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Why Living Gluten-Free is Like a Board Game.

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I blame it all on Hurricane Irene. It started when we started dragging out of the closet all the old board games that have gone unnoticed & ignored since the coolest thing to hit the TV set besides “Happy Days” was Pong.

Life, Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, Clue and more… the list goes on.

And over the course of being cooped-up inside playing non-stop board games of yesteryear while a feverish hurricane tossed about trees and downed power lines outside, my mind started wandering and I started to draw uncanny similarities between my gluten-free life and board games.

Crazy, slightly silly, but true…. each of these forgotten board games mysteriously has given me a clue… a lesson… or even a laugh… that has made me the person I am today. Is it possible that Colonel Mustard, a land full of candy and a tiny plastic car full of pink and blue people pegs could somehow relate to life as a celiac? Read on…

Scrabble: C-E-L-I-A-C.  What? Is that a word? You have what? What does it mean? Since being diagnosed with celiac I’ve had to spell it, explain it, defend it and enlighten those that ask more times that I can count. By the way, for those of you wondering… the Scrabble word count on CELIAC is 10 points.

Clue: What a fitting name… Clue. Who knew? Who had a clue? Trying to figure out you have celiac disease is no game, but for many it takes a lot of detective work and savvy doctors to find out the diagnosis. I decided that if there was ever a celiac version of Clue the mystery would be solved by determining that the weapon of choice was whole wheat bagels, pizzas, or donuts.

Life: Ahhhh. If Life was only as simple as choosing a profession, spouse and kids… spinning the wheel and seeing where you’re headed next. This game teaches us that things unexpected can happen. Things you don’t plan for – but always, yes always, make the best of. I guess that’s life.

Monopoly: Let’s face it. Monopoly is all about the cash. As cute as it is spanning the circumference of the board as a thimble, iron, shoe or Scottie dog the object of the game is to get the cash to pay for the things life tosses your way. Yup… things like gluten-free food!

Candyland: This game is all about those tempting treats that are so very hard to resist. But through the Candy Cane Forests and Gum Drop Mountains of life, it actually is pretty easy to find the sweeter side of living gluten-free. Gluten-free cupcakes, pretzels or cookies anyone?

Chutes & Ladders: This game teaches the basics of living gluten-free: Cheat just a little and eat something with gluten in it and you’ll spiral on the chute downward; but eat healthy, eat well, and you will climb the ladder of health. Simple game… simple truths.

Do you have a favorite board game? Has it taught you anything  related to your gluten-free lifestyle?

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