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Friday Favorite: Boar’s Head Horseradish Sauce

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

This week’s Friday Favorite is once again another favorite condiment: Boar’s Head Pub Style Horseradish Sauce. Why? Because condiments make life fun!

This gluten free sauce is just the right consistency, not too thick, yet not too thin. It is perfectly creamy and can be used as a spread, dip or sauce.

My favorite ways to use this horseradish sauce is to spread it on lettuce wraps layered with thin sliced roast beef, cheese and onions; smothered on top of a cheese burger; or used as a coating before I grill chicken breast.

Plus, with only 15 calories per teaspoon, and flavor that allows a little to go a long way, it is a great alternative to mayo or other high-fat alternatives.

Boar’s Head horseradish sauce is spicy though, so it is not for those folks that stick to more mild-tasting condiments. But if you like it spicy, pour this stuff on for a fantastic gluten free kick!

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