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Friday Favorite: Sweetriot

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I need my chocolate fix. But I don’t consider myself a true chocoholic since I only need “just a little bit” to get my fix.

That’s when I reach into the side pocket of my purse and grab what I call my “bit o’ fix” –  Sweetriot gluten and dairy free dark cacao “peaces” that are dunked in dark chocolate.

I also like that fact that they are packed in cute little recyclable and reusable tins that sport artwork by emerging artists.

And the taste! These tiny peaces truly amaze me. They are so very, very small – yet the all natural and healthy ingredients make popping one in your mouth seem as if you’ve had your chocolate bar fix… without the guilt.

I’m not sure how the Sweetriot gang does it. How they can make something so small, taste so big. And at only 1-2 calories per fix I get to peace-out all day.

Love, Peace and Chocolate!

And as always…

Be Free!

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