WIN-It-Wednesday: Joan’s Gluten-Free Great Bakes

An English muffin’s creeks and crevices smothered with sweet buttter. The crunchy bite of a bagel, followed by a warm, soft and airy middle. Hot Italian bread dipped in and soaking up fragrant herbed oil. Pizza that I just can’t stop eating… no matter how hard I try.

These were a few of my gluten-free dreams. The little things that most other people take for granted on a daily basis.

Joan’s Great Bakes has made these gluten-free dreams comes true. Joan, who originally developed a line of gluten-free baked goods (which also has many items that are dairy free and soy free) for her gluten free and food intolerant family members, is now sharing her dream-making with folks everywhere. (If you’re not already one – make sure you become a fan of Joan’s Great Bakes, and also BeFreeForMe, on Facebook!)

My favorite Joan’s items are the English muffins and the Italian bread. Why? Because they taste exactly the way I remember them tasting. No difference at all.

That is why I am so glad that Joan’s is this week’s sponsor of BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday! This prize is a dream-come true! They are offering TWO (yes, 2!) BeFreeForMe members a prize package that includes: Gluten/Dairy free Bagels, Gluten/Dairy/Egg free English Muffins and Gluten/Dairy/Egg free Italian Bread.

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us your gluten-free (dairy-free, egg-free, etc.) dreams. (Mine? Every doctor in the world knows what celiac disease is, recognizes the diverse symptoms it can cause, and diagnosis patients quickly & efficiently). Winners are picked at random and entries must be received by Sunday, 10/25/09 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck… Dream away, and as always…

Be Free!

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85 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Joan’s Gluten-Free Great Bakes”

  1. michelle N Says:

    My dream is that one day all grocery stores will carry lots of GF foods and the same price as the other foods!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I’d like some low calorie versions of gluten-free baked goods that I don’t have to make myself. Or maybe just a pill I could take whenever I wanted to eat gluten like those who are lactose intolerant. Then I could eat at my favorite pizzeria occasionally.

  3. Shelly! Says:

    Wow – there are so many gluten free dreams I have.

    While I also hope for grocery stores with GF regular priced food – and doctors who know all the symptoms and recognize the disease…my biggest dream would be for my Celiac son to not feel different. For other kids to find it “cool” and not weird. That would be amazing…

  4. Susan Haggerty Says:

    My dream is that one day I will be able to bake any dessert my gluten & dairy free kids want — like Oatmeal Scotchies or Peanut Butter Blossoms or Pumpkin Pie or a beautiful crusty rustic bread and it will turn out perfectly and always be delicious and I won’t have to keep testing recipes and throwing away food or disappointing my kids.

  5. EBSeattle Says:

    My gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free (!!) dream is to walk into a cafe and be able to choose any baked good I want. To have the barista not look at you funny when you ask for a milk alternative other than soy. And then to sit in that cafe enjoying your treat, feeling “normal!”

  6. Kim, The Food Allergy Coach Says:

    My dream would be that everyone knows and understands celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, and that screening becomes routine!

  7. Kate Says:

    My gluten free dream is that gluten free substitutions will one day be more reasonably priced so that I don’t have to deprive myself of bread because of price!

  8. Melissa Conrad Says:

    My dream: That all doctors will warn people to NOT go on the gf diet before they get Celiac tested or it could mess up the results.

  9. Terra Jones Says:

    My dream would be that GF foods cost a “normal” amount of money (or that we could afford any and everything GF!) lol

  10. Kendra Says:

    I dream that everyone knows what it is and becomes accommodating, so I can race in a triathlon and not have to worry whether the bananas were sliced with the same knife as the non-gf powerbars, so I can accept an invitation to a friend’s house for dinner, so restaurants everywhere would mark their menus to make clear what is GF (and actually prepare it safely!)

  11. Megan E Says:

    I dream that one day I can leave my house or wake up in the morning and not have to plan out what I have to eat. I hope that supermarkets can have a larger variety of GF products, instead of me having to settle for whats “on the shelf”, and only on the shelf. I want to be able to not have to restrain myself from family or friend activities and holiday parties and not be able to enjoy the delicious foods there.

  12. Ahja Says:

    My gluten free dream? The perfect sandwich bread…I miss the soft white bread of my youth, the tomato sandwiches of my summers. I haven’t found it yet, but I haven’t given up, either.

  13. Caryn Says:

    My GF dream is that my daughter would not feel different than the other children.

  14. Alicia Says:

    I dream of never again crying because I cannot find something that my son can/will eat when we are out. (That and croissants)!

  15. Larc Bogdan Says:

    that my daughter can go out with her girlfriends (when she is older!) and not have to bring her own food. This dream is already coming true, at least 2 pizzerias in the area are now carrying gf pizza!!

  16. Lisa Mc Says:

    My dream is for restaurants to all offer a gluten free menu so that my Gluten Free husband, who has to take customers out to eat all of the time for sales, does not have to stress about his food in addition to his customers’ needs.

  17. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    My dream is to see more kid friendly GF foods available,as I pack school lunches I try to make it like everyone else but sometimes that is hard to do and nobody wants to stand out in the crowd especially kids.I would also like to see more acceptance of Celiac, people look at you like you have two heads when you ask if they have a GF menu but they don’t think twice if you are a vegan, etc…..

  18. Cara Says:

    My gluten free dream is that everyone would be respectful to celiac disease persons. They would not be treated as if they were “contaminate”, but that they would be loved and feel loved. Restaurants and companies would clearly label products and not put in so many “maybe it has this or maybe it doesn’t” statements and the truth would be told. Everyone would try to help each other out. But of course the best would be if wheat was not viewed as the norm! 🙂

  19. Myrical Barton Says:

    My gluten-free dream would be affordable gluten-free prepared food and gluten-free restaurants!

  20. Cindy Winther Says:

    My dream would be that all companies would be required to list on the ingredient section – IN BOLD – whether the product is gluten free.


  21. Lori Niver Says:

    My dream is that everyone at the hospital and restaurants would know what a gluten free diet means. that they would change their gloves and be more careful about cross contamination. I dream about being able to go anywhere and not be afraid to eat. I dream that every store would offer gluten free items and every restaurant would have a gluten free menu. Sweet dreams!

  22. Michelle Says:

    In my dreams you could go out to eat with no worries. You could fix dinner and everyone eats the samething.

  23. Janet LaRue Says:

    My dream is that someday all the colleges will know what Gluten Free means so that my daughter will be able to attend the college she really wants to go to. Her heart was broken last week when we attended a college-her top choice-and they really couldn’t accomodate her diet so she could attend and be healthy. All these years of hard work to get to the top of her class for naught….

  24. Joanne Kates Says:

    My dream is that someday they would come up with a medication that would make our systems be able to deal with gluten and other allergins

  25. Dina Sanabria Says:

    My dream would be that doctors diagnose celiac disease more quickly and efficiently. I would also like for more supermarkets to carry gluten free items, instead of having to go to specialty stores or ordering online.

  26. Ellen Christian Says:

    My dream is that one day my daughter will have more food choices than she does now especially at restaurants and fast food places teens like to go to.

  27. Leslie Hart Says:

    I would love for all products to be clearly labeled gluten free and dairy free. It is hidden in too many ways or is part of the manufacturing process and not an actual ingredient…..

  28. Marta Says:

    I dream that our little village would have a store that would sell only gluten free products!

  29. Kristin Says:

    My dream is that GF food would be comparable to normal grocery items in quality and cost. I would also love to see more manufacturers make their mainstream products gluten free, or come out with a gluten free version of these same things!

  30. Faye Says:

    I dream of being able to go anywhere and have a large selection of GF items and not have to worry about cross contamination. And for manufacturers to quit using MFS and Corn, soy fillers in all there products because they are to cheap to use quality ingredients that would lower their profit margins.

  31. Debra Gowlland Says:

    My dream is for a mass screening for all individuals to check for celiac disease-at your yearly checkups.

  32. Lisa Says:

    My gluten free dream is to have food that doesn’t cost me a fortune to buy!

  33. Gwen Says:

    My dream is that I will be able to shop for gluten free products and be able to afford them, instead of going without. It would also be great for everyone that isn’t a celiac to understand my needs and actually believe me when I say that if gluten is in my food I will get sick.

  34. Francine Says:

    My GF dream is that GF products are available everywhere, at a reasonable price and that others are aware of our restrictions. I absolutely LOVE Joan’s GF bagels! They are definitely the best!

  35. SARAH Says:

    My dream is that no one else in my family is diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. But if they are, I dream of reasonably priced gluten free items and a greater availability in stores.

    P.S. It was really good to read all of the other “dreams” and know that I am not alone in my frustrations. Community is good.

  36. Tina Says:

    My dream would be that all gluten-free food is labeled and affordable.

  37. Karen Says:

    When I first was diagnosed in ’92, there were few GF food items for celiac sprue patients to chose. I went out and bought a pasta machine and bread machine, which made life a little easier but more time consuming. At that time my dream was to have more GF choices out there for busy people, more convenient foods. That dream has come true. My dream now is to have our flours, mixes, pasta, etc. more affordable. As far as nutritional, we need more low-calorie, high-protein and high-fiber choices.

  38. Michie Marie Says:

    My dream is that they will one day decide to stop even growing wheat, spelt, etc… and looking at labels for gluten will become a thing of the past.

  39. EMILY Says:

    My dream is that they invent a glutenerator – a type of laser that takes the gluten out of normal foods so I can still eat my grandmother’s homemade bread and apple pie and chocolate chip cookies…

  40. Kathy Bunn Says:

    My dream is that the vaccine they are tryng to develope will work. It would change the life of evey Celiac alive and protect our children. I also dream that the daily pill that is in trials right now will be availible soon…like tomorrow. this will allow most Celiacs to not worry about crosscontamination.

  41. Paula Says:

    It would be my wish that GF foods become so common that you don’t have to research restaurants, and packaged foods before you go on a trip.

  42. Kathi French Says:

    I dream about going out to eat with no worries. Also, I dream of the day that my local grocery store sell Joan’s products!

  43. Tricia Schmidt Says:

    My dream is to be able to make one meal for the whole family at meal time. Gluten free food is too expensive for the entire family to eat and I can not eat what they eat.

  44. Cassandra Gee Says:

    My dream is that ALL doctors will understand, and everyone else will understand that being gluten-free is a NECESSITY for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. (My next dream would be to be able to buy (inexpensively) great gluten-free bread whenever and wherever I wanted.)

  45. Marilyn Says:

    My dream is that products are labeled and that gluten free pasta is somehow made to taste like wheat pasta.

  46. Gluten Free Betsy Says:

    Deep dish gluten free pizza would be a dream come true. I’m from Chicago, so never experiencing chicago-style pizza again is heartbreaking. 🙁

  47. Cathy S Says:

    My gluten free dream is to go out to eat at any restaurant and have a choice JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE of wonderful, delicious foods that are safe (and not naked!) One of my dreams was actually realized when I found Joan’s English Muffins and could make myself an “Egg McMuffin”!!!!!

  48. Debbie Says:

    I wish the cost of gluten-free products was more reasonable. I can sometimes pick things up at a discount retailers

  49. Tom Says:

    My dream is that Celiacs won’t have to plan ahead for for meals, can go on vacation without a worry, and find great tasting reasonably priced foods.

  50. Jennifer Says:

    I love Emily’s response with the glutenerator:) There are so many dream that I share with others..thanks for sharing. I would love to wake up one day and just eat what sounds good.

  51. Linda Says:

    My gluten free dream is that stores everywhere will make gluten free products affordable!

  52. Susan C - AZ Says:

    My dream is that grocery stores will carry a large variety of GF foods at reasonable prices just like the other foods! My dream is that the GF foods that are available would all taste good and be vitamin-enriched. My dream is that food labels would be easy to read and it would very clear to determine if gluten exists in them.

  53. Denise C. Says:

    My dream is for my teenage daughter to accept Celiac Disease as a part of who she is. I dream of a time when she will embrace what she needs to do to keep her body well and strong.

  54. Tammy Says:

    My dream is that all restaurants will carry gf choices and really know what they are doing so I can have a great gf meal. Also that the gf diet would not cost more than a regular diet!!!!

  55. Terry Says:

    So many. I want to be able to go into a store and not have to bring a magnifying glass to read the ingredients becasue its clearly labeled gluten Free. I want GF baked goods that don’t cost 4 times as much as regular baked goods. I want Gf baked goods that tasted as good as the real thing so I dont have to spend hours baking.

  56. Jean Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, gluten allergy could all be tested and differentiated with a simple lab test that was inexpensive and broadly available so that diagnosis was quick and easy and routine so no one would have the diagnosis missed/ delayed?

  57. Linda Says:

    My dream would be cheap, delicious gluten-free food!

  58. Pam Says:

    My dream would be to have an aisle in the supermarket with every day products labeled gluten free, all reasonable priced.

  59. Sandy Bright Says:

    My dream is for our gluten free products to be more affordable. Since I first started the GF lifestyle, we do have more choices now thank goodness and more awareness.

  60. Kristina Herrick Says:

    My GF dream would be to have some options at coffee shops, all the grocery stores carry the same items at the same price as regular food and not have to special order or drive miles and miles to 3 different stores to full fill the grocery list. Most importantly that Dr’s be more aware of Celiac and the root of the problem instead of giving you medications or mis-diagnosing you. too many people suffer far much longer than they have to.
    I love Joans Bakery english muffins, they are fabulous! Have not tried any other products yet so would love to win!!

  61. Casey Says:

    My dream is to not have anxiety every time I go to the grocery store because my gluten free necessities are so expensive.

  62. Kim Hahm Says:

    My dream is that my 6 year old son will be able to eat and drink at the same fast food and other restaurants with his friends and not feel that he is being singled out or experience getting sick from a food we thought was GF. Also that one day I will be able to cook and prepare the same foods for our entire family when the prices for GF food are closer to other food products.

    I look forward to trying your English muffins especially to make Egg McMuffins!

  63. Carol Asher Says:

    My dream is that some day doctors and dentists will recognize the symptoms so that our bodies can heal sooner and avoid some later health issues. Right now I’m thinking of dentists especially since my 6 year old grandson is going through some serious dental problems. I’m hoping they will be able to help him so that he doesn’t experience all the problems I am having at age 63.

    I really look forward to trying your products. I especially love a good bagel and also like to make egg mcmuffins for the entire family. And your Italian bread sounds really delicious!

  64. carrie Says:

    My dream would be that a cure is found allowing everyone to eat together without causing misery to you or your neighbor if a no no ingredient is ingested.

  65. Elizabeth Says:

    In my dream, everyone knows the word gluten. They do not think that I am saying glucose and they are not giving me funny looks.

  66. Brittany J. Says:

    My dream is to be able to go to a grocery store and get GF items at the same price as regular items. Also to go into a resteraunt and be able to order a burger with a bun.

  67. Vinnie Jensen Says:

    My dream is that Pharmaceutical companies will be required to label if a drug is gluten-free, or to make drugs gluten-free. And that gluten-free products will become more affordable.

  68. Marina Says:

    A pill would be great, but I’d like to not have to mail order everything until then.

  69. Christine S. Says:

    A buffet where I can eat anything without worrying about gluten.

  70. Carol Asher Says:

    My dream is that some day doctors and dentists will recognize the symptoms so that our bodies can heal sooner and avoid some later health issues. Right now I’m thinking of dentists especially since my 6 year old grandson is going through some serious dental problems. I’m hoping they will be able to help him so that he doesn’t experience all the problems I am having at age 63.

    I really look forward to trying your products. I especially love a good bagel and also like to make egg mcmuffins for the entire family. And your Italian bread sounds really delicious!

  71. Kim Hahm Says:

    My dream is that some day my 6-year old son will be able to eat and drink with his friends at fast food and other restaurants without worrying that he might get sick. He is also experiencing some pretty serious dental problems, so I also hope that some day doctors and dentists will recognize the symptoms early so that future health and dental problems can be avoided.

    I look forward to your products, especially the English muffins so my whole family can enjoy Egg McMuffins!

  72. Giovanna Says:

    Hello to all,

    My dream is a dream that all will agree would make a world of difference to all with Celiac’s, Gluten Intolerence and other food allergies, prices that are reasonable. Good health to all,


  73. Rhonda Says:

    Hi All,

    Gluten Free Dream- To eat a Gluten Free McDonald’s Hamburger.

  74. Mandy Says:

    My dream is that someday I will find gluten-free breads that are as good as the gluten-ful breads I remember from years ago — right texture, right taste, and plenty of variety. I also dream that someday I will be able to tell my friends that I am gluten-free and they will not have to panic to figure out what I can eat.

    Thanks for all you do!

  75. Timaree Says:

    My gluten-free dream would be to do one stop shopping and not have to stop at many different stores to pick up specific GF items.

  76. Jenn Says:

    My Dream is that one day all buffet resturants across America will serve Gluten Free Foods seperate from non Gluten Free Foods, that way everyone both people with celiac and people without celiac can eat at the same buffet.

  77. Alicia Says:

    My dream is that my 3 year old son will be able to eat mac and cheese again one day and understand that we must be on this very limited diet for his own health and well being. There are many food alternatives out there and networks of people posting recipes and tips, which is helpful and appreciated, but the expense and time spent on research and cooking are hardships that cause parents to spend less time with their children. I hope the food will become more flavorful, less expensive and easier to obtain.

  78. Kara Says:

    My gluten, dairy, and soy free dream is that when kids at school bring in treats they would be safe for my kids to eat so they don’t feel left out or jealous of their classmates.

  79. Frugal, Freebies and Deals Says:

    Not to spend $6 on a loaf of decent bread 🙂


  80. Cindy Says:

    I work two jobs and don’t have time to eat dinner in between. It would be wonderful to be able to come home from work at 11:00 p.m. and have a hot cup of tea and a warm english muffin oozing with butter and jelly for a treat before heading off to bed after an exhausting day!

  81. Sarah Says:

    My dream would to be able to get out and go places without having to carefully plan every meal and carry a ton with us!

  82. Ashleigh Swerdfeger Says:

    My dream is that everyone would understand what celiac disease is. Also, that it would be possible to find gluten free anywhere from a cafe, to an airplane or train. Also, that gluten free food would be a lot less expensive because affordability of food purchases affects everyone.

  83. Sharon Says:

    My dream is that I will stop having dreams about eating gluten filled breads and crackers and then waking up thinking I was going to be sick!!

  84. Rhonda Says:

    My dream is that there would be a completely gluten free restaurant where I live, so that I could go out to eat again and that coffee shops would handle at least one GF bakery option.

  85. Kym Rossi Says:

    I have never had the opportunity to try Joan’s GF Baked Goods. But! As I read about her products my mouth was watering! The pizza, corn muffin with butter and honey, and the calzone are all foods that I really miss and would be so awesome to have again! Please give the opportunity to be able to try these. When will we have Joan’s products on the West coast?

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