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The Best Energy Bars in Boston… with COUPONS! Natural Product Expo East 2008

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008


There were so many bars that I checked out at the Natural Product Expo East over the past few days but a few really stood out as real keepers… the kind that you buy stashes of and keep in your glove compartment, desk drawers or brief cases. Keep in mind that these bars are marketed to adults (for the most part).  Kid-friendly bars will be blogged about later this week.


As well as my all time favorites, ThinkThin and Lara Bar (see my Bar Junkie blog post), these new contenders are must tries & must haves for the die-hard Bar Junkie like myself:




NuGo Free Bars:  GF, DF, SF, FF

These bars are not coming out until November 1st – but line up folks and start waiting for them now! Why do I like these bars? Let me list thy reasons:


– Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Fish Free. Vegan and Kosher.
– Only 3 Weight Watchers points (for those counters!)
– Low glycemic.
– Three yummy flavors: Dark Chocolate Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate Crunch, and Carrot Cake


The oats used in the bars are also certified to be gluten free. These bars also use REAL chocolate! NuGo says they are the only nutritional bar in the industry that do so…Hello antioxidant benefits!
Snack away all!


COUPON OFFER / SAVINGS for NuGo Bars: Currently there is a 10% off coupon code on the NuGo website for current products only. Email them – tell them you read about their bars on BeFreeForMe and ask if there will be a coupon code for their new NuGo Free Bars! 




Enjoy Life boom Choco boom Bars: GF, NF, DF, SF, FF

These NEW bars from Enjoy Life are booming with flavor! Rich, creamy and chocolaty… and these snacks are also free of allergens!


These bars will satisfy chocoholics of all ages. I would say they were good for your kid’s lunch buckets, but I think they would also make a good “eat-them-all-yourself-in-the-car- on-the-way-home-from-the-grocery-store” snack too.


Available in three flavors: Dairy Free Rice Milk, Dairy Free Rice Milk with Crispy Rice, Dark Chocolate. My fav? Dark Chocolate.
Chocoholics rejoice and “Enjoy Life”!


COUPON OFFER / SAVINGS for boom Choco boom Bars: Check out the Enjoy Life website for a 75¢ OFF coupon for the new boom Choco boom Bars!




Bakery on Main’s Gluten Free Granola Snack Bar: GF, DF, FF

Three yummy flavors (Cranberry Maple nut, Extreme Trail Mix and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) make these bars appealing both morning, afternoon and evening.


Bonus: cholesterol free, trans fat free, casein free… and DELICIOUS!


Give them a try and experience granola once again – 2008 style!


COUPON OFFER / SAVINGS for any Bakery on Main item: Join the “Eat better – Live better” club on the Bakery on Main website and receive a $1.50 off any product coupon sent to your inbox within 24-48 hours!




MarcoNutrient Gluten Free Bars: GF, DF, SF, FF 


Made with all organic ingredients, these bars are also egg free, have no trans fats, additives, preservatives or hydrogenated oils.


Come in three unique flavors: Cashew Butter, Peanut Protein and Tahini Date.


Their tagline is “Positively Delicious!” You’ll have no doubt how they thought that up after tasting one of these bars. 


COUPON OFFER / SAVINGS for MacroNutrient products: For savings…. Go to the MacroNutrient website, pull down the “product” menu, go to “Marcotreat of the Month” and save away!


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