WIN-It-Wednesday: “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen” Cookbook by Laura B. Russell

Chinese New Year was this week, and if you’re like many celiacs and those on a gluten-free diet it’s can be a  bummer not to be able to enjoy a traditional feast with family & friends at your local Chinese restaurant.

So instead of going out to eat this year, plan a Chinese New Year Gluten-Free Celebration at your own house. But where will you find the recipes for your favorite Asian Foods? Dumplings, Crispy Spring Rolls, Mu-Shu Pork, Potstickers, Kung Pao Chicken… and more?

Thanks to Laura B. Russell, everyone on a gluten-free diet can now enjoy these Asian favorites at home, and can find the recipes in her cookbook,  “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen – Recipes for Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, & More”. Talk about good fortune!

This cookbook is one of my all-time favorites (this is coming from a gal that has a cookbook library spanning three 6’ long shelves!). Every page of this cookbook features a recipes that “I just have to try” with instructions that are easy to understand, along with basic prep and cooking techniques. I also love the reference section at the front of the cookbook, which has become a go-to while shopping for Asian food ingredients.

Some of my favorite recipes in “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen – Recipes for Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, & More” include Gingery Pork Pot Stickers, Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad, Fiery Ginger Sauce, Shrimp & Sweet Potato Tempura Pancakes. All bursting with flavor.  All delicious. All keeper-recipes.  I will make these recipes again, and again, and again. No more bland “Steamed Chicken & Veggies” for me – the only thing I can eat at my local Chinese restaurant.

This is why I was thrilled when I found out that this WIN-It-Wednesday on was going to be sponsored once again by Laura B. Russell and “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen – Recipes for Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, & More” .

It’s no ancient Chinese secret that Chinese food, as well as Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese can be jammed packed with gluten and dairy containing ingredients. But Laura B. Russell allows celiacs and dairy-free folks everywhere the chance to enjoy Asian cuisine once again.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us what Asian dish (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai or Vietnamese) you miss the most since going gluten and/or dairy free. (Me? Potstickers!)

A total of FOUR (Yes… 4!)  BeFreeForMe members will be selected to win the “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen – Recipes for Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, & More” Cookbook. Two (2) winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST, and two (2) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, February 1 and Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter two times to win!

Good luck, believe in good fortune… and as always,

Be Free!

Order your copy of “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen Cookbook” on and take advantage of FREE SuperSaver Shipping! Here is the link to order: The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen: Recipes for Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, and More

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146 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen” Cookbook by Laura B. Russell”

  1. Anna Lee Says:

    I miss chicken potstickers and crab-stuffed wontons

  2. Shelly! Says:

    How exciting! We cook GF Asian a lot at our house…but there are some things (ie dumplings and potstickers) I’ve never tried! I would love to do wontons…my mother used to make those when we were little. Our own version of chicken nuggets 🙂

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  3. E.M Channing Says:

    The asain Dish I mish the most is Pot stickers as well!! Oh the torture of watching friends and Family enjoy them!. ;}

  4. ann Says:

    I used to be a family fun night. that was untill two of use found out we had celiacs. It would be so nice if we could all learn how t cook asian and we could have a new family fun night.

  5. Beth Says:

    I am a long time lover of chinese food. I missed General Tsao’s chicken until I found the greatest recipe for it on this fantastic Be-Free-For-Me site! I’ve made it several times and always make enough for left-overs so I can enjoy it the next day too…..what a treat to have such a tasty lunch at work! Although I can get some great pork fried rice, shrimp chow mein and even beef and broccoli at a local place I cannot get any appetizers that I used to fill my plate with: bbq ribs, chicken fingers, chicken wings, wontons, beef teryaki…….I am salivating just thinking of them all! I would love to be lucky enough to win one of these cook books so I could once again enjoy some of these wonderful foods!

  6. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Thanks, Beth! The Gluten-Free General Tso’s Chicken recipe is one of my all-time favorite recipes too! Here is the recipe link if anyone wants it!

    Enjoy … and Be Free!

  7. Carol Asher Says:

    What I miss most is being able to eat from the buffet table. I always enjoyed trying small amounts of a variety of dishes, both favorites and new dishes to try. My experience is that some restaurants will prepare a dish for you that is gluten free, but usually just a meat and veggies prepared separately without seasonings and with rice. To me, that is not special, which is why I enjoy eating at this type of restaurant.
    I would enjoy trying some of your recipes and sharing them with our local Celiac Support Group.

  8. Stacey Says:

    My eleven year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It’s been extremely challenging providing her with foods not only healthy for her, but enoyable to eat as well. She loves asian food and has been so sad to give up her favorites, among them, potstickers! There are so many things I now have to say no to her for, I would love to delight her with some of her favorites in a gluten-free way.

  9. Chere Housefield Says:

    My daughter and used to go to a small Chinese restaurant for lunch every weekend. We did this for many years, through middle school, high school and into college. That was our special time and it is one of the things that I miss the most. I am learning to make my own Asian dishes and while some of them are quite good, they are not the same. If I had to narrow it down to what dish I miss the most, I would have to say it was a dish our restaurant served called Princess Prawns, which were fried shrimp in a spicy ginger sauce, and of course Crab Rangoon.

  10. elicia a Says:

    I miss Japanese ice cold soba noodles in the summer time and the freedom to eat at any hole in the wall Korean restaurant.

  11. Rachel Says:

    I miss crab rangoons! They are the best!

  12. Natalie Jennings Says:

    I miss sesame chicken and crab rangoon! 🙁

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    I would love, love, love this cookbook! What do I miss the most? How about everything???? Sesame chicken, mu shu pork, lo mein, kung pao chicken – just about everything!

  14. Meghan Says:

    I miss dumplings!

  15. Christina Says:

    Wonton soup and spring rolls:)

  16. Lisa Says:

    I miss this little Chinese resturant where I would order sesame chicken!

  17. Jennifer Ismael Says:

    Crab rangoon! My husband and I used to go to a fabulous Chinese restaurant when we were dating, almost 20 years ago! It was a favorite for years and years and I really miss it. I can no longer have dairy or gluten products and I would love to be able to recreate something similar.

  18. Kathy Says:

    I really love rice noodles so I am glad that I can still have them. I suppose there are a few other noodles that I miss.

  19. Christine Says:

    For me it’s pork buns, plus Asian ribs and potstickers.

  20. Terri Peters Says:


  21. Paulette Schirmer Says:

    Reading throught the descriptions of this resource, I was literally drooling at the possibilities presented for foods I use to enjoy (Celiac diagnosis 6 years ago). Definitely looks grand!

  22. Lori Niver Says:

    Potstickers and Spring Rolls!

  23. cb Says:

    Thin egg noodles (made with wheat) which are used in soups and entree dishes. I usually substitute rice noodles, but it’s just not the same.

  24. Debi Says:

    General Tsao’s Chicken, Orange Chicken, oh so many things I have blocked many out…..

  25. Katie Shafer Says:

    I really miss my cream cheese won tons! We used to frequent asian buffets and it was always the first thing I went to!

  26. Crunchy Says:

    I miss spring rolls!

  27. Denise C Says:

    I absolutely love spring rolls! Potstickers and dumplings are a close second. It would be great to learn how to make these.

  28. Katybeth Graves Says:

    I miss egg rolls, dumplings, and potsickers the most. I love Asian food and realizing how many things contain gluten really bummed me out, being that I have only been gluten free for about 7 months. This is exciting to see there is a cookbook out for alternatives!!

  29. Alisha Says:

    I want dumplings!!!! 😀

  30. Brenda Says:

    Where do I begin . . . . General Tso, Egg Rolls, Egg Noddles . . . I miss them already and I have only been gluten free for 2 1/2 weeks! I am so excited to find new recipes to replace the ones I am going to miss.

  31. Andrea Says:

    My daughter has only been gluten free for about a month-she is gluten intolerant. I’ve been craving Chinese buffet, which she loves too. I think she’ll really miss chicken balls and wonton soup. I hope we win!

  32. kiersten Says:

    That is exciting. I have been stugling to find good gluten free recipes. This gives me so ideas on how to cook. Thank you!!

  33. Joan R. Says:

    Thanks for all the great recipes. Imiss pot stickers and dumplings most of all!

  34. Angie W Says:

    Definitely spring rolls!!!

  35. Sandra Park Says:

    My husband loves Thia cooking and egg rolls. We would love some recipes to try!

  36. Debbie Says:

    We miss Egg Rolls, traditional Spring Rolls and Lo Mein!

  37. Samantha Says:

    I miss egg rolls desperately.

  38. Laney Cardwell Says:

    We miss noodles -lo mein &Dan Dan- and egg roll/ spring rolls. We have tried several times to prepare Asian dishes at home with only partial success. I tried to make stir fry lemon scallops with GF substitutions but they came out gummy. We tried using GF spaghetti noodles to make pork lo mein and the noodle worked but our pork was FAR from Asian style. I think we could use some real guidance here! Thank you for the contest

  39. Sharon Says:

    I miss eggrolls, lo mein, sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, pot stickers….so much!!! I’d love to win this cookbook to be able to enjoy chinesse food again!!!

  40. Stephanie Says:

    I miss egg rolls and cream cheese won tons. Really miss egg rolls.

  41. Jasmine1485 Says:

    So much! I loved steamed pork buns, spring rolls, everything with soy sauce (I have a GF one but just not the same), also steamed dumplings filled with pork or prawns and egg noodles. *sigh* This cookbook would be awesome for me! I love to cook and it’d be great to taste my old favourites again.

  42. michelle Says:

    I miss lemon and Orange chicken so bad. I only found out I was celiac in November so I’m still busy trying and experimenting I just bought a wok this would be a great way to try it out.

  43. Kimberly Wade Says:

    Well it is vary hard for me to tell what I miss. I am Chinese food, as well as Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese Lover. Before I knew that I had C.D. I would be the first one to say I want and I am there when asked to go out for Chinese food, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese. This would be aweaome to be able to make the food I love. I wish the resturants would be able to offer these types of food as Gluten Free. I have had this since I was a kid and only found out 2005 the week of ThanksGiving.

    Thank you,

    GF Girl

  44. Desiree Dickens Says:

    I really, really miss egg rolls! I would LOVE to find a recipe to create a gluten-free version 🙂

  45. Caryn S. Says:

    There are too many to list but I’d definitely say crab rangoon and egg rolls!

  46. Cara Says:

    I miss egg rolls most since going gluten free.

  47. Valerie Says:

    Oh how I miss steamed dumplings and potstickers!

  48. Catherine Says:

    I miss lo mein and ramen soup. I also miss the little pancakes that go with moo shu chicken. I borrowed this book from the library. It is really nice!

  49. Melody Says:

    I miss eggrolls and dim sum. Although in case any of you are dying for a quick meal out, P.F. Chang’s makes some pretty great lettuce wraps (and has a whole menu for Gluten-Free folks…)

    I am part Chinese and I used to make my mom’s eggroll recipe (as well as a bunch of others) but since converting to this eating style I can’t figure out how to make the skins so this would be a wonderful inspiration.

    Thanks so much!

  50. Melinda Says:

    I miss teriyaki chicken, crab ragoons and lo mein noodles.

  51. Jen Says:

    I miss crab ragoons and seasame chicken………and a host of other things as well.

  52. Jenn Says:

    I miss wonton soup!

  53. Annie D. Says:

    I REALLY miss steamed dumplings and Peking Duck!! My husband and I tried to re-create the Peking Duck in our own kitchen, but it was not the same. 🙁 I would love some more Asian recipes!

  54. Jessica Says:

    I think anything made with a wonton- dumplings, crab rangoon. I know it’s not REAL Chinese, but I miss being able to take my whole family for Chinese Buffet. There’s soy sauce in everything and adding a peanut and tree nut allergy doesn’t help!

  55. Jeanne Says:

    Egg rolls, potstickers!!! We miss them soooo much!

  56. Jen A Says:

    Potstickers for sure, my daughter loves them, I need to find a way to make the gf! Thanks!

  57. Lynn Paul Says:


  58. Karen Says:

    I miss dumplings and potstickers. After a trip to China last year, I miss real Chinese food – I’ve yet to recreate the amazing braised eggplant I ate several times.

  59. Robin Says:

    My 23 month old granddaughter is gluten intolerent, as well as my daughter-in-law. It’s exciting to know they’ll be able to enjoy goodies like wontons and eggrolls,

  60. Pam G. Says:

    I definitely miss spring rolls! I’m not too handy in the kitchen so hoping to win and get great directions on HOW to do all this!!!

  61. Laura B. Russell Says:

    I love hearing about all the dishes people are missing. Some of them are in the book–pot stickers, Mu Shu Pork, Kung Pao chicken, spring rolls–and now I have many others on my “to do” list. I’ll be working on a Crab Rangoon over the next week or so; be sure to check my website soon for the recipe!
    Good luck with the contest ~L

  62. Janice Says:

    I really miss dim sum dishes and egg rolls. I really love Asian food. It frustrates me knowing that I can’t have very much of it especially the items with breading etc. I can do the vegetarian dishes with substitutions.

  63. Deanne Kohlenberger Says:

    What I miss the most are two things…Crab Ragoon and Orange Chicken. Since going Gluten free I have quit eating Chinese altogether. I decided that if I couldn’t have the dishes I liked that I wouldn’t have it at all…I would love this cook book as I have had a nasty hankering for Chinese for like 2 weeks and still going strong. I just don’t want to take the chance that I get sick from it…

  64. Paisley Says:

    Crab rangoon and potstickers… 🙁

  65. Madalene Says:

    I miss won ton soup and sesame chicken!

  66. Audrey J Says:

    Egg rolls. But then I miss most Asian food. Soy allergy as well! But I started using the coconut aminos, so I am able to cook Asian at home!

  67. Dana Coughlin Says:

    I miss crab rangoon, pot
    stickers and orange chicken

  68. Jennifer E Says:

    I miss egg rolls and potstickers and just being able to pick anything off the menu

  69. Carol Brown Says:

    We tried your dumplings recipe on the Chinese New Year. They were nomilicious! We miss eggrolls. Sigh.

  70. Susan Says:

    I only just discovered Vietnamese food as an adult. It’s my favorite, but now I’m not sure what is safe to order.

  71. Joli Says:

    It’s split between dumplings and egg noodles…oh that delicious chicken cocont curry soup with *ack* rice noodles
    (luckily, I do love them, but it isn’t the same)

  72. Shannon Says:

    I miss Spring Rolls! Can I really make that crispy pastry, gf? I would love to win this book and try them out.

  73. sue Says:

    I miss the the fried pot stickers and spring rolls.

  74. Karen Says:

    i think it would have to be spring rolls and wonton soup……i am just learning to cook and be gluten free and would just love this cookbook. thanks for the opportunity

  75. Connie Says:

    Egg rolls….ah! The fond memories of them is made worse by watching my husband eat them!

  76. paula reynolds Says:

    i miss egg rolls and wonton soup and lo mein

  77. Michelle Says:

    I miss non-rice noodle dishes, but we make-do with what we can have. Been successful with some stir-fries bye substituting with wheat-free tamari 🙂

  78. Anne Clemmer Says:

    I miss crab rangoon; and wonton soup especially.

  79. Ashleh Says:

    I love Chinese buns. I would try to find a way to make them but after 4 months of massive cooking failures I just want something simple to work!

  80. Marleena Says:

    I miss Cream Cheese Filled Wontons the most.

  81. Elita Says:

    Sesame Chicken for sure!
    I have multiple food sensitivites; gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, nightshades=tomatoes, chilies, eggplant
    and have to cook ALL my own food. Feeling great though!

  82. Venessa Says:

    I miss Mu Shu with mandarin pancakes. Yum!

  83. Karen G Says:

    I miss all Asian food! It would be great to learn how to cook it.

  84. Rita Whirls Says:

    love to have the cookbook, love cooking

  85. kandi Says:

    I miss the fried wontons and the crab ragoon and sweet & sour chicken…

  86. Maria Says:

    Stir Fried Noodles and Dumpling here!

  87. TXEdie Says:

    Chinese dumplings! Egg rolls! MooShu Beef/Pork! So many good things in an Asian kitchen start with flour and duplicating that delicate dough would be a wonderful thing. I miss them all!

  88. Tara Pasholk Says:

    I miss General Tao chicken, Crab Rangoune and egg rolls, my mom, best friend and I used to go out for this once a month and it’s been one of the toughest things I had to give up!!

  89. Belinda Says:

    Crab ragoons & eggrolls

  90. Kaye Says:

    Well, to be honest, I have not really ever had Asian food before. Would love to try it though. It looks wonderful! I’ve been kind of scared to make any of these dishes not really knowing what some of the ingredents were. Hope I win. Would like to try some new foods. Having Celiac, makes me stay with the same boring foods.

  91. Joan R. Says:

    I miss so many of the wonderful Oriental dishes, but, especially pot stickers, won tons, and spring rolls.

  92. Michelle Goeder Says:

    This is great! I was just diagnosed with celiac disease this past week, so any recipes/tips would be great!!

  93. Karen Origer-Greco Says:

    I miss my Chinese noodles and spring rolls. This sounds like a great cookbook.

  94. Teresa Bird Says:

    I miss wonton soup the most, especially when everyone else is enjoying it!

  95. Julia Woods Says:

    I miss all of it!! I miss being able to stop at the little hole in the wall places on a whim. Asian food has always been my favorite. 🙁

  96. Alicia Says:

    10 year old son, Billy misses general Gau’s chicken

  97. Chris Says:

    I miss egg rolls and crab rangoon.

  98. Caroline Leithiser Says:

    I am semi vegetarian (I eat fish) and became GF at age 62 ! This has been so hard – missing spring rolls and crab ragoon! Hard to be left out at my age when family and friends gather.

  99. Karen Says:

    Ohhhhhhhh, I miss egg rolls the most….and Mu Shu Pork…..and sesame tempe (can’t have soy either). I use coconut amino acids and that works………… I could have fun working my way through this cookbook with my niece….

  100. Janet Says:

    I have always made my own Chinese food-never ate out in a restaurant-however since going GF I am missing the Fried Pot Stickers and Crab Rangoos! So many other’s in my head as well but these are the 2 the most I miss! What a great book-would also love to showcase this book at the CSA Support Group Meeting I am chairwoman for! Would be great for the library of the group as I wasn’t aware there was a chinese cookbook available that was GF! Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Amy Says:

    CREAM CHEESE WONTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Natalie Beaulieu Says:

    Asian was always my favourite. I REALLY miss dumplings but I would also LOVE some wonton soup.

  103. Crystal Says:

    I miss potstickers and wonton soup 🙁

  104. cindy w. Says:

    Fried rice and sweet and sour chicken.

  105. Lori Niver Says:

    I miss wonton soup and egg rolls.

  106. Andrea Says:

    Wonton soup–yum

  107. K Farmer Says:

    Would love to be able to fix vietnamese food for my asian grandson that is GF! Would make his grandfather very proud to eat noodles and spring rolls!

  108. Stacey Says:

    So many things…yakisoba noodles, hot and sour soup, sesame chicken, teriyaki dishes, fried dumplings, wontons and spring rolls and all the fabulous dishes our local Thai restaurant makes (including the ones we were assured would be safe – I don’t blame them, too many hidden dangers, we just don’t take chances anymore).

  109. Chris Boehnlein Says:

    I would love to learn to cook more gluten free Asian recipes – I dearly miss my rangoons.

  110. April Says:

    My daughter in law cooks a lot of Asian foods as well as her mother – they are great cooks. I love it when my daughter in law offers to cook and we try hard to make at least one thing gluten free for me. I think the thing that I miss the most is the asian chicken skewer that they do.

  111. Erin Slocum Says:

    I miss crab rangoons the most. I’ve found that using rice paper makes a pretty good egg roll, but I haven’t found the right wrap for the crab rangoons yet 🙁

  112. Jessica Says:

    I miss sweet and sour chicken! It has been far, far too long.

  113. Carol Asher Says:

    I really miss Asian food in general, but the first dish that comes to mind is egg rolls.
    My husband is a much better cook than I am, especially gluten free. This would be a great cook book for him to try, and to take some dishes to our support group meeting. I am group leader for our local support group, and would like to share your book with them.

  114. Kathy Says:

    Oh my I miss Ginger fried beef and Egg Rolls mmmmmmm

  115. Eileen Says:

    Without a doubt, my son and I miss potstickers the most.

  116. TXEdie Says:

    I’ve discovered gluten-free soy sauce, but not a good gluten-free dumpling wrapper recipe! I would loved to make steamed Chinese dumplings again!

  117. Christina Says:

    OOH – hot and sour soup, wonton soup… THanks for another chance to win 🙂

  118. Marlene Schmidt Says:

    I love all of the dishes that are Asian. mostly just not know if all the food facilities are serving dishes that are gluten free, so I would enjoy knowing how to prepare them for myself.

  119. Christine Says:

    Egg rolls for sure, plus potstickers and pork buns. Since my son-in-law is Asian, and thus my grandsons are Eurasion, I’ve had a challenge enjoying their (and my) favorites.

  120. Mary Cowin Says:

    Beef ala Szechwan is my favorite, although I miss all the good asian dishes available to those who may have gluten in their diets.

  121. Jennelle Says:

    I was literally just was diagnosed with a gluten and dairy sensitivity…so I haven’t had the opportunity to miss anything just yet. BUT in looking forward, I immediately think of dumplings, potstickers and cream cheese rangoons. If only I’d had one more Asian meal before my test results came back!

  122. Misty Says:

    I truly miss egg & spring rolls! I miss getting them with my Asian take-out. It would be wonderful to be able to make them gluten free.

  123. Venessa Says:

    2nd entry

  124. Linda Ramos Says:

    I miss so much! Crab Rangoons, Kimchi Pancakes and the hot pepper paste I used to put on my bimbambop. Oh and I forgot about the spicy Ramen. 🙁

  125. Juliana Says:

    I miss wonton soup and spring rolls.

  126. Chere Housefield Says:

    Cheap Chinese drive through on a harried Friday night or a Sunday buffet.

  127. DeAnn Brisee Says:

    General Tso’s chicken with Lo Mein noodles 🙁

  128. Natalie Beaulieu Says:

    I miss being able to order whatever I want off the menu.

  129. Sandra Simkins Says:

    I miss egg rolls and potstickers

  130. Jeanne Gribble Says:

    I’ve been coping with the recent discovery of a gluten allergy in my family. Asian cuisine is a favorite and I’d like to learn how to prepare meals that are highly enjoyed without the effects of the gluten.

  131. Joan R. Says:

    Ireally would like to be able to create my own wontons, spring rolls. and pot stickers. Looks like this book would help me be able to accomplish this feat!

  132. Cara Says:

    I miss the luxury of going to Chinese restaurants! I love all their food!

  133. TXEdie Says:

    Wow, a second chance to win a cookbook with Asian recipes! I’m ready to start cooking!!!

  134. Janet Says:

    I want to make fried pot stickers again and wontons! Very exciting that there is a Chinese GF cookbook out! Thanks for the opportunity! My daughter will be happy as well!

  135. Allison Says:

    I miss Sweet and Sour chicken, with all the yummy breading, Crab Wontons, and of course Egg Rolls. Would love to have acopy of your cookbook. Thanks!

  136. cb Says:

    There’s this Chinese cruller. It’s made like pastry. You dip it in rice porridge for breakfast. Oh well, I can still have the porridge. The other thing is panko bread crumbs. But we shouldn’t be frying anything anyway 😉

  137. Mary Gerken Says:

    I’d love to dive into an appetizer of shrimp toasts and then anticipate my first bite of mu shu pork layered with plum sauce. Oh, drool!

  138. Karen Says:

    with 3 of us in our house on the GF/DF diet cooking is challenging to say the least! we soooo enjoy asian food! its fun and easy! we miss egg/spring rolls the most! we are so lucky to have PF Changs asian bisto in our area- its our Birthday dinner of choice! my kids love the lettuce wraps, fried rice and singapore street noodles!!!
    I need to find a recipe for the singapore street noodles- my son would enjoy them in his lunch box!

    always searching for fun – interesting – new GF/DF recipes! we have one thai cookbook – would love a copy of yours!


  139. Tina Says:

    General Tsao’s chicken

  140. Joan R. Says:

    I would really like to win this book so that I can learn how to make all the dishes I can no longer have, such as, wontons, spring rolls, dumplings, ramen noodles and pot stickers. I miss them all!!

  141. Carolyn Says:

    Wow. Winning this cookbook would be awesome! I miss lots of foods. I really don’t know what i should and shouldn’t eat. I do miss dumplings, and other items mentioned in other posts.. and scallion pancakes with the dipping sauce.

  142. Chris Says:

    I miss noodles, wontons and eggrolls alot.

  143. Liesl Says:

    OH my stars I miss egg rolls, spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, pot stickers, tempura…
    I have to stop.

  144. Christine Says:

    We have always enjoyed all the dishes but I would have to say that our favorites would be Orange chicken and Noodles (any of them). Our grandson who is 2 now has a Gluten allergy which made us look into my husbands eatting habits and have come to find that he too has a problem with Gluten so we are now learning so much more about it and it is a challange .. Thanks for all your info it is awesome.

  145. Cindy Says:

    Haven’t had sweet & sour chicken or egg rolls in so long!!! I really miss them the most, but my whole family (all on GF diet) really enjoys a variety of Asian foods.

  146. Frances Johnson Says:

    I miss having my wonton soup dlso the dumplings and egg rolls.

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