WIN-It-Wednesday: Allergen-free Candy Canes & Sweets from Caring Candies!

The holiday season brings about many traditions. One of the most memorable childhood memories for me is enjoying the sweet sticky treat of a candy cane.

For many children however, the simple pleasure of enjoying a candy cane can be missed due to food allergies, diabetes, or an intolerance to artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors or preservatives.

This is why I am so pleased to announce that Really Healthy Stuff, the makers of Caring Candies candy canes and other hard sweet treats is this week’s BeFreeForMe WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor!

Rejoice candy lovers everywhere!

These healthy candies are sugar-free, fat-free, and kosher. Plus they are 100% free from Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Sugar, Yeast, Dairy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Potato, Eggs, Corn, Rice, Sesame, Artificial Sweeteners, Synthetic Colors, and Preservatives. These candies also have a low-glycemic index, and are tooth-friendly since they contain no sugar, aspartame nor saccharine. (Do I see dentist’s everywhere smiling?)

This company does it all… they make the traditional cane canes, candy drops (or bonbons) and lollipops, as well as spiral lollipops & sour lollipops. All are handcrafted the old-fashioned way.

And tasty they are. The come in tons of fun flavors, all naturally flavored with either herbs or fruit essences. These flavors are sophisticated enough for an adult’s sweet-tooth, yet reminiscent of childhood favorites too. Some of the flavors include: Passion Fruit, Black Currant, Apple, Grape, Pineapple-Orange & Lemon… along with the traditional Holiday favorite… Peppermint. My favorite though, is the Raspberry flavored Rainbow Spiralz Lollipops.

These candies are perfect for those on a gluten-free diet, with food allergies or intolerances, diabetics, hyperactive children, dieters and for the all-around health conscious candy lover!

Really Healthy Stuff is offering two (Yes 2!) BeFreeForMe members a gift box jammed packed with tons of these sweets!

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us what brings “sweetness” into your life. (Me? My Mom and Grandmother’s recipe box that is stuffed full of handwritten family favorites that I share in the recipe section of BeFreeForMe, and holiday visits with family & friends). All entries must be received by Sunday, December 13, by 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck, remember how sweet life really, really is and as always…

Be Free!

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33 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Allergen-free Candy Canes & Sweets from Caring Candies!”

  1. string Says:

    My life is made sweet by my boyfriend, who often does the sweetest things for me with no warning or special events. He finds ways to make every event special and he often surprises me with treats or presents.

  2. michelle N Says:

    My good friends!

  3. Betty Benton Says:

    My grandchildren coming every year to decorate my Christmas tree. Ages 3-17. Such a joy and sweetness in my life.

  4. Larc Bogdan Says:

    Sweetness is my daughter wanting to snuggle before bed while reading a story together.

  5. Cindy Says:

    For me sweetness in my life comes from my adult children. Talking and visiting with them makes my life sweeter.


  6. Myrical Barton Says:

    Making treats with my little nieces and nephews brings sweetness to my life! 🙂

  7. Cara Says:

    YUM!! YUM!!! I love candy canes…just an fyi spangler is also gluten free (but not all the other good stuff). Sweetness in my life comes from the e-cards that my parents send to me. It just adds a little extra touch of love to my day! 🙂

  8. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    The things that bring sweetness to my life are my family.You never know what they mean to you until it is to late.Always remember to live each day as it were your last and never take one moment for granted.Enjoy the holidays as a family and leave all your worries behind for that very special day.HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!!!

  9. Kat Says:

    Sweet? Well… snuggling hugs and kisses from my kids and husband.

  10. Janet LaRue Says:

    The sweetness of life for me is having all my family coming together for the holidays! To be able to offer them GF foods to know it will be a safe and happy holiday is a wonderful thing.

  11. sue Says:

    What is sweet…everyday moments spent with family and friends-gratefully we have been given extra time with a family member who was recently critically ill. Sweet is every stolen moment we have been given….extra sweet knowing the future is still uncertain for him!

  12. Lisa Says:

    My life is sweetened by all the sweet children I see everyday, my wonderful family and hugs from my 18 year old son!

  13. Kara Says:

    Sweet is my 2 boys, ages 12 and 9, cuddled up next to each other sound asleep in the same bed. (Every weekend it is the same question, “Mom, can we sleep in the same room?”) Shhh… don’t tell them most brothers their ages are not that close:-) Sweetness is also my 9 year old, trying to help problem solve with his 12 year old brother with Autism, and my 12 year old saying he needs his brother to cheer him up when he is sad.

  14. DEBBIE MINOR Says:


  15. L. Parker Says:

    Sweetness in my life comes from knowing that my family is healthy, happy and secure in the knowledge of the gift of Jesus Christ. Blessed CHRISTmas!

  16. Laura Says:

    My baby cousins are my sweetness. One is 6 mo and the other is 4 yo. They are precious and so much fun to cuddle and play with!

  17. Sarah Says:

    Sweetness is brought to my world by my newest little niece Faith Noelle. She turns 1 on Saturday and I cannot wait to get together to celebrate her life!!!!

  18. Kat Says:

    My sweetness year round comes from my husband, our family and our friends. And of course, our dog, who is the best example of unconditional love on the planet!

  19. Catherine Says:

    Sweetness is the entire family together for Christmas, the grandchildren, the wonderful food, and everyone brings their pets. There are plenty of gluten free items for me, and I appreciate the thought.
    Coldness and snow on a Christmas morning and hugs of a grandson to warm your heart – it doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

  20. Emily Becker Says:

    Life is especially sweet when it snows.

  21. Eileen C Says:

    Sweetness is watching my kids sleep or when my Autistic son says, “You’re the best mom ever!”

    Have to say these look AWESOME!

  22. Denise C. Says:

    Sweetness for me is hugs & kisses from my kids and husband and our dog snuggling in my lap.

  23. Linda Says:

    Sweet is having my 12 year old daughter help to make tasty, homemade treats and enjoy it as much as I do! Also, sweet is having a wonderful husband and two wonderful children!

  24. Marianne Says:

    waking up in the morning in your cushy perfectly temperatured bed and realizing you don’t have to get up but instead can roll over and go back to sleep.

  25. Hayley Says:

    We have five special needs children and sometimes when we are so busy just taking care of their basic needs we forget to stop and enjoy those little moments, for instance two nights ago one of our profoundly disabled twins (who we were told would never function at any level) thought she was the cutest thing ever after not only painting, but painting herself from head to toe, and then painting her entire bed from top to bottom, covers pillows and all! (and saw nothing wrong with this also!!!) Even though we were tired, both my husband and I had to admit it was funny. They may be nearly 11 but mentally 3, however we are so thankful they have some skills, and can enjoy something! 🙂

  26. Dawn Says:

    This time of year, sweetness to me is the glorious look of excitement on my children’s faces when they give a handmade gift that comes from their hearts.

  27. Stefenie S. Says:

    What makes my life sweet is when my husband and I make memories with our children. When I hear them start talking with a statement like……Remember when.. For Christmas we go to a hotel overnight (because we don’t do that any other time) instead of exchanging gifts. My kids talk about that all year long. Their memories of last year and the anticipation for the next year is so sweet!!!

  28. Melanie H. Says:

    My life is sweet when I think about how fortunate I am that my teenage sons (15 and 16) still voluntarily hug me and say, “I love you mom!”

  29. Mandi Cantrell Says:

    Taking my mom’s peanut butter hershey kiss recipe and modifying it to be gluten free.

  30. Dawn Says:

    Sweetness to me is all of the classic Christmas tunes.

  31. Kristine Says:

    Sweetness for me is seeing my brother with his son. Our dad is deceased and my brother fought for, and won, joint custody of his son and witnessing this father/son dedication is SWEET!

  32. Liz K. Says:

    My life is filled with sweet moments, but my favorite definitely involve my little ones. It’s the best to see my 2, 4, and 8 year olds being sweet to each other, especially when my 2 year old son gives his big sisters hugs and kisses. I know they’ll have each other for life.

  33. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi All!

    Pat from Illinois and Deb from Tennessee were the two winners of this WIN-It-Wednesday!


    Be Free!

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