that offers the coupon through their “Contact Us” page and let them know you were unable to download the coupon on-line they will often send one via USPS mail if you ask.

    It’s worth a try…

    Be Free!

  68. Francine Says:

    My favorite is pineapple!

  69. cindy Says:

    Cherry is one of my favorites!

  70. katheryn Says:

    Hooray for two give aways! We love Greek yogurt and a whole case would be such a blessing. Thanks for doing this! I’d like to try them all in a mixed case.

  71. Patty Says:


  72. Lisa Vance Says:

    I like plain and vanilla.

  73. Erin Small Says:

    I’ll have to say, Vanilla!

  74. april Says:

    I love the blueberry, but I’m dying to try Cherry now! They are all SO GOOD!

  75. Debbie Says:

    I stopped at the store last night to buy some produce and could not resist buying more Chobani yogurts even though I have some at home. I tried the mango today and it is delicious

  76. Mary Cowin Says:

    I like the natural to which I can add frozen fruit and make into a smoothie.

  77. ToCo Says:

    Le-Mmmmmmmmmm-on! 😀

  78. Michie Page Says:

    Blueberry is my favorite, but I can’t wait to find and try the pineapple!

  79. Venessa Says:

    Vanilla 🙂

  80. jan Says:

    after enjoying chobani yogurt of any flavor (but especially the black cherry) at least once a day, i can truly say that i am spoiled forever from going back to any other yogurt. the all natural ingredients are important to me, and the texture and flavor are simply the best around. thank you, chobani!

  81. ROBIN Says:


  82. Lisa Says:

    Blueberry is another favorite!

  83. Heather Says:

    I love the pomegranate!!!

  84. Sarah Risk Says:

    At our house we can’t have sugar, so we do the plain yogurt thing and add our own stuff 🙂

  85. alysha tree-stalsworth Says:

    Vanilla is my favorite!

  86. Catherine Says:

    I always look for Plain, though I find that mainstream grocery stores tend to give more space for the flavors that contain sugar. Vanilla (not too sweet!) is my fall-back if Plain is not available. I have a friend who sometimes uses fruit flavors in recipes where one would expect plain — it mitigates fishy flavor somewhat.

  87. christina Says:

    Blueberry is fantastic! The BEST blueberry yogurt I ever had – the double protein is a bonus.

  88. Jessica Says:


  89. Crissy B Says:

    Cherry anything is always good. Black Cherry Chobani is delicious.

  90. Christine Says:

    Loving on the Vanilla flavor! It’s a blank slate to make whatever fruit flavor you want!

  91. Tracey Says:

    I’m back for the second giveaway, thank you! I think Vanilla may be my favorite, but they’re all terrific!

  92. Earl Waddell Says:

    Hello i would like to win this

  93. Becky Says:

    My favorite??? LEMON!!!

  94. Lori Niver Says:

    I love strawberry.

  95. Melissa Says:

    Pomegranate and Blueberry. Both are good!


    I’ll have to downloaad the coupon as I heave never tried chobani. I probanbly would like plain or honey for baking and lemon or berry for a snack.

  97. Kailee Says:

    My favorite is blueberry but I do love all the FLAVORS!!

  98. Christine S. Says:

    The plain is my favorite, but Black Cherry sounds like a flavor I will try.

  99. Jess Says:

    Plain all the way so that I can add nuts, granola, fruit etc! Yum!!!

  100. lindsey Says:

    I like plain the most because you can use it in ANYTHING!!

  101. Phyllis Mueller Says:

    Vanilla absolutely!!! I love to mix it, cook with it, share it with my dogs! this stuff is da’ bomb!

  102. Hillary Heidi Berndt Says:

    I like the plain beause it is so versatile. You can cook with it, eat it w/ fresh fruit (best with mango), or even use it to cream up strawberry shortcake.

  103. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Yahoo! We have winners…

    Congrats to:

    1.) Kimberly from Wisconsin
    2.) Deborah from Massachusetts

    Be Free!

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