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Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free: IN the NEWS!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Is Gluten-Free the new SEXY? Can you build strong bones while eating dairy-free? Is Tenley gluten-free?

Wheww… who turned up the heat in here? The weather may have been chilly and snowy, but the past several weeks have proven to be hot and steamy ones when it comes to gluten and allergen free being in the news!

Here are a few of my favorite finds – and, as always, please pass along any news stories you find that are fit for print!

Gluten-Free is the new S-E-X-Y? Yes, folks you heard me right… that is the name of this first editorial piece that was found on CNN’s The author, who has celiac disease, discusses the positive side of gluten-free going main stream.  Written in a cute Sex-In-The-City-Carrie-Bradshaw type of way, the author proves her point on how, “the super-trendiness” of this “diet” has worked in her favor.

Five Dairy-Free Foods That Build Strong Bones: Bone boosting nutrients just ain’t in milk anymore! Read this article and find out how to include bone-healthy foods into your diet, san the dairy!

Another Celeb Gluten-Free? It looks as if Tenley Molzahn, from The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, is toting the gluten-free diet. According to this article, Molzahn, a former dancer who maintains a healthy and active life, turned to eating a gluten-free diet after years of dealing with health issues. The article continues that Molzahn will be at Kinnikinnick Foods booth at the Expo West trade show next week “fulfilling her passion to create awareness for the gluten-free lifestyle and sharing gluten-free eating tips and advice”. Hmmm… and all this time I thought her passion was to get the final rose and find a man! Cheers to Kinnikinnick – here’s to a successful show!

Gluten-Free Momentum Accelerating: Found on, this report explains the reason why the boom in gluten-free food products is even higher than predicted by industry professionals. The highlight of this article? One brand marketer is quoted as stating gluten-free products are becoming “just a regular grocery item.”

NY Councilman Calls On FDA To Force “Gluten-Free” Labeling: How a member of the New York City Council is trying to take matters into his own hands… by asking the FDA to make “gluten-free” labeling on foods mandatory. Love the photograph included with this article (Big Gluten Balls? Yup… I guess that would be another name for a dinner roll!)

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