Friday Favorite: Alo Drink – 100% All Natural Gluten-Free Aloe Vera Pulp & Juice

Today’s Friday Favorite on is awarded to Alo Drinks. Made with 100% All Natural Aloe Vera pulp and juice this gluten-free drink is the perfect way to naturally hydrate. Aloe Vera is also naturally rich with amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Alo Drinks uses real aloe vera juice made straight from the leaf, never from powder. Along with the aloe, these drinks are blended with just enough all-natural flavors to give each variety a unique and flavorful taste. My favorites are the Aloe with Pineapple + Guava + Seabuckthorn Berry and the Aloe with Pomegranate + Cranberry.

I love the flavor combos, the little pieces of pulp and all the glorious & healthy reasons to start drinking aloe… every day!

Cheers Alo Drinks for being this week’s Friday Favorite on!

Want to Buy Alo Drinks? Check out this link on

2 Responses to “Friday Favorite: Alo Drink – 100% All Natural Gluten-Free Aloe Vera Pulp & Juice”

  1. CJ Williams Says:

    Those do look excellent. I’ve had pure aloe pulp and juice before–scraped out of the plant, and it has a peculiar cool, but strong–I can’t say flavour, but impression. But these sound sweet. ^_^

  2. Joel Says:

    I would like 2 know we’re 2 buy the alo juice I’ve been drinking 4 a long time pomegranate&cranberry

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