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Friday Favorite: Oskri Organic Quinoa Bars

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

The Oskri Organic Bar is another one of my newest gluten-free bar finds.

To be truthful, I originally bought this bar because I was intrigued it was made with quinoa…. One of my new favorite grains since going gluten-free.

There are many bars out there made with oats, seeds and other gluten-free goods, but a bar made with quinoa is few and far between.

But what turned out as a sense of intrigue turned into a confirmation that quinoa in a bar is one mighty fine thing.

Soft, chewy and sweet – the Oskri Organic bars  are filling and a perfect snack. I also like that they are also lactose free and vegan. And of course, organic.

Another added bonus: These bars only have 4 … yes, FOUR… ingredients. You can count them all on one hand, and there’s not many things to eat around today that can tote that claim (The four ingredients: Rice Syrup, Quinoa, Sesame Seeds, Date Syrup).

Simple goodness is the reason in a nut-shell that Oskri Organics Quinoa Bar has been graced with this week’s Friday Favorite on!

Want to buy? Check out this link on…. Oskri Quinoa Bar, Gluten Free, 1.9-Ounce Bars (Pack of 18)

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