Friday Favorite: Pamela’s Luscious Chocolate Cake Mix

I love baking. The mixing, the blending, the smell of a good gluten-free goodies baking in the oven. I love to make sweets for myself, and for those in my life…  just because.

After all, cake isn’t just for birthdays. Celebrations should happen daily. Got a “B+” on that math test? Time to celebrate! Mom home from a business-trip after being gone all week? Time to celebrate! It’s the little things in life that are sometimes the most overlooked, yet those that bring the biggest joys into our lives. The kind of joys that put a smile on your face, and a bounce in your step.

And to celebrate these tiny joys, cupcakes made from Pamela’s Cake Mixes are perfect.

I love the convenience of adding just a few ingredients and mixing up a batch of gluten-free cupcakes.  Afterward I frost and decorate each one uniquely… for each special someone in my life. I learned early-on the perfection in decorating doesn’t matter one bit. After all, as the old saying goes… it’s just the frosting on the (yummy, gluten-free) cake… so go nutty-crazy with the frosting & sprinkles.

Celebrating every day wonders and joys are the reasons this week’s Friday Favorite on goes to Pamela’s Cake Mixes. Congratulations…and have fun celebrating!

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Pamela’s Products Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

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