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Friday Favorite: PhillySwirl Sweet Delites Frozen Treats… Only 14 Calories!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I love ice cream. By the dish, by the cone, or by the stick. But let’s face it… high-calorie ice cream every day isn’t something I really should be enjoying.  

That is why I was so excited when I stumbled across Philly Swirl Sweet Delites Bars as I was pining over the gallons of fat and sugar filled ice cream while shopping last week.

At only 14 calories these gluten-free frozen treat bars made with real fruit were calling out my name.  And yes… these bars say “gluten-free” right on the label. These frozen treat bars are also tree nut / peanut free, egg free, and soy free.

PhillySwirl Sweet Delites are a perfect dessert, when you need a little something sweet, but don’t need the calories that come along with most sweet indulgences.

And for those of you tracking your weight watcher points: These bars are only ¼ points per serving.

Each package has 10 bars that come in 3 flavors – Raspberry & Vanilla, Cherry & Vanilla and Orange & Vanilla. And for those of you that are Dairy-Free, PhillySwirl also makes SwirlPoppers – which are noted as dairy and gluten-free on their website.

Low calories, tasty and free of many allergens are the reasons are why PhillySwirl is awarded this week’s Friday Favorite on BeFreeForMe! Congrats!

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