FREE PASTRY at Starbucks – Tomorrow, July 21st (HURRY before they run out… or are discontinued!)

For those of you that haven’t tried the new gluten-free Orange Valencia Cake at Starbucks, this is the chance to try it for FREE (with the purchase of selected beverages)! Print your coupon and present it to the barista upon ordering. On another note, these cakes are being discontinued soon, and replaced with Kind Fruit and Nut Bars, as seen on Nancy Lapid’s blog at

This deal is good tomorrow morning, 07/21/09, in participating US stores from opening until 10:30 AM.

Make sure you read all the fine print at the bottom of the coupon. Most important, the Starbucks at airports, travel plaza and Barnes & Nobel cafes will not be participating. It also notes that supplies are limited. So bring your gluten-free appetites early to the Starbucks closest to you!

Let us know what you think of the Gluten-free Orange Valencia Cakes once you try them… will you be sad to see them go? Will a nut and fruit bar satisfy your sweet tooth?

4 Responses to “FREE PASTRY at Starbucks – Tomorrow, July 21st (HURRY before they run out… or are discontinued!)”

  1. Maria Maheras Says:

    Have already tried it and hated it.
    The Kind Fruit and Nut bars are good but hope that Starbucks will come up with another pastry that WILL pass the taste test.
    Perhaps a brownie?

  2. Rosemarie Says:

    Some Starbucks out on Long Island have already discontinued the Vanelcia Orange Cakes. It was nice to be able to go into one of their shops and actually be able to have a snack! I can’t imagine what they are thinking considering even General Mills is offering Gluten Free products! No, I would not like a nut and fruit bar, it’s not the same as a slice of cake. What goes better with a cup of tea or coffee than a piece of cake or cookie. By the way, the Betty Crocker cakes are FANTASTIC! We tried the white and chocolate and they are unbelievably great! Not grainy like some gluten free cakes and once you ice them, especially with the chocolate, it was hard for non celiac’s to tell the difference.
    So, thumbs up to General Mills for main-streaming gluten free products. What a treat to walk into the grocery store and buy cereal and cake mix right off the shelf. Rather than run here and there to pick up GF products.
    But also thumbs down to Starbucks for dumping the only gluten free item they sold!

  3. Lisa Williams Says:

    I liked the cake, it was moist and tender, I hope they keep them!

  4. Sandra Says:

    I actually bought 2 of them the first day they came out… I was so excited and they were good… Now I’m just disappointed!! They should have kept it longer. Just tried to get one in one of the starbucks by my house (that USED to carry it) … I walked in smiling and walked out almost crying when I was forced to leave empty handed. What a tease!! I will not be trying their dumb bars! I also give Starbucks thumbs down… 🙁

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