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Domino’s Pizza Goes Gluten Free?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Am I the only celiac that transfixes on the television every time a Domino’s Pizza commercial flashes across the screen? The cheese, the sauce, the toppings… and that crust.

Ode to the days of ordering a gooey & cheesy Domino’s Pizza that is delivered to your doorstep.

Well, fret no more gluten-free friends…It looks as if Domino’s Pizza has come out with 13 gluten-free pizza varieties. Although at this time these gluten-free pizza’s are currently only offered in New Zealand market, celiacs everywhere have to hope that Domino’s Pizza is taking a step in the right direction and will roll out the gluten-free pizza’s across the globe soon.

According to a press release Domino’s reports, “… After months of development and testing we have found a gluten free base which tastes great. The Thin’n’Crispy style base means gluten free customers can now enjoy take away pizza and with more than 13 regular menu pizzas made with gluten free ingredients plus the option to design their own, they have the freedom and control of enjoying pizza without the worry.”

When I find out more about the Domino’s gluten-free pizza availability, as well as any preparation / cross-contamination pre-cautions, I will update this blog posting.

Oh, and one more thing… does anyone know if Domino’s Pizza will deliver to North America from New Zealand?

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