Simple Love. Gluten-Free Style.

Since being diagnosed with celiac disease, I’ve started to appreciate the simple little things in life. I’m not real sure if it has to do with growing-up… getting older, getting wiser… or my actual celiac diagnosis, but I do know one thing: The little things that my family, friends and even strangers do since being diagnosed with celiac disease have really made me slow down, take notice, and appreciate the itty-bitty small things … the things that others don’t have to do… Yet they still do them.

And it’s funny… because when I mention this to others that have celiac disease they nod their heads in genuine agreement. They too have caught the appreciation that comes with the territory.

Not a bad symptom that comes with the diagnosis.

The little things. The simple things. Things like a single gluten-free cupcake bought just for you from the girls at the office; gluten-free articles and recipes clipped from magazines from my sister-in-law to be; my fiancé who doesn’t have a clue how to bake but he makes and decorates my gluten-free birthday cake – his first ever; a funny comic strip about gluten-free living sent in the mail from Mom and Dad; a text from my sister enthusiastically sharing a gluten-free restaurant find.

The list, and my appreciation, goes on.

So this Valentine’s Day I’m keeping things simple. If those in my world keep doing exactly what they’re doing I will continue to be one happy girl. No extravagant dinner reservations, no jewels, no 2-pound boxes of chocolates…and no dozen roses for me.

This Valentine’s Day just keep on giving me the simple things in life.

And thanks to you all, I now take the time to stop and smell the roses in the bouquet of my gluten-free life.

Question: Does anyone else feel the same way about noticing and really appreciating the little things in life? If so… please share!

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6 Responses to “Simple Love. Gluten-Free Style.”

  1. mary Says:

    My study group ladies are famous for serving chicken salad for lunch. In making it, they will always begin with a fresh bottle of mayo (even though they have mayo in their frig already) and they all wait for me to get my serving first so there will be no chance of cross contamination. What a precious labor of love from them to me! Blessings abound in the small stuff!

  2. Cassie Says:

    It is amazing how little things mean so much. My grandmother, 94 yrs old, is always trying to make meals that I can eat with the family. She has made meatballs gluten free that everyone loves and don’t even know are gluten free until she says so. My mother also does this with cooking and finding treats for me on the side. She is constantly sending me things now that I am at college, making my day or I would say weeks with the bags of snacks sents. 🙂

  3. Carol Asher Says:

    I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of others. Some friends from home who are wintering in Texas as we are stopped by on my birthday. They were totally unaware of the diet until recently, yet they used their imagination to “create” a birthday cake for me, with Van’s gluten free waffles, strawberry jam between the layers, covered with Cool Whip and topped with Valentine kisses and candy, and a “?” candle. I was surprised and grateful and explained that they had been creative with what is available which is exactly what Celiacs do. And it was delicious!

  4. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Mary, Cassie and Carol – I loved reading all of your comments! Each one put a smile on my face… =)

    And for that… I am grateful for your sharing!

    Be Free!

  5. Cathy Says:

    My very first day in a new facility, I walked in to find they were having their Christmas party and RIGHT AWAY I was going to have to tell them about my food issues. They truely embraced it immediately, and assured me of what I could eat. Then 2 of the girls made sure from then on that I could eat like everyone else. They mad gluten free cakes and macaroni and cheese. When I was invited to their home, they made sure I was not left out of the snacks. Little do people realize just how wonderful that makes someone feel. This article was right-on!!!

  6. jan Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how far friends will go to make you feel “included” in festivities, or even just on a daily basis; at work or at get togethers! my good friend, my co-workers, and friends from church- all have gone out of their way to prepare special food or treats for me, so that I won’t be left out. I have been blessed!!

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