Win-It-Wednesday: Musco Family Olive Company Prize Pack

I love, love, love this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor on – Musco Family Olive Company.

First of all, olives are one of my all time favorite foods. Ask any of my friends. Olives are by far one of my first go-to snacks and also a quick and easy appetizer. What’s not to love about a big plate full of olives being shared with friends? No cooking, no grilling, no fussing, no mixing. Just olives. Pure and simply good.

Musco Family Olive Company makes some of the best olives around. No wonder they’re the leading supplier of olives in America. Most of us recognize their super-fun logo of a hand with olive-topped fingers – something that my sisters and I use to do with the olives in my Mom’s “relish dish” when we were younger (and o.k., I admit, maybe not so younger too!). To add to the story, we thought is was super amusing that we had an Aunt Olive (No lie). Every holiday my sisters and I would vie to ask “Aunt Olive… would like an olive?” To this day we still laugh about that. I’m convinced that the only reason we left some olives in that relish dish was so that we had a chance to offer poor Aunty an olive. =)

Besides bringing back memories, I love Musco Family Pearls and Early California Olives (depending on the store you will find one or the other) because they are gluten-free, all-natural, vegan and kosher. They also have some great recipes on their website.

Musco Family Olive Company offers a wide variety of olives, and just recently came out with two new product lines. The first new line is Fresh Cured Olives that are hand-picked and then cured immediately to retain their firm texture & natural color. The second line is a Reduced Salt offering that features pimento stuffed olives, with 75% less salt, and black pitted olives, with 25% less salt, than their traditional counterparts. So many people will benefit from these reduced salt olives.

All these healthy, delicious, and fun reasons are why I am so thrilled that Musco Family Olive Company is this week’s Win-It-Wednesday sponsor on

And check out the BeFreeForMe Win-It-Wednesday Musco Family Prize Pack! It is AWESOME!  A total of two (2) BeFreeForMe members will be selected to win this Prize Pack that is packaged so pretty and perfect! Each Prize Pack contains the following:

•    1 can Early California Fresh Cured Green Olives
•    1 can Pearls Fresh Cured Green Olives
•    1 can Early California Reduced Salt Black Olives
•    1 can Pearls Reduced Salt Black Olives
•    1 Jar Early California Reduced Salt Pimento Stuffed Olives
•    1 Jar Pearls Reduced Salt Pimento Stuffed Olives
•    1 Musco Family Olive Company can opener
•    Musco Toothpicks and napkins

One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST, and one more winners will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, August 29 and Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 11:59 PM. SO – make sure you enter to win two times!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and let us know your favorite way to eat olives or your favorite olive memory. Is it in a recipe? By the handful? Sprinkled over a salad? Did your Mom have a relish dish too? Please let us know! (Another one of my fond olive memories is a Cream Cheese and Olive Sandwich… did anyone else get those as kids?)

Good luck, remember that fun is usually right at your fingertips … and as always,
Be Free!

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50 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Musco Family Olive Company Prize Pack”

  1. Debi Says:

    My family loves olives, straight out of the can, on salads, in a recipe (my favorite is our mexican lasagne), I use chopped olives in cream cheese and wrap it in gluten free lunch meat for my husbands lunch (easy finger foods his job is driving). My mouth is watering just thinking of having olives.

  2. Rhonda Says:

    My favorite way to have olives is when I am craving a late night snack to open up a can and devour the whole thing. They are the best food that God invented. LOVE them.

  3. Lori Says:

    My mom always had a relish tray for every gathering. She had olives(her favorite and my youngest brother), celery filled with cream cheese, carrot sticks, radishes (my oldest brother’s favorite) cherry tomatoes and the tiny sweet pickles. I loved it all. I miss that tradition. Today we keep olives in the frig for snacking and add to pizza, taco salad, taco dip and egg salad. DELICIOUS! Next gathering…. we are having a relish tray.

  4. Kathleen Reale Says:

    My Mom had the same stuff on her relish tray! I’m thinking the same as you – I’m having a relish tray at my next gathering as well…. Let’s bring back the Relish Tray-dition! =)

    Be Free!

  5. Linda Says:

    Mama always served olives in a relish dish for family dinners and my sisters and I do that too. My children loved olive n cream cheese sandwiches too. Would love the gift box to share olives at our holiday parties and GF family dinners. What great memories olives brings to mind.

  6. cindy w. Says:

    I like to use olives in my cold spagetti salad.

  7. Christina Says:

    My daughter is the big olive fan at my house. She eats them by the luscious handful 🙂

  8. Paulette Schirmer Says:

    My fondest memory of family holiday dinners was all of the grandchildren – 5 plus the occasional 3 or 4 added neighbors all putting the black olives on our fingertips and walking around the dining room like we had claws on. This was our grandmother’s favorite way to get pictures of all the grand kids.

  9. julie Says:

    I’m not a huge olive fan, but my son and husband love them. they like them on everything from salad to pizza

  10. tomi Says:

    Olives are good any way I get them! I don’t think I’ve had an olive that I didn’t like. And I use them in several different types of recipes from casseroles to salads. I also eat them out of the jar or better yet fresh from the olive bar (after I pay for them). My favorite memory is: going to Grandma’s house for holiday and having dinner with all the relations, and yes, all us cousins put the olives on our fingers to eat them!

  11. Angie W Says:

    I love putting some in a bowl and just eating them plain. I love the salty punch in the mouth!

  12. Nikki Evans Says:

    My family loves olives straight on their own. I never had them as a child as my mom didn’t like them… I was only adventurous enough to try them after my daughter liked them! I always have to have some one hand as I never know when a craving will strike her and my hubby!

  13. Lindsey Says:

    Our family’s favorite way to eat olives is right off our fingertips! We put them on the tips and eat them just like that 😉

  14. Rhonda Says:

    I like olives on salads and pizza.

  15. Eileen Says:

    I like to use olives on salads and in casseroles.

  16. sue Says:

    Love olives, green, or black. My mom make a cheese ball with butter, cream cheese and chopped green and black olives. This was a favorite for every family get together.

  17. Beverly Says:

    I love Olives being I’m Italian there nothing better my family would always cure them in a big crock, and then when they were done but them in canning jars. Wow those were the days and Mom would use then in just about everything yummm yummm.

  18. janene strange Says:

    I love olives any time of day they taste great and are good for you I just love them

  19. janene strange Says:

    they are great and love them any time of day they are a greate snack and are very good for your health

  20. esther fraser Says:

    my favorite – chop or slice olives, mix with cream cheese and stuff in celery! the combination of salty and crunch is delicious!

  21. Beth Says:

    Olives are good cut up in potato salad and macaroni salad. And all so just eating them out of the jar.

  22. Melissa Says:

    Olives in gf pasta are the way to go!

  23. Margoka Says:

    I like to put olives in my salad.

  24. TXEdie Says:

    Still another gluten-free possibility! Olives — black, green, stuffed — are delicious and add a special appeal to appetizers, main dishes … and out of hand! 🙂

  25. Catherine Says:

    I usually chop them up and put them in with the tomato sauce with pasta. Or I use them in a salad.

  26. Amy Avery Says:

    My whole family loves olives so much I can hardly keep my pantry stocked for long! Our favorite way to eat them, straight out of the jar. 🙂

  27. Theresa Says:

    Funny story our family loves olives. We always let the girls chop them well one day they were busy and I chopped them to my suprise a can of whole olives made a full cereal bowl of copped olives. My husband and I just looked at each other in suprise. So we started watching the kids becuase they never were able to turnn one can into a full bowl. They were eating 1/2 of them before they made it to the chopping block. We usually have to open 2 cans in our home they are loved that much!

  28. Venessa Says:

    My favorite way to eat olives is in tepenade. I like to make a variety of them, and enjoy with wine & cheese.

  29. Faith Pavkovich Says:

    We have paired down the very nutritious and colorful relish tray of red peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots and celery to what the extended family of (24) was actually eating, which was only the midget dill pickles and the black olives. Truthfully, although not in the least bit chic, they kind of serve as appetizers as the rest of the holiday meal is coming together. Give the people what they want!! There’s always a lot of lively and colorful conversation around the pickle and olive bowls.

  30. Erin Lane Says:

    I didn’t like olives until I went gluten free and said I would try anything without gluten. Olives were my first surprise, I actually like them!

  31. cassie Says:

    Favorite olive memory is the family picnics! My family is italian and loves olives. They are eaten in ever way including the simple plain olive. Almost every dish had olives in some sort of way. 😉

  32. Lisa Says:

    I love putting black olives on my fingers! I was obsessed with black olives when I was little… so one year Santa Claus dropped two cans off at my Grandparents house and asked them to give them to me! 🙂

  33. Stephanie Anderson Says:

    I LOVE olives! I can just sit and eat them plain, but also love them on mexican food and pizza!

  34. Katheryn Says:

    We eat them straight out of the can. I start to make a relish tray and I have to open two cans of olives or the tray barely has any on it ! I enjoy them on pizza and salad but have had a good time reading all of the other comments for more ideas.

  35. ginny murray Says:

    Olives to me are like ice cream, we only got to eat olives at christmas time as a child. Now as an adult, I can buy all of the varieties and have them anytime. Eating them out of the can, or in a bowl makes them wonderful. I use the variety in almost every dish I make and many in salads. When traveling, I find kinds, I’ve never heard of and can’t wait to try them. Olives are kissed by God to make them so great, also bless the growers who take such great care of them.

  36. Pauline Rusert Says:

    Olives are best when eaten directly from ones fingers or the fi gers of those one loves.

  37. Trenelle Collins Says:

    I love olives and would really like to win this prize

  38. cindy w. Says:

    I get a kick out of seeing how much my youngest grandaughter loves olives.

  39. Katheryn Says:

    here’s my second entry. hope to win, I can taste the yummieness already!

  40. Erin Lane Says:

    The olives in Machias, Maine where we go sea kayaking… are amazing. A small home-based company marinated them in something wonderful. I dream of those olives… worth the 5 hour drive just to eat!

  41. Lori Says:

    I love olives. I love to eat them here, there and everywhere. I love to add olives to my homemade sauce in the crock pot.

  42. Venessa Says:

    2nd entry 🙂

  43. Sue Says:

    Love olives in pasta.

  44. Beth Moody Says:

    Love olives on Greek or Mediterranian pizza!!! Straight out of the jar too, especially green olives.

  45. Denise C. Says:

    Olives were always served at every occasion when I was a child. I grew up in an ethnic neighborhood where the corner grocery store had huge barrels of several different kinds of olives. I went shoppping with my grandmother and she let me pick out the kind I liked. This brought me back to such fond memories! Also, I did not think anyone else ate cream cheese and olive sandwiches.

  46. Gina M Says:

    I love all types of olives. My favorite ways to eat them are either plain or to add them to salads.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Elizabeth Cayer Says:

    I just love to eat them alone, straigth with no frufru! The Very Best, EVEEERRRR!!!!!

  48. Tammy Says:

    My daughter and I love olives right out of the can and on our pizza!! YUM!!

  49. robin Says:

    My family loves to eat olives straight from the can and cut up in una salad or chicken salad yum yum!

  50. Kristina Says:

    Early CA Olives are the bomb! Eating of the tips of my fingers from moms relish tray as a kid was the thing to do! Now I do it from my own relish tray (s) as a grown up and straight from the can!! I love the fact that their Gluten Free and by them in the 55oz cans !! Life is good with Musco!!

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