Friday Favorite: Kretschmar Deli Meats

The honors of this week’s BeFreeForMe’s Friday Favorite was an easy choice… Kretschmar Deli Meats.

Not only are all of Kretschmar’s deli meats gluten free, they are also free of MSG and artificial flavors. What’s not a gluten-free gal to love?

Truthfully, the deli department at your local grocer can be one of the hardest places to navigate when shopping gluten-free. That is why I ask for Kretschmar deli meats… without hesitation or a question about its gluten-free status.

Kretschmar deli meats taste fantastic too. The turkey taste like the real-deal (think Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches) and the roast beef and hams taste like a thin-cut version of the meats you cook at home.

Fresh, tasty, 100% gluten-free… Pick a number, step up to the deli counter, and order away my gluten-free friends!

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One Response to “Friday Favorite: Kretschmar Deli Meats”

  1. Karina O'Malley Says:

    I was very happy to find Kretschmar’s deli meats and cheeses at local markets, and bought lots. I found myself retaining fluid and asked for a print out of ingredients to find out what is added, rather than what was left out. It contains preservatives that don’t agree with me.

    Has anyone else had this kind of reaction?

    Also, I have been told that there is some concern about a gluten free diet not being good for diabetics because of the carbs. Any info on this?

    Many thanks for maintaining this information resource.

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