WIN-It-Wednesday: Shabtai Gourmet Bakery Sweets

This weeks WIN-It-Wednesday’s sponsor is Shabtai Gourmet. If you haven’t tried these bakery items yet – you MUST! Shabtai Gourmet bakery makes being gluten and allergen free so much easier!

These products are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. When I first tried the Shabtai items at a Trade show last October, I had to ask them (O.K. – I admit it, I asked several times) if they were absolutely positively certain the item I was eating was gluten free. They are just THAT good! 

Plus… All of the ingredients that pass through their doors are gluten, casein, lactose, soy and dairy free. Pretty sweet, huh?

Shabtai Gourmet’s bakery is also a designated peanut-free and gluten-free zone. They are also certified Kosher for Passover and Kosher Parve – otherwise known as Dairy Free – by the OK Kosher Supervision.

BeFreeForMe also featured a great Tiramasu recipe a while back, made with Shabtai Lady Fingers.


The sweet WIN-It-Wednesday prize that Shabtai is offering to THREE (3) randomly selected LUCKY BeFreeForMe MEMBERS is a free box of sweets, which includes all of the following yummy items:

One (1) Devil Foods Seven Layer Cake: The description says this chocolate cake smothered with dark chocolate and sandwiched in crème, is fancy enough for company. (So why can’t I stop picturing myself standing solo at the counter, fork-in-hand, digging right in?)

One (1) box of Italian Tricolor Rainbow Squares: Light spongy layers, separated by raspberry jam, and covered in rich dark chocolate. My Italian grandparents would have loved these!

One (1) box of Black & White Cookies: The famous double-dipped Black & Whites are a classic New York treat (And who said doubling-dipping was bad?)


How can you Win?

Reply to this blog and tell us what makes your world so much sweeter since being gluten or allergen free. (Me? Sharing recipes and meals (which equates to spending time!) with my celiac-sister; and really appreciating a big piece of juicy, sweet, super-ripe fruit on a summer day).

The contest ends on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 12:00 midnight EST.


Even if you don’t win, there is FREE SHIPPING on ALL Shabtai Gourmet products until Labor Day (09-07-09). Make sure you mention you saw this deal on BeFreeForMe when ordering! Stock up now for back to school lunch boxes!

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65 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Shabtai Gourmet Bakery Sweets”

  1. Faith Pavkovich Says:

    What makes my world so much sweeter since being gluten free would be…
    the secure knowledge that my young adult son and daughter will not have to suffer through years of misdiagnosis. I was the tip of the iceberg for my family after eleven years of ‘doctoring’. Months after my eventual Celiac diagnosis my (3) 20 something kids were tested. One negative and two positive. Both were supposedly asymptomatic but biopsy revealed blunted villi. My sister has also tested positive for Celiac disease, also supposedly asymptomatic but she too had blunted villi.

  2. Marcella Hammond Says:

    What makes my life sweeter? All the support I’ve gotten from my wonderful friends! One of my friends, who doesn’t even have to eat gluten-free, happened to try a GF cake mix that she said was better than most “regular” cake mixes. There were two mix packets in the box, so this morning she brought in the box with the remaining mix and gave it to me! It was a lovely surprise that totally made my day.

  3. Melissa Conrad Says:

    Discovering new delicious gluten free, dairy free, soy free treats definately makes my life a bit sweeter! Also, so does the lovely (and talented) coconut- versatile as the day is long. 🙂

  4. Katie Says:

    When my gluten free friends and I make gluten free goodies we always take some to each other. It is a fun to bless a fellow GF’s day. It is also nice to be able to try gluten free treats you didn’t have to make.

  5. debra taylor Says:

    making my red, white, and blue layered dessert for July 4th, and the rest of the summer pot lucks! I put a layer of blue jello, layer of blueberries, then shabtai lady fingers, whipped cream and bananas, then red jello, with strawberries and raspberries. I make it in a truffle bowl, it’s a beautiful presentation, and a huge hit with everyone – gluten free or not. Delicious!

  6. Lucille Dettloff Says:

    I am not gluten free but my sister is. I went to a trade show with her and visited the Shabtai Gourmet Bakery display and I could not get over how good the samples were. As soon as we got home, I immediately looked up their website and placed an order. Their baked goods cannot be beat. Thank you to Shabtai Gourmet Bakery.

  7. Francine Says:

    still being able to have a peppermint patty makes my life sweeter!!

  8. Tom Bruneau Says:

    S – sensational and savory snacks
    W – Wheat free (enough said)
    E – Edible and delectible Gluten Free products
    E – Energy from the Gluten Free diet
    T – Tasty new treats

  9. Deb Says:

    Life is so much sweeter since becoming gluten free (I feel better than I ever have) and I notice that I no longer crave sweets as I once did. But when I do indulge in a gluten free treat, I truly appreciate every morsel!

  10. Nicole Says:

    I eat healthier than everyone else in my house and I don’t have to share my food!

  11. Linda Says:

    I just tried Betty Crocker’s gluten free devils food cake mix – WOW!!!

  12. Carol Asher Says:

    Life is sweeter since I was diagnosed 9 years ago. Before that, I could not enjoy food because of the fear of getting sick. And since then I do eat more sweets (gluten free of course) because I think I deserve them. I love to try new GF desserts and to share them with my son and daughter and grandson who are also gluten free! Alex (6) keeps sweet snacks in his teacher’s desk and she brings them out when the rest of the glass is sharing a treat.

  13. Anne Rohs Says:

    I was just diagnosed with celiac disease this past January, so I’m still pretty much a newbie to all of this – BUT I found gluten free waffles!!!!! And – drum roll – they taste like waffles!! The waffles gave me a glimpse of hope that if you keep looking, and keep trying, every now and then you’ll find something that lets you forget – even if for just one meal – that you have celiac disease.

  14. marsha pitter Says:

    When mt granddaughter was diagonsed..I was so not imformed.but reading,talking.exploring
    and finally finding your website…WOW what a difference it has made so much GOOD information

    EVERY DAY…SOOOOO SWEET is your website…..My sweetness is all of your good information

    thanks a ton Marsha in Denver

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    Gluten free life is sweeter because I am aware of everything I am putting in my mouth! I eat much healthier than before and I do not feel deprived. There is more work involved, but it is worth it for me.

  16. Debra Gowlland Says:

    Life is so much better now that I’m gluten free! I feel so much better and have more energy to spend quality time with my family and friends-nothing is sweeter than that!!!

  17. Lori Says:

    Making new friends who also have celiac disease & sharing stories & ideas!!!

  18. Kathi French Says:

    What makes my world sweeter since being gluten free is taking a recipe with gluten making gluten free and having my gluten eating friends LOVE it!!

  19. Cynthia van der Smissen Says:

    Life is so much sweeter since becoming gluten free because the chronic weight issues disappeared along with all the digestive upsets. Now I am a normal weight and I can enjoy gluten free treats and still remain healthy!

  20. Diane Says:

    My son-in-law is gluten free. What makes my life sweeter is being able to support my love for him by making him gluten free peanut butter cookies (his favorite).

  21. Suz Says:

    Living in Portland – a gluten-free mecca – after a lifetime in the gluten free wasteland that is the south.

  22. Julia Says:

    The sweetest part of being gluten free is having more energy and not being sick all of the time. I’m a much better wife now that I’m not always sick!

  23. Clare Says:

    Life is sweeter because my son only has to maintain a gluten free diet in order to be healthy, no medications. And we are all healthier because we pay better attention to what we eat because of celiac.

  24. Carole Says:

    Life is sweeter finding resources like this website! We just found out my husband is gluten intolerant, and only have been gluten free since Saturday. It’s great knowing that so many other people have gone before us and can provide us with great resources!

  25. Paula Says:

    My son sleeps through the night since we’ve gone Gluten-Free. He has AS, and has never really slept through the night, until now! I also notice that he seems more calm and content. As a mom who has watched her son struggle through life, and not know why, this is a HUGE relief.

  26. Rachel Buchholz Says:

    Life is sweeter gluten free because…
    I can sleep 8 hours at night and actually feel rested…no more exhaustion!!
    I am eating healthier- I am aware of every single ingredient that is going into my body!! And each morning I can wake up and actually look forward to eating, not worrying about how horrible it’s going to make me feel!!! 🙂

  27. Tiffany Says:

    That cake looks way tasty. Going gf has helped me to learn to be in control of what I eat instead of letting food control me. I’ve also learned a lot about what I’m eating.

  28. Susan C - AZ Says:

    What makes my world so much sweeter since being gluten or allergen free? I keep it simple, healthy and delicious. I love eating my favorite gluten-free treats that I can make myself. I also love sharing recipes and information with others, especially those who are new to the celiac world.

  29. Susan Says:

    I just feel ROCKIN’ BETTER all around-I think clearer, I thought I’d lost weight but it’s just redistributed-oh well, keep eating right and perhaps it’ll come off later!

    I recommend the GF lifestyle to anyone!

  30. Christine Says:

    Life is sweeter for my 8 year old son (the celiac) since Mommy is always making sure he has his favorite GF sweet treats around. Actually, life is that much sweeter for all of us now that we know his condition is totally manageable and great websites like Be Free for Me help it to be so with up-to-the-minute news, ideas and recipes. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  31. Dawn Kinzle Says:

    I do not actually have celiac, but I am allergic to wheat and many other foods. Since beginning to follow a gluten-free diet, life is so much sweeter because I feel better, have more energy and the excess weight that has been creeping on no matter what I tried is disappearing. I thought I would feel deprived, but I feel empowered. I can finally do something about my body!

  32. Lisa Durene Says:

    What makes my world sweeter since becoming gluten free? Well, I think I’ve lost 8 pounds without trying! and gluten free is helping me eat more fruits and vegetables. It is also sweet when my family enjoys the gluten free desserts I bake!

  33. Jenna Says:

    My world has gotten sweeter since being diagnosed with celiacs by realizing how much my family and friends care about me. My friend from work has a daughter who is celiac and she has pointed me to various books and websites that offer information and support, my fiance has been so concerned and supportive and promised to do everything possible to help me get healthy, and my mom has spent hours researching and learning about this condition. No matter what your phsyical ailments, life is always sweet with people who love you!

  34. Cathy Selber Says:

    Being diagnosed opened many new chapters in my life and I have met so many interesting & sweet people along the way that, although it is sometimes challenging, I also feel blessed. Every day seems to bring better food choices, so the blessings are outweighing the bad times!

  35. Dyana Ciccone Says:

    One of the sweetest things for me (after the initial shock) is the support and caring of my children. Also learning about new foods and discovering new ways of making things.
    Discovering that m & m’s are gluten free was also pretty sweet!!

  36. Monica Says:

    My world is sweeter because of the paycheck I receive every week for being the Gluten Free Specialist at a local grocery store 🙂 p.s. I love Shabtai Gourmet!

  37. Tam Says:

    Life is sweeter since going gluten free because I now eat healthier. I use to read labels but not like I do now. I don’t want extra stuff in my food. I eat much more organic now and am more aware of what I put in my body!

  38. Lori Tolen Says:

    Since being gluten and dairy free my world is sweeter because I have gone back to cooking more from scratch at home. I have tried many new recipes and foods and even my teenage kids look out for me by checking lables and asking questions at restaurants! I love feeling healthier!

  39. Alicia Says:

    What makes life sweeter?? – more people now appreciating and fully respecting my dietary restrictions as a celiac. When we have social gatherings, they make certain I have safe food(s) to eat.. surprise me with yummy things I normally wouldn’t even make for myself. They feed the inner me through their love and concern for my well-being.

  40. Jennifer Hellendrung Says:

    There are so many ways my life has become sweeter since becoming gluten free. I of course am starting to feel better for starters. I am a better mom, wife, co-worker and so on(I know what is wrong and how to feel better). The food choices may be limited but what fun it has been for my children to help me find recipes and help cook them as well, since it will help mom feel better they want to be a part of it. Some see gluten free living as a unfortunate thing, not in our home, we have welcomed it and embraced it. Gluten free only 1 week..diagnosed with celiac 1 week ago:)

  41. Ann Chiango Says:

    Life is always sweeter with a positive attitude. Life is sweeter when your loved ones find new GF foods to try – and they try them with you. Life is sweeter when you stumble upon a product like Shabbtai desserts at Passover and you enjoy them as an Easter dessert!

  42. dyana Says:

    One of the sweetest things has been having my kids help out with finding foods that are safe for me.
    also discovering new foods and new ways to prepare foods has been great!!!

  43. diane Says:

    Since my son was diagnosed 6 years ago, and then my daughter 2 years ago, I’ve enjoyed perfecting baking gluten free! I love baking for my kids parties and when they have friends over, their friends love it and rave about it. It makes my kids feel so good, and special too! Myself and another mom also started a celiac support group which now has over 300 families! It’s wonderful to help others, especially the newly diagnosed who are feeling so overwhelmed. The other day my daughter told me I was a very charitable person because of these things I do, and that me feel better than anything. She says that she likes going to the meetings and talking to other kids, helping them too – she learned by my example. What could be sweeter than that?

  44. Larc Bogdan Says:

    I’ve made loads of new friends, via internet and real-life, since researching foods for my husband and daughter. That’s very sweet, as is getting my daughter from below 25th percentile in weight to 50th just by giving up gluten. She’s now ready for kindergarten, and smart as a whip! And she knows she is gluten-free, and asks before eating anything new, “is it gluten-free?”. She loves cookies… 🙂

  45. Michele Ambrogio Says:

    I just tried the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie mix for my daughter who was diagnosed in December 2008 and they were great. She loved them! Put some vanilla ice cream and fudge syrup on it and you have a great dessert!

  46. Kara S. Says:

    Our world is so much sweeter being gluten free! My two boys have gotten off most of their medication, their brain fog has lifted, the rage episodes are few and far between and most of the time they really enjoy playing together. There is nothing cuter than watching these two guys (the oldest not far from becoming a teenager) cuddling with each other and asking me each night, “Mom, can you please read us some more Harry Potter?” So we all climb in the bed and read until I am too tired to read anymore- when I am done. It’s nice to have 2 boys who are not only brothers but also best friends.

  47. GG Says:

    That devils food 7 layer sounds wonderful & would really make my life sweet. I’m a chocoholic. I’m certainly going to check out their website.

  48. Cassie DeCristofaro Says:

    What makes my world sweeter since becoming gluten free? The love and effort of my family, which is five other amazing and caring people. They have all given care to my feelings with the stress of search for foods, which is much harder also having diabetes and trying to keep my weight down. My mother is always trying to create meals for the whole family that include me, since I am the only one with celiacs. I especially love her meatloaf and meatballs, they have become a family favorite!

    And thanks to sites like yours there is so much knowledge out there that many friends and other people have knowledge of what gluten is. Thanks!

  49. Faith Spivey Says:

    The sweetest part about being gluten free for me is saving my mom’s life. After I was diagnosed, my mom went in to be tested. Her endoscope showed her as celiac negative, but found a tumor on her duodenum! Had they not done the endoscope for celiac disease they would not have known the tumor were there until it was too late since there would have been no symptoms. Thank you celiac disease for saving my mom! SWEET!!!

  50. Wendy Pickett Says:

    Here is my entry for the contest. I hope I am placing it in the right place.

    Dear Gluten,

    I loved you in all your guises. So clever the ways of my seduction: lavish dinners out, intimate fare over candlelight & music. I never realized that our relationship was poison. Oh, how I suffered. Not knowing you were the cause of my pain.

    Slowly, my eyes opened. I didn’t want to believe. I went through the stages of loss – denial, fear, and grief. Then a beautiful thing happened. I began to taste what life was like without the poison, without the pain.

    I will warn others about you. Never again will I allow you into my life. I don’t miss you anymore. Life is sweeter now…without you.


  51. Betsy Says:

    Having one of my good friends and mom also following a gluten free diet makes my life sweeter. Being able to share things with someone is wonderful….like a Swirlz cupcake! Gluten free and fantastically sweet!

  52. kristina Herrick Says:

    my life is sweeter knowing my 4 year old can still have sweets and not feel out of place when her classmates are eating cupcakes or cookies. Since being diagnosed 2 years ago I feel better, stronger and have lots more energy. I LOVE that I still have a choice of desserts that takes great!! as well as my family not knowing the differene.
    A big thanks to Kathleen for this wonderful site!!

  53. Cassandra Says:

    What makes things sweeter for me is knowing, almost instantly, who really cares about me and my health. Those are the people I want around me the most!

  54. Sr. Bernadette Cote Says:

    What makes my life easier and sweeter is being able to find more and more GF foods at stores and also being able to eat at restaurants that serve GF meals.

  55. Tamela Cayward Says:

    Being able to eat sweet treats that taste the same or better than gluten-full versions, now thats sweet!

  56. Marina Says:

    A homemade, gluten-free, fresh berry pie straight from the oven. And seeing my husband and brother-in-law drool over it. 🙂

  57. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your posts! Each and every one has made me smile – that’s “sweet” for me today!

    Be Free!

    Kathleen =D

  58. Lisa Says:

    I was diagnosed many years ago when there was nothing to find gluten free but cardboard like substances that were awful!!! Today there are so many wonderful products to choose from. Life is so much sweeter now because my husband will eat gluten free with me, so I no longer have to make two seperate meals. More time for me and less mess is wonderful!!

  59. Judith A. Deter Says:

    We have actually tried the choc. layer cake. Excellent!! It reminded me of a “Ho Ho” cake.

  60. ba Says:

    I am sooo happy! I did not know about Shabati Gourmet. I have made allergy-free cakes for my daughter, but i can only find a limited number of recipes. You could make life really sweet for my child if she were to win this prize package. Picture her jumping up and down and hollering, “I won the sweets!” Thanks for all you do.

  61. Giovanna Cummings Says:

    Greetings Gluten Free Friends,

    Life if sweeter knowing the causes of my husband’s health problems and seeing results after his diagnosis of Celiac’s and omitting all Gluten from my husband’s diet. It was daunting at first but now oh, so much sweeter knowing the diet change has made him healthy again. Also, I use flours that would have never been in my cupboards, Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, Bob’s Red Mill Mixes and Corn Flour, just to name a few. Sometimes it takes a good scare to look close and take time to think about what goes into our bodies. To everyones good health for it truly make a difference in a day. Good luck to all, maybe Shabati Gormet will send us all a sample! To a kind and productive day for all,


  62. Cara Says:

    General Mills chex cereal and gluten free awareness! PLUS FREE SHIPPING and COUPONS and AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!

  63. Erica Says:

    My life is beginning to be sweeter because I’m feeling better. I am also finding that people are starting to understand more and willing to go out of their way to ask me what I can eat.

  64. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for all the posts! The randomly selected winners are:

    1.) Tom B. from New Hampshire
    2.) Elizabeth P. from Oklahoma
    3.) Lisa D. From Minnesota

    If you are Tom, Elizabeth or Lisa please look for an email in your inbox asking for a confirmation!

    Be Free!

  65. GF Momma Says:

    As a mom of 2 great kids with food allergies (one is a Celiac and one has dairy issues) I find that life is sweeter because we really don’t take food for granted here. In a time when it seems that everyone around you is simply mindlessly inhaling their food, we are forced to really THINK before we eat. As a result, we really get to enjoy what we eat. We really appreciate it when we can find truly tasty food that is safe for everyone AND tastes great!

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