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Mom’s Wisdom: Navigation For a Gluten & Allergen Free Life

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Every Mother’s Day, I reflect upon my good fortune of having a Mother that is not only a parent, but also a friend, confident and mentor. And every year, as I get older, I develop a deeper appreciate for just how lucky I am to have a Mom that has nurtured a loving family, inspired values & principals in her family’s lives; and has unselfishly, throughout the years, put her family first – before everything and anything.

My Mom has made me and my sisters who we are today. No doubt. She is someone that my sisters and I can always, always count on. She helped us through bumps, bruises and broken hearts; has been the head cheerleader when I, and each of my sisters, started our own businesses; has listened to us graciously & patiently through many teary-eyed long distance phone conversations; and most importantly, has supported our spirits & souls, in her gentle and caring way, when the rest of the world has left us at her doorstep of encouragement.

My Mom has always been a good advice giver. Her quirky little sayings are often short and to the point, but they always make me stop and think. Throughout the years, the advise my Mom has given has stayed with me, and as I have grown older, I have remarkably discovered that there’s truths and lessons in each of these adages that can be applied to the many circumstances that life throws my way – including applying them to my life’s diagnosis of celiac disease several years ago.

Want some examples? Here are some of my favorites:

“Commitment pays off in the end.”
When I first got diagnosed with celiac disease, I had to remind myself that although this lifestyle was tough, a gluten-free diet would eventually make me a healthier, stronger, happier… and a better person. It’s a life-long commitment – but I knew with commitment and persistence it would get easier each day. And yes, Mom, you were right – the rewards on my health & attitude are enormous and it has paid off each and every day. Thanks for knowing that before I did, and plugging me along.

“Call me – so I know you’re okay.”
After eating at a restaurant, party, or event – I always call my Mom to tell her how fabulous the food was. I know that in some small way, she still worries that I may not “get enough” to eat, or have to “go without”… I guess Mom’s never change when it comes to stuff like that.

“Reflect on the past, but make the future better.”
My Mom has been the one to encourage me to change-up old recipes in order to make them gluten and allergen free. I’ve had some trials and errors, but for the most part, I’ve been able to take recipes from my past, and make them taste even better… at least that’s what Mom says.

“Your sisters ‘will always be your sisters’.”
Mom you were wrong on this one. My sisters are more than sisters. They have become two of my best friends. One of my sisters is also a celiac, and the other is not. Regardless, we have all jumped aboard this crazy lifetime of learning road trip that only sisters – that are so similar, yet so different – could embark on and still give each other hugs, support and laughs along the way.

“Carrots & celery are fit for the ‘best of lunches’ and are the ‘finest snacks out there’.” While other kids had Twinkies, Ho-Ho’s and Oreos in their lunch– we always had a bag of carrot sticks and celery. To this day carrots & celery are my go-to snacks. Quick, easy and low-cal; and the perfect tool to dip into hummus or gluten-free dips. Leave it to Mom to know that Crudités were a hip lunch snack even way back in the day!

“If it feels wrong it, probably is.”
If you aren’t sure if something has gluten or allergens in it, it probably does… so don’t eat it. Enough said?

“Hold your breath when you put your face underwater – and don’t cry!”
This saying comes from doing the Dead Man’s Float during Beginner’s swimming lessons in the frigid, low-tide sea waters off the beaches of Cape Cod. I hated to get my face and ears wet, and I cried like heck if I needed to. The lesson learned here? You can stay afloat in even the most dismal situations, by just changing your attitude, breathing deep and waiting for the tide to change.   

“Get ready! Tonight’s a special night… The Wizard of Oz is on TV!”
When I was growing up there was no DVD’s or taping of TV shows. That meant that watching the Wizard of Oz was a once a year event; an event that was hyped-up by Mom all day long. Closer to show time we celebrated by donning warm pajamas, making a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn and lining-up on the sofa… my two sisters and me… at least a half-hour before the show began. Even today, I take an every-so-often splurge and eat at a fancier than normal restaurant, making sure I top it off with a gluten-free dessert. Thanks Mom for letting me know that everyone deserves and needs to look forward to a “Wizard of Oz Night” every once in a while.

“How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tasted it?”
This old adage got me through trying many a thing I couldn’t even pronounce after switching over to a gluten-free diet… Quinoa? Amaranth? Both are now on my list of favorites.

“When all else fails: Head for home and curl up with some Chicken Soup & Rice Pudding.”
I find it funny how our favorite “comfort foods” growing up were naturally gluten –free! To this day, Chicken Soup and Rice Pudding warms the soul.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom – I love you! And Happy Mother’s Day to Mom’s everywhere… Cheers and thanks for all the words of wisdom!

P.S. Did your Mom give you advice that you still apply today? If so, please share!

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