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Friday Favorite: Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

This week’s Friday Favorite is now one of my favorite mid-day snacks. The Eat Well Embrace Life hummus’ gives my carrot & celery sticks a dip with an extra little kick!

I love all of the Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus’ since they are a healthy and low-calorie. Plus they are flavorful and zesty… not bland and boring. A two tablespoon serving (which is plenty for snack) has only 40-60 calories and is packed with ingredients that you can feel good about dipping your healthy lil’ veggies in.

And ALL of the Eat Well Embrace Life product ingredients are certified gluten-free (Yes… even the gluten free soy sauce!)

And the flavors! Oh! The flavors! No more boring flavors of hummus for me since I found Eat Well Embrace Life! Some of my favorites include the Sweet & Spicy Black Bean, Spicy Yellow Lentil with Sunflower Seeds, Tuscan White Bean with Roasted Pine Nuts and the Zesty Sriracha Carrot Hummus. But make sure you check out ALL of the delicious flavors for yourself… and the great recipe ideas on the Eat Well Embrace Life website.

All of these reasons are why this week’s Friday Favorite is awarded to Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus. Thank you for exciting and tasty hummus… and for making celery and carrots fun and flavorful!

P.S. Check out the Eat Well Embrace Life Facebook and Twitter pages to find out more about this fantastic company and keep attuned with updates and new products!

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