Friday Favorite: Taza Chocolate – Indulgence at its best! Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free!

This week’s Friday Favorite on is awarded to a product that I love oh-so very much. Taza Chocolate.

Everybody loves chocolate. All kinds of chocolate.

But after tasting a piece of really, really, really good chocolate there is nothing that compares. And Taza Chocolate is incomparable to any other chocolate out there. No other chocolate even comes close.

Taza is an indulgent treat for me. I always have a disk (Or two. Or  three.) tucked away. Hidden away. To be able to enjoy a small piece of really, really good chocolate can makes a stressful day a tad bit better. =) Funny how chocolate can do that, huh?

Taza Chocolate comes in some really cool flavors too. Including Ginger, Salt & Pepper, Vanilla, Chipotle Chili and more. All of the Taza chocolate is gluten, dairy and soy free, and made with all natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives of any kind.

Taza also has a sampler pack that is a great Valentine Day gift for that guy or gal in your life, or even for a sweet little gift for yourself! You can get it on Ebay and take advantage of FREE Super Saving Shipping. Check out the link here: Taza Sampler Pack

All of these wonderful reasons is why Taza Chocolate is this week’s sweet Friday Favorite on

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Typically, I do not like dark chocolate too much. However, Taza was sampling at our local Whole Foods and I really liked it. We are lucky enough to live on the Boston area so sometimes this even shows up at outdoor markets. I hope to get to their factory tour this summer.

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