USA: The Home of the Free – But not at Mickey Dee’s?

What’s more American than a cheeseburger from McDonalds? For me and the million of other Americans suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance we would say a cheeseburger on a gluten free roll from McDonalds.

Impossible you may say. McDonald’s could never get the recipe right or the training perfected to correctly offer a gluten-free roll on their menu.


McDonalds is already offering a gluten-free hamburger bun and many, many other gluten-free options in Sweden.

Anna, a gluten-free blogger from Germany, has experienced firsthand the convenience of walking into a McDonald’s in Stockholm while on business and grabbing a cheeseburger on a gluten-free roll. Ahhhh – The luxury.

McDonald’s USA website describes “New Burgers” that offer, “Fresh toppings that are new for McDonald’s, like sautéed mushrooms, red onion slices, crinkle cut pickles and thick tomato slices all served between a perfectly toasted bakery-style sesame seed roll”.

This Fourth of July holiday week, I say we should all practice our right to speak our opinion. Let’s contact McDonald’s and ask them to carry the gluten-free rolls in the states.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the description of McDonald’s new products changed to, “… bakery-style traditional or gluten-free perfectly toasted roll”? 

I’m Lovin’ It!



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14 Responses to “USA: The Home of the Free – But not at Mickey Dee’s?”

  1. travis Says:

    This sounds nice in theory, but I don’t think I would trust the workers at McDonald’s to keep my burger gluten-free.

  2. Linda Says:

    This is a fantastic idea!!!!! I hope they do as well as other fast-food restaurants. I have tried Hardee’s low-carb burger (it substitutes lettuce for the bun) and while it is good, there is nothing like a true burger with an actual bun!!

  3. Cindy Says:

    I just sent an email to McDonalds. I hope they listen since I do miss an occasional cheeseburger!

  4. Joyce Donatelli Says:

    Hey McDonalds,
    A gluten free bun being offered in your restaurants in the United States would be GREAT!!!!!!
    We will be looking for it.

  5. Faith Pavkovich Says:

    I clicked the provided link to contact McDonald’s and I shared my opinion – way too easy – thanks for the encouragement !!

  6. Lorraine Says:

    To have a gluten free hamburger roll at all the McDonalds in the USA would be an excellent idea. To be able to have a cheeseburger with a real bun and a choice of toppings would be appreciated. I would be able to share a meal with my grandkids. Please consider this super idea. I will be looking for it!

    Would you consider having gluten free french fries???

    Thank you,


  7. Thelma Says:

    Well I just heard last night on CTV news that more and more people are diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
    So, it is high time that Chain Stores and Restaurants accommodate their clients with Gluten Free Products. It would make it so much easier for all of us especially when we are away from home and cannot easily carry our own lunch.

    Bravo to all those who will endorse this change.

  8. Alicia Says:

    This would be great. My husband visits Sweden often and it isn’t just McDonalds. The hotel he stayed in had a resturant that served gluten free bread. According to him it was the best he has ever had (and he is trying to get the recipe). I just don’t understand how America can be so far behind in this!!

  9. Julia Says:

    Well, I e-mailed McDonalds and as you can see here, they must have just sent out an automated response. It was a nice shot though….

    Date: July 2, 2009 5:55:39 AM EDT
    Subject: Message from McDonald’s USA

    Hello Julia:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s. I am delighted to know you enjoyed our gluten free buns served in Sweden.

    Before we open restaurants in other parts of the world, we study the culture to determine local customer preferences. In most cases, we serve not only our standard menu items, but occasionally we try to offer items which reflect that country’s culture. For example, some McDonald’s restaurants in Japan serve a fried chicken sandwich spiced with soy sauce and ginger; in Germany — frankfurters; in Canada — McLobster; in Norway — a salmon sandwich; and in The Netherlands — a vegetable burger.

    We operate our restaurants on the philosophy that “the customer is the reason for our business.” Ultimately, it’s our customers who decide what products we offer.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s. We hope to serve you again soon under the Golden Arches.

    McDonald’s Customer Response Center



    You wrote:

    I recently read that McDonald’s offers a Gluten Free bun option in Sweden. This is very exciting news but I was wondering if there were any plans to offer it in the United States? I’ve been a diagnosed Celiac for 4 years now and I miss my hamburgers!!

    Thank you

  10. Sue Says:

    I sent an email to McDonalds. They responded with a “form” letter saying they have no specific gluten free items. We should read their ingredients list and make a decision from that. Nothing was said in their response about the buns in Sweden. I guess all we can do is keep trying.

  11. Shelley Orenstein Says:

    Gluten Free food at Mickey D’s? that would only be in my dreams. I don’t think that here in the states the workers would care enough. Now isn’t that a sad thought?

  12. Esther Says:

    I thought the hamburger itself contained fillers which contain gluten?

  13. Colleen Says:

    What a great idea! I just sent McDonald’s a message asking for GF buns and for them to remove gluten from their grilled chicken breasts! While I was at it, I sent a note to Chick Fila too! It would be awesome to get to eat their grilled chicken on a GF bun! Thanks for the great idea!

  14. Kaye Tipton Says:

    This would be a blessing for people with celica’s to be able to enjoy a hamburger or a Mac D fish sandwich. OH , those were so good. Have not had one of the fish sandwiches in a long long time. Please , Please Mc Donalds bring the GF buns to the great USA……Subway said they were bring out GF bread , but have yet to find it….. McDonalds will you be the first to help the GF customers? I bet you will find more customers . Most of them kids, kids having parents bringing them to Mc Donalds. Thank you.

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