WIN-It-Wednesday: riceworks® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps & Wild riceworks

It’s Wednesday and time for yet another WIN-It-Wednesday! The sponsor of the next two week’s contest is one of my all time favorite snacks… riceworks Brown rice crisps.. and their newest addition… WILD riceworks – a combo of brown and wild rice.

I know by now many of you have had the opportunity to try riceworks® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps, but if you haven’t tried them yet – or if you haven’t tried the new Wild riceworks…  you really need to!

The reason why I love these crisps so much is because they are a cross between a chip and a cracker. Crunchy and salty enough to replace potato chips, yet firm enough to handle any dip, hummus or piece of cheese – these crisps are rice – and they work!

They also come in six yummy flavors… Sea Salt, Sweet Chili, Salsa Fresca, Parmesan, Tangy BBQ and the new MUST TRY variety –  Wild riceworks.

The flavors have something for everyone… sweet, savory, and salty. Plus they are gluten-free, all natural, have no preservatives or artificial flavors, no trans fats, plus they are vegan and kosher friendly. They taste sinful… but aren’t!

The new Wild riceworks contain all natural whole grain wild & white rice… and has over 12 grams of whole grains per serving. This newest addition to the riceworks family is almost more flatbread-like than the other ricework varieties, so they are perfect for scooping, spreading and stacking your favorite toppings. They also have had a favorable “two-thumbs-up” review from every person I know that has tried them. I encourage you to give them a try!

And if you haven’t done so yet, check out riceworks page on Facebook. They have a great promotion going where folks can “Confess their snacking sins” and get a $1.00 off coupon for a bag of riceworks.

Another nice thing about riceworks® Brown Rice Crisps is that they work with my busy lifestyle. You can find them almost anywhere – Wal-Mart, Super Target, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s and Pathmark, to name just some of the locations.

Needless, I was thrilled when the folks at riceworks® asked to sponsor the prize package for the next two week’s WIN-It-Wednesday. Six winners (three each week) will each win a gift pack containing 6 bags – one of each flavor, including the new Wild riceworks. Three (3) winners will be chosen from all entries received before Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST and another three (3) winners will be chosen from all entries received between Wednesday, October 12 and Tuesday October 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST. So make sure you enter to win two times!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog (make sure you are a BeFreeForMe member if you want to win) and let us know your snacking sins (Me? I confess my candy guiltiness… Gummy Bears and caramels!)

Good luck, remember some things (like riceworks) can be sinful but still good for you, and… as always…

Be Free!

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84 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: riceworks® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps & Wild riceworks”

  1. cindy Says:

    Hummus and a snack chip are a favorite – but a special – occasional treat – is Fritos and cheese dip.

  2. Laurel Says:

    I’d love to win the Riceworks snacks so I wouldn’t snack on M&M’s so much.

  3. Marilyn Says:

    My guilty pleasure is peeps candy. It wasn’t so bad until they started making for all the holidays.

  4. dacia dale Says:

    Junk food such as chips and chocolate snacks

  5. Sue Edwards Says:

    I love these! I buy a bag for me and the rest of the house eats them and I may get one or two!!!

  6. katheryn Says:

    wow, well I have to confess i’ve never even heard of these. seems out here in the boondocks even the walmarts are behind the times!!! as for snacking sins, I have to admit to trying most anything that isn’t on a forbidden food alergy list……..wish more things were like this and NOT forbidden

  7. Michie Page Says:

    My usual snacking sin is gummy cola bottles. But every once in a while I lose control and eat Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream (even though dairy and I don’t get along). Worth it? Maybe not, but I sure love that stuff.

  8. Gina Says:

    I am guilty of cookie eating I love cookies!!!! However I would love to win these riceworks, I do eat them especially the sea salt and salsa fresca.

  9. Cassie Says:

    My snacking sins come with the low blood sugars….I use it sometimes as a reason to let myself have candy if I am craving, otherwise I use glucose tablets or juice. The favorite is the Reese’s Pieces or Dark Chocolate.

  10. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Terra Chips and Food Should Be Good chips…..I do love my chips.

  11. Dominique Says:

    Oh how I love to snack! I have at least 3 snacks a day…I love tortilla chips!!! I think it is the crunchy texture and the salt, of course. I must confess that I have a huge weakness for Sour Patch Kids – I love the sour and then sweet. Hmmm, I think I need to go have some right now…

  12. Lisa Says:

    Freshly made buttered popcorn is my absolute favorite!

  13. Christine S. Says:

    My weakness is white cheese popcorn and chips. Crunchy and salty!

  14. Mary Cowin Says:

    My snacking sin is opening a bag of Food That Taste Good’s Sweet Potato chips and eating the whole thing!

  15. Eileen Sanders Says:

    Potato chips and candy are my weakness.

  16. ToCo Says:

    Pez! Loved them as a kid and still do!!! Ask me how many dispensers I have…go ahead…ask me…LOL 😀

  17. Terri Peters Says:

    Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn. Butter and salt -Yum

  18. Brigette Says:

    My guilty pleasure… anything with Chocolate!!

  19. Michelle Says:

    Oh my snacking sin is a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. chocolate! A specialty in my area is Sponge Candy, I can’t stop eating it!

  20. Melissa Lawler Says:

    Hello, my name is Melissa and I am a popcorn addict. Popcorn drenched in butter and salt and Franks Red Hot Sauce!

  21. Stacy Says:

    Any free samples I can get to see if I like gluten free products would be awesome. I just founf out about a week ago that I have celiac and I am just lost with too much information. My snack sins: I love potato chips.

  22. Katie C. Says:

    I eat the top half off of pieces of cake…the top inch including the frosting, and I ditch the plain bottom. 🙂
    Also, in college I used to pull all-nighters while downing an entire 6-pack of Diet Coke and a huge bag of Smartfood popcorn.

  23. Lisa Says:

    My guilty pleasure… I love M&M’s!!

  24. Kate D Says:

    My guilty snacking pleasure is definitely tortilla chips with melted cheese on top… a little salsa on the side & I am good to go 🙂

  25. Jenny Says:

    I snack on a handful of chocolate chips 2-3 times each day. Also, I eat sunbutter by the spoonful out of the container!

  26. Bonnie Says:

    I cannot resist Kettle Corn or Reeses Pieces!

  27. jill c Says:

    I really enjoy a small piece of very dark chocolate and let it melt in my mouth–really savor it…plus–dark chocolate is good for you !!!

  28. cb Says:

    Just cannot give up Nutella. Even worse: Nutella ice cream is expensive and delicious.

  29. Christine Says:

    hershey’s chocolate, has to be hersheys……….

  30. Venessa Says:

    Awesome giveaway, I love Riceworks!! My weakness is Crème Brûlée. Most of the time it’s Gluten free, so I always have to order it. Yum! 🙂

  31. robin Says:

    I love tortilla chips with melted cheese on them. they are awesome with riceworks.

  32. Robin Dyer Says:

    I love noshing on dark chocolate and plain potato chips – sweet, salty, chocolatey fix!

  33. patricia Says:

    I love caramel and anything that has caramel in it! I am also a big fan of kettle corn.

  34. Karen Says:

    OH man, Wax Orchard chocolate fudge…with a spoonfull of peanut butter. Addictive….

  35. Janet LaRue Says:

    I must confess I love anything with dark chocolate and some kind of nut-add in some gooey carmel and I am in heaven!

  36. Denise C. Says:

    Something salty and crunchy satisfies my snack cravings. Tortilla chips are one favorite. A little salsa doesn’t hurt either!

  37. Nancy Cote Says:

    Brownies, just plain made from a box of Pillsbury brownie mix. No nuts, no chocolate chips, just plain brownies and oh….anything else chocolate!

  38. Serena Says:

    Chocolate + Ice Cream.

  39. Amy Avery Says:

    My guilty pleasure is fruit juice gummy bears that I share with my class. One for you, one for me….

  40. Martha S. Kerr-Burke Says:

    My snacking sin is cheese and crackers and I really love pizza & nacho’s ! As for candy I love the Three Musketeer Bar and Bridge Mix ! No wonder I need to lose weight ! LOL

  41. Debbie Says:

    I have tried other flavors of Rice works- this sounds very interesting

  42. Mary G Says:

    Crunchy and savory would just about wrap up the entire list of my munching favorites!

  43. Sue Says:

    I like RiceWorks! My sin is salty snacks, g/f chips are so tempting!

  44. Savannah Green Says:

    My snacking sin is “microwave nachos.” I’ll add shredded cheese to tortilla chips and pop them in the microwave. So easy and so good.

  45. andy depeano Says:

    I love Riceworks, this flavor sounds so good!!! I would love to win this, it is a awesome giveaway

  46. Chris Says:

    My snack sin is pretzel m & ms. I try not to keep them in the house too often!

  47. Maria Says:

    There are a few snacking sins I have acquired of the years of being Celiac. 1. I love RiceWorks Parmesan chips, I eat them by theirselves or with a GF sandwich. 2. Glutino chocolate covered pretzels are very enjoyable!

  48. Jade G Says:

    My guilty pleasure is chocolate! Chocolate everything! And hot dogs!

  49. Debbie Says:

    I would love to try these new flavors as they are much more healthy than potato chips

  50. Catriel Says:

    Popcorn Indiana.

  51. Janelle Says:

    I love anything with cheese, salt and sugary-goodness. Let’s just say I love anything that is not healthy for a person, lol. I have never tried these before and super excited to! I love gluten free options but hate buying new things because of the price and the chance of not liking it. If its like a chip I think it is a for sure, lol.

  52. Michelle Says:

    Chocolate. In all forms! And popcorn. Love my sweet and salty!

  53. Tina Yaskell Says:

    I sneak a piece of raspberry filled dark chocolate at night before bed…it’s just sooooo soothing! 🙂

  54. Monisha Says:

    My snacking sin is yummy GF cookies – cannot resist them!

  55. Christine H Says:

    My guilty pleasure is chocolate. I don’t eat it much because it upsets my stomach but I still eat it once in a while and love every minute of it! Never tried riceworks. Excited to try them!

  56. Gina Says:

    Chocolate especially dark chocolate!!!! would love to try the wild rice chips.

  57. Christina Says:

    I usually don’t eat more after I’m full, but the snack that reels me in is chips and homemade salsa!

  58. Serena Says:

    I love chocolate cinnamon ice cream.

  59. Kathy M Says:

    Crunchy soynut butter with vegan chocolate chips

  60. Paula Says:

    Me? I’m a sucker for a good bowl of cereal…the sugary kind…It would be okay in the morning to have a bowl of the stuff, but I crave it late at night…

  61. Christine S. Says:

    I really like cheesy popcorn, as well as chips.

  62. ToCo Says:

    Love second chances! I still say Pez! Loved them as a kid and still do!!! Ask me how many dispensers I have…go ahead…ask me…LOL

  63. Melissa Lawler Says:

    I have a new addiction to M&M’s!

  64. Catriel Says:

    I would like to try the new wild rice variety. I love the crunchiness of Riceworks products but tend to avoid chips because of the relatively high salt content (I don’t cook with salt and really notice when it is present).

  65. Terri Peters Says:

    I love ice cream

  66. Cassie Says:

    All snacks can be seen as a snack sin with blood sugars if I don’t do my insulin properly and at the right time! I used to sneak snacks when I was younger and first diagnosed with diabetes but would forget to do the insulin! So the sneaking would not stay because the sugar levels would rise and parents and friends would see in my actions and personality! Now its understand the food and my body.

  67. cindy Says:

    Ruffles and chip dip!

  68. andy depeano Says:

    my snacking sin is kit kats, i just cant stop eating them!!!

  69. faith m. Says:

    I love these chips.

  70. ackdavis Says:

    Gimme dark chocolate in small portions. Sunbutter outa the jar. Any time. Mmmmmmmm

  71. katheryn Says:

    Looks like these could be a new fave!!!

  72. Sarah Curtis Says:

    Tortilla chips and salsa, and anything chocolate especially green and black chocolate bars!!!

  73. Debi Says:

    Oh Riceworks yummy I buy the Sweet Chili flavored ones and between my husband and one of our three cats, well lets say the claws are out on these chips. Everyone loves them. Oh and anything chocolatey.

  74. Jenn Says:

    gummy bears easilyyy

  75. WG Schmidt Says:

    I love snacking on pita chips and big turk chocolate bars.

  76. Elizabeth Says:

    I love sugar but I’ve given it up. So now I love, love love, riceworks but I haven’t seen the wild rice variety! I’d love to try that!

  77. patricia Says:

    My snacking sin is cheese, cheese, and more cheese! ! These rice snacks would go well with the cheese!

  78. Karen Says:


    ToCo, How many Pez dispensers do you have?

  79. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Yes… ToCo!! How many do you have! I am wondering too! =)

  80. robin Says:

    melted cheese over rice chips heated with salsa yummy!

  81. Leigh Says:

    Definitely hummus and chips!

  82. Amy Ward Says:

    Chocolate mousse with marachino cherries! I start every first bite out with a small spoon and somehow end up with a small bowl in hand. It’s my own fault…I have to actually MAKE the stuff so consuming it wouldn’t be quite as easy if I stop buying the ingredients! :o) On the other hand, veggie hummus and carrots are always on hand when the mousse has run out. And while I’ve never closed my eyes and dreamt I was somewhere else while eating the carrots and hummus, I do feel MUCH better about myself when I’m eating healthy.

  83. cassie Says:

    a great sin is the homemade soda! this is delicious, especially with homemade syrup. can make sure it is gluten free and know how many carbs and calories are in each cup. can even make it with the natural stevia, much healthier and sugar free! love this and could drink so much if i didn’t watch how many ounces of drinks besides water i drank each day.

  84. Marvin Says:

    Please be aware that since RiceWorks has been acquired by Shearer’s Foods and is NO LONGER VEGAN!
    RiceWorks were vegan for almost ten (10) years, we feel betrayed as the vegan community obviously contributed to the product’s succcess.
    We have personally decided to boycott all Shearer’s Foods products in protest.

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