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The British Beer Company: Out-of-this-World Gluten-free Food with a Right-at-Home Atmosphere!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

When a friend told me that our local British Beer Company (BBC) pub had recently come out with a gluten-free menu, I was hesitant to say the least. When I think of British food the thoughts of gluten-ridden dishes such as fish and chips, pasty pies, Yorkshire pudding and Ploughman’s lunches come to mind, polished off with a mug full of frosty off-limits beer.

However,  I was thrilled when I checked out the British Beer Company’s website and found a downright extensive, packed to the hilt, full-fledged gluten-free menu. BBC’s gluten free menu currently offers six (6) appetizers, including Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms and homemade hummus; Ten (yes 10!) entrée tantalizing salads such as Wensleydale Chicken & Pear Salad topped with cheese, peas, caramelized walnuts, dried cranberries and fresh veggies; Three (3) types of gluten-free wrap sandwiches (Yes… sandwiches!); several entrees and burgers; as well as over a dozen pizzas made with gluten-free dough!

I quickly made plans with my friends and headed over to the BBC. It was phenomenal! My first visit I had the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, and it was … heaven! The 12” crust was perfect (chewy on the inside and with a lightly crunchy crust) and the toppings plentiful and gooey. This pizza is an absolute must-have for anyone that is gluten-free and having “real pizza” withdrawals. I can’t wait to try more of these pizzas – they were that good!

After my first visit I immediately made plans to return a second time. This visit I ordered up the Prime Rib Wrap. The consensus: The gluten-free wrap had just the right softness, not stiff and breaking apart, even while being jam-packed with the tenderest beef, lathered with horseradish sauce, and topped with lettuce and tomatoes. I requested the Cheddar Mashed Potatoes as my side, and they, along with the crispy half-sour pickle were awesome too. I also met the restaurant manager during this visit, when he came to our table after my gluten-free meal was served to make sure everything was perfect – which it absolutely was.

Although the gluten-free food at the BBC is out of this world – the atmosphere and décor of the BBC made me feel right at home. Its corner pub familiarity made it a comfortable and welcoming place to be. Although the BBC is technically a small restaurant chain (which was founded in 1997 and currently has 8 locations – with two more to follow soon) this pub could have been located on the backstreets of London with its one-of-a-kind antique fireplace and superbly hand-crafted in London mahogany bar.  

And the gluten-free beer? Take your pick from two selections – the St. Peter’s Sorghum Beer, which comes in a full 1-pint bottle, containing no wheat or barley and brewed in the UK or the crisp and fresh New Grist Beer made from sorghum and rice extract.

I happily ordered my gluten-free beer and when it arrived, I lifted my mug high, smiled, and toasted the BBC for a job well done!


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