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Valentine Day Ideas… Free of Gluten & Allergens!

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Who needs a red velvet heart stuffed with gluten and allergen-ridden chocolates? There are so many “gifts” to share with your sweetie that are free of gluten and allergens,  jam-packed with fun… and economical too! Here are just a few of BeFreeForMe’s favorites… what are some of yours?


1.) Room Service: Serve your sweetie breakfast in bed… heart-shaped gluten free pancakes anyone?


2.) Is a mini-adventure in order? Take a road trip… take a drive to nowhere! You’ll never know where you’ll end up!  Make sure you take a gluten and allergen free picnic lunch with you. Leave the GPS behind!


3.) The Big Screen at Home: Rent a romantic movie, grab a warm blanket and make some popcorn. Try a romantic-comedy and share a laugh together too!


4.) Make a Heart Sing: Make a gift of CD love songs or songs that bring back sweet memories. Pop it in the CD player of her car… instant smiles while driving the miles!


5.) Let’s get Physical!: Go bowling, sledding or ice skating. Live in a warm climate? Find an indoor ice skating rink with public skate time. Bring along some allergen free snacks and hot chocolate!

6.) The Game of Love: Have a marathon of playing board or card games – and let your sweetie win! Make tons of gluten free and allergen free snacks and invite another couple.


7.) Sweets for the Sweethearts: Go out for a gluten free ice cream!  Dilly Bar Anyone?


8.) Let me count thy ways… Make your own Valentine Day card. Include 10 things that made you first fall in love, and are still in love, with your sweetheart.

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