WIN-It-Wednesday: Omega Smart Original Nutrition Bars

Featured this week on BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday is a nutrition bar that I recently discovered – Omega Smart Original Nutrition Bars.

Not only do these bars have some yummy flavors (Pomegranate Strawberry Colada, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Carrot Cake – which are my favorites) they are also a smart choice for breakfast, snack or mini-meal since they are so very good for you!

These nutrient dense bars are made of whole foods. So when I grab a Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Apple or Raisin Spice bar for a breakfast-on-the-go, I know I’ve made a smart choice since I stay satisfied and full right until lunchtime.

Some other great features of the Omega Smart Original Nutrition Bars are:

– Gluten free (made in a designated GF facility and all ingredients are certified GF)
– Egg free
– Dairy free
– Casein free
– Cholesterol free
– Rich in antioxidants
– Low glycemic (Good for those diabetics following a low glycemic diet)
– No refined sugars
– No trans fats
– Bars contain 2,000 grams of Omega 3’s

Note: The Banana Chocolate Chip & Pomegranate Strawberry Colada Nutrition bars are also soy & nut free. The Pumpkin Spice is also soy free.

Two (2) LUCKY BeFreeForMe MEMBERS will win a box (12 bars) of Omega Smart Bars of their choice! (Note: The winners can pick any combo of the Omega Smart Original bars!)


How can you win?

Easy! Just reply to this blog and tell us what flavor Omega Smart Bars sound the yummiest to you and/or your smart tip for eating or living gluten / allergen free! (Mine? Use your gluten free diet or allergy to explore & try new foods you’ve never tried before!)

You must enter to win before Sunday, 07/26/09 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good Luck, Be Smart and, as always…

Be Free!

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37 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Omega Smart Original Nutrition Bars”

  1. Lynnae Says:

    All of the bars sound absolutely delicious, but if I had to pick a few, the raisin spice and carrot cake remind me of my favorite baked goods growing up (pre-celiac disease)! Despite the “loss”, however, of gluten-full foods, eating and living gluten free is a constant adventure. It’s exciting finding new places catering to us – I just had the most amazing pizza tonight, one of the best GF crusts I’ve encountered yet! The smart tip in all that is to always be on the lookout and ask your local restaurants, bakeries, & cafés when they plan to start offering gluten free options, if they’re not already!

  2. debra taylor Says:

    pomegranate strawberry coloda sound wonderful. I love taking bars when I travel, especially by plane, so if I can’t get gf food, I always have something to snack on. When I travel overseas, I always take gf cards in the language of the country I’m visiting by printing them out from It makes communicating in restaurants so easy and takes my anxiety away.

  3. Deanna Says:

    They all sound great, but the Cinnamon Apple sounds the yummiest to me!

  4. Lacey Reilly Says:

    Living Gluten free has really made me appreciate natural food and has developed my cookery skills as it is much easier and safer to make homemade food from scatch using natural ingredients. Not only is this a lot healthier, but also really rewarding and fun! Homemade gluten free breads, cakes, dinners, sauces etc…are a joy to bake (when they turn out right of course) and it makes me feel good about myself and relaxed as I know that what I am eating willl not make me ill and is nutritional (well, most of the things anyway!) 🙂
    I hope this inspires others.

    I think the all of the bars. except the pumpkin, sound delicious and I would just love to sample any on of them and then copy the ingredients so that I can make my own!

  5. Rosemarie Says:

    These bars are the best! I always pack some when I travel, especially by plane and tuck a few into my purse and beach bag! The flavors are wonderful, I’m a fan of the apricot and banana. Put a little cream cheese on them and you’ve got a wonderfully decadent dessert!

  6. Melissa Brown Says:

    breakfast time has been the most difficult since my 2 year old got diagnosed with celiacs, but i finally found a recipe for banana bread that she will eat on the run if i don’t have time for a bowl of cereal or something homeade, so i would love the banana choc chip as a option that doesn’t require me baking (i work full time) my best tip so far has been to keep a food journal of what she’s eating so i don’t get too repetitive in her meals…sometimes 2 year olds get in a rut and eat mac n cheese and bologna for a month, and with her extra dietary needs i want to make sure that doesn’t happen so she gets all her needed nutrients

  7. Linda Says:

    The Organic Chocolate Nut Nutrition bars sound like they would be very tasty as well as nutritious.

  8. Cara Says:

    They all sound good and delicious, but I think the Raisin Spice would be yummy!

    My smart tip is: always double check labels because you never know when they are going to change. 🙂

  9. Cindy Jay Says:

    The Pomegranate Strawberry Colada bars sound wonderful!

  10. Cindy Jay Says:

    tip for living gluten free is make your meals at home. When you make them, you know exactly what is in it and save money in the process.

  11. Carol Asher Says:

    I would love to try the Pomegranite Strawberry Colada. They sound really good. It’s great to have an energy bar to eat when you don’t have time for a meal and still want to get the proper nutrients. I strive to eat healthy goods. The GF diet is very healthy.

  12. Debra Gowlland Says:

    The pomegranate strawberry colada sound incredible yummy! Never cheat and eat gluten containing foods-no matter how tempting. It isn’t worth the risk!

  13. Margaret Riddell Says:

    I think the Pumpkin Spice bars sound the yummiest!

  14. Francine Says:

    I would love to try the pomegranate strawberry colada and the carrot cake.

  15. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I would like to try the pumpkin spice yum. My tip for being GF. Remember what you can have not what you can’t.

  16. Marina Says:

    Mmmm, Carrot Cake or Pumpkin Spice.

    My advice is to read labels and stick to whole, fresh, homemade meals. Less risk of contamination if you cook it yourself. There are more real foods that are gluten free than are not.

  17. Giovanna Says:

    Goodmorning Healthy Eaters,

    Hope the day is going well. I would love to win the Banana Chocolate Chip Bar it sounds tasty. Though, as always would like to try any of them. Good Luck and a Good Day to all!


  18. Faith Spivey Says:

    Carrot cake or pomegranate strawberry colada! They both sound like great ways to start my taste buds off on a happy note!

  19. Jean Says:

    Banana Chocolate Chip sounds like a great treat for the 3 o’clock craving hour. Living gluten-free allows you to become a more conscious eater and be an active participant in choosing what you put in your mouth rather than just accepting what is available.

  20. Tiffany Says:

    I love anything with chocolate so I’m really liking those banana chocolate chip or chocolate nut bars. The carrot cake also sounds tasty 😀

  21. Suz Says:

    I’m all over the chocolate nut. My tip is don’t be shy! Ask questions of the wait staff, manufacturers, whomever presents the food you are about to devour. Better safe than sorry!

  22. Christine Says:

    I really miss my carrot cake CLIF bars, these sound awesome!!! They’ll be great for my son (who is also celiac). The pumpkin spice ones sound great too…so much for me trying to lose some weight! 😉

  23. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Do Not Fear! These bar are only 4 weight watcher points each!

    Have two!

    Be Free!

  24. Suen Says:

    Pumpkin Spice sounds like the perfect companion to a hot tea or coffee. Yum!
    Smart tip: avoid prepared foods as much as possible and develop the art of cooking and experimenting with new flavor combinations: spicy/sweet, herbs/seeds, dry rubs, marinades, grilled or roasted vegetables…

  25. Lisa Durene Says:

    Wow they sound great! I think I would pick the banana chocolate chip. My tip would be don’t be afraid to try new things and be able to laugh about the ones that don’t turn out.

  26. Danielle Says:

    All of the bars sound wonderful and I would love to try any one of them, although I have to say that the banana chocolate chip sounds the best!

    I don’t have any tips for living gluten free, as I’ve only been gluten free for 4 weeks. It has been a HUGE adjustment. These bars sound amazing, because I’ve really been craving something like a granola bar and have yet to find anything.

    Becoming Gluten Free has made a huge difference in my life, but I struggle finding foods that will also fit my other diet requirements: Dairy Free, Low-fat, caffeine free, etc.

  27. Jennifer Hellendrung Says:

    I would love to try the Pumpkin Spice bars…my tip for eating gluten free is offer to host a small dinner with family and friends so that they are able to try the yummy new foods you are eating. I did try this after being diagnosed and really helped to openly talk about the changes and helped them realize that it is possible to eat real food (that tastes great) and stay healthy.

  28. Susan C - AZ Says:

    I would love to try the Banana Chocolate Chip & Pomegranate Strawberry Colada bars. They sound delicious! They are also a healthy snack which I love. The easiest way for me to eat gluten-free is to stick to what God created gluten-free naturally: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, brown rice, nuts and eggs. I also have a little goat’s milk and sheep’s milk cheese because I enjoy them too. With all these healthy foods, I have LOTS of options to make many delicious dishes.

  29. Eileen Sanders Says:

    All sound good, but I think Carrot Cake would be good.

  30. Tamela Cayward Says:

    Pomegranate Strawberry Colada and Carrot Cake sound like something I could sink my teeth into! I love trying new things and having my family try them, too. Sometimes they even like them and that makes me feel good knowing they are not getting unneeded ingredients.

  31. Leslie Hart Says:

    I would love to try the carrot cake bar. It is great to have another healthy gluten free and dairy free bar.

  32. Christine S. Says:

    Loved carrot cake, so that’s the flavor I would choose.

  33. Tanisha Davis Says:

    My 9 month old son has been diagnosed with a wheat and peanut allergy, so I am going to go with the Nut free varieties. I think that the banana chocolate chip sounds the best! My tip is probably something most of you might know already, but do your research! Since my son is still nursing, I also have to eat wheat and peanut free, and make sure that he of course, eats wheat and peanut free. I had to research baby cereals to find the right one for him that was wheat and peanut free!

  34. Alice Says:

    It would be great to try the Pumpkin Spice Bar, for starters.
    Gluten Free Tip: Enjoy the varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season.

  35. Cassandra Says:

    The pomegranate strawberry colada sounds interesting and tasty!
    My tip: focus on the positive, not the negative. I often have a wider variety of foods that I eat than some of my friends, who think my diet must be so hard on me.

  36. Julia Says:

    I would love to try the pumpkin spice flavor! My tip is to try using lettuce in place of a bun on hamburgers, and even instead of the wheat wrap for sandwich wraps. It may sound a bit strange but it’s actually very good, you just have to get the hang of how much lettuce to use.

  37. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi All!

    The two winners of the Omega Smart Bars are:

    1.) Kathy B. from Idaho
    2.) Rosemarie F. from NY

    If you are Kathy or Rosemarie please check your inbox for an email requesting a confirmation on your address so the prize can be mailed to you!

    Be Free!

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