Friday Favorite: Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Ice Cream Cups

I love ice cream, but since going gluten-free my ice cream lovin’ life just hasn’t been the same.

There’s something about having to eat an ice cream in a cup. It seems just too proper. I decided it’s the cone that makes the ice cream rip-roaring fun. I miss the drips. I miss the mess. I miss the bottom falling out of the cone. I miss licking as fast I can.

I miss my ice cream cones.

That is why I was so very excited to find Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Ice Cream Cups at my local Stop & Shop supermarket.

They come in a box of 12 cones, wrapped in two separates packs with 6-cones in each. Me? I put one of the 6-packs in my car, for those Dairy Queen type of days, and the other 6-pack in my cupboard for my late night “I Can Eat An Ice Cream Cone So I Am!” type of nights. 

Hurray to Goldbaum’s for making all gluten-free summers a little sweeter… drips and all.

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5 Responses to “Friday Favorite: Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Ice Cream Cups”

  1. Sandra Rieser Says:

    I found these and couldn’t resist. They are wonderful, tasty, perfect texture and hold together beautifully. Took them on a trip in June to visit my daughter and granddaugter and had them take photos of me eating my first ice cream cone in 33 years. Beware, addictive!

  2. Betsy Says:

    Awesome! Those look great…I have some gluten free cones, but they are a lot smaller. Not sure of the brand. I brought them to Baskin Robbins before for a soft serve…it was like being a kid again! I’m definitely going to check Goldbaum’s!

  3. Lynn Arola Says:

    You are right, the cone makes it so much fun. I can’t tolerate too much ice cream and I could actually live with out it but I certainly will look for these in my local Stop and Shop.

  4. Carol Asher Says:

    I’m anxious to try them. I have a 6-year old grandson who is also on a GF diet.

  5. jennifer Says:

    would love to try these

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