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Coffee, Tea, or Nut-Free? Air Canada Ordered to Provide a No-Nut Zone

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has advised Air Canada to come up with an adequate section of seats where passengers with severe nut allergies would be seated. This ruling, which must be addressed in 30 days, was determine by the CTA since passenger’s nut allergies should be considered a disability and must be accommodated by the airline.

Although Air Canada stopped serving peanuts years ago, the airline still serves cashews and other snacks that contain nuts.

My thoughts? For an airline to designate a nut-free zone on their airplanes will take very little to no extra effort or money. In fact maybe there will be more people that will decide to fly on airlines that offer these nut-free zones.

But is a nut-free section on a plane enough? Or should the whole plane become a nut-free zone?

Then comes the question of how would an airline prevent passengers from bringing their own nutty-snacks on a plane?

I think that this ruling is a step in the right direction. It addresses the severity of food allergies, and the life and death consequences of a simple snack. But, I say let’s get rid of the nutty-snacks altogether, on all airplanes and maybe someday we will all be able to fly the (nut-allergy) friendly skies!

What are your thoughts? Reply to this blog and let us know!

P.S. If you want to send an email to Air Canada contact their Customer Care department.

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