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Favorite Friday: Drew’s All Natural Dressings

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

There are a few gluten-free go-to items that I keep on hand at all times. These items are usually ones that are versatile and can be used meal-after-meal, in many different recipes and ways.

Drew’s All Natural Salad Dressings are one of these items.

Not only are many of Drew’s dressings free of gluten and dairy; they are also free of sweeteners, trans fats, ingredients grown from GMO seeds, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

They also use the freshest natural and organic ingredients, and the highest quality, expeller-pressed oils.

The taste is fabulous and you can tell that Drew and his staff put extra TLC into the products they make.

What I like the best about these dressings is that I read the list of ingredient, and I have them all right in my own kitchen cupboards, or out in my vegetable garden. Pretty cool, huh?

My favorite dressing is the Garlic Italian. My sister turned me on to using it as a marinade for chicken and seafood. Now I go through it by the bucket-full! It is also fabulous used in omelets and over steamed vegetables. A close second favorite is the Kalamata Olive & Caper. It is so creamy and is unique in flavor… it is a must try!

The extra versatility and the TLC is what made Drew’s All Natural Dressing my pick for this week’s Favorite Friday!

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