WIN-It-Wednesday: Bakery on Main Granola

It’s that time of year again when routines are back in place, alarms are going off every morning, and breakfasts are a must to start each day off on the right foot.

But sometimes finding tasty breakfast ideas that are gluten, dairy and casein free can be a struggle. But with Bakery on Main Granola you can not only find several varieties of granola (and granola bars!) that are not only good tasting, but good for you too.

Made with whole grain gluten-free oats, Bakery On Main’s  granola is free of cholesterol, trans fat, refined sugars, gluten, dairy & casein. It is a crunchy, sweet and flavor-packed granola that is great for breakfast, a mix-in with yogurt, or even eating by the handful.

Bakery On Main also makes granola bars that are great for mid-morning or afternoon snacks. Convenient and crunchy these bars are perfect for lunch boxes, backpacks or brief cases.

My favorite Bakery on Main product is the Fiber Power Granola. I love that this granola has 9 grams of fiber and is still low in fat. It is perfect stirred up in my favorite fat-free Greek yogurt or eaten by the handful for a breakfast or snack on the run. It comes in two flavors Triple Berry and Cinnamon Raisin.

In the past, Bakery on Main invited BeFreeForMe members to sign-up for their monthly savings newsletter to get the most updated coupons & specials, as well as a FREE downloadable $1.50 OFF Coupon. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you sign up to get this coupon soon… availability may be limited!

And lucky us… Bakery on Main has once again graciously offered to sponsor this weeks WIN-It-Wednesday on!

Three (yes 3!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members will receive a Bakery on Main Gift Set. This gift set consists of a tote bag made from 100% recycled materials, filled with 1.5 ounce gluten free granola snack packs in the Apple Raisin Walnut, Nutty Cranberry Maple and Extreme Fruit & Nut flavors; 2 ounce Fiber Power gluten free granola snack packs in both the Triple Berry and Cinnamon Raisin flavors; and 1.2 ounce gluten free granola bars in the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Maple Nut and Extreme Trail Mix. What a prize this is! Perfect for back to school because it includes bars and snack packs which can be a great on-the-go breakfast, easy to pack in a lunchbox, or great for an after school snack.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us how you start your day off on a positive note. (Me? I take Sadie the Boxer for a long walk in the mornings… a perfect way to get some exercise in, clear my head for the day, and spend time with my perfect pooch!)

All entries must be received by Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 12:00 Midnight EST.

Good Luck, Keep positive… and as always,

Be Free!

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61 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Bakery on Main Granola”

  1. Lori Niver Says:

    I listen to my favorite music and spend time cuddling with my corgi first thing in the morning. I relax and enjoy my warm cup of coffee with my dog at my side. So peaceful and relaxing! What a great way to start the day!

  2. Larc Bogdan Says:

    Morning is me time – it’s the only time it’s quiet. My husband and daughter are still sleeping, I am not in the car or at work with my kindergarten students, just me. It’s my computer surfing time! I can connect with people, yet still enjoy the calmness.

  3. Cindy Says:

    I start off my day by saying two rosaries while drinking my morning coffee. It starts my day with a sense of peace and serenity.

  4. Kate Mathers Says:

    Good morning! To start off each day I wake up and turn on a happy song that gives life to my day. The song is usually uplifting and positive. Its a great way to get you moving in the morning.

  5. Erin Says:

    I get up at 4:30 to send my fiance off to work. I love making his breakfast in the morning.

  6. katie Says:

    I know I’ll have a great day when I remember to start the day off with prayer, reading something positive and affirming… a nice run outside always helps, too!

  7. jazmine antico Says:

    hi!! I always start my mornings by immediately writing down my dream, and then thanking God for everything I’m grateful for that day. 🙂

  8. robin gamache Says:


  9. Lisa Says:

    I start my day thanking God for the people I am able to work with and my wonderful family!

  10. Marilyn Kelly Says:

    I start everyday with the comics. Someone told me a long time ago to read the comics and the editorials. All you need to know.

  11. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I spend a few minutes in the morning talking to my 15 yr old son I make him Hot Chocolate, ask about his classes and his friends. Time is passing and I try to stay connected with him this way.

  12. Nancy Adam Says:

    Good Morning! I start my day with 3 cups of fresh veggie juice that my husband so graciuosly makes, do a Curves or Jillian Michaels routine, then have a cup of delicious Greek yogurt w/granola & nuts. We enjoy our veggie juice on our deck and watch our cats and various desert critters scamper and play.

  13. Julie Says:

    My son wakes me up and we have a yummy breakfast of fruit and gf waffles, pancakes, or cereal and of course I have my coffee. It’s nice to enjoy some time w/ him before the hustle and bustle of the day begins!

  14. Michie Page Says:

    A bike ride to work followed by a delicious granola and yogurt breakfast with lots of water gets my day off to a dynamite start.

  15. Hillary-Heidi Berndt Says:

    I am a very big sports’ fan. I work very early mornings and often have to miss some of the best games because of my early bedtime. I cannot start my day on a positive note unless I take the time to sit down with a glass of juice and listen to my favorite sports’ talk radio station. They have a Sportscenter recap every morning. Knowing the outcome of the games and the highlights really helps to improve my mood, unless, my favorite team loses. Then I get a little grumpy and feel the need to complain to my juice. I find that fresh mango juice is the best listener.

  16. wayne Says:

    I take the dogs out ,then take me pills .and have something to eat toget rolling

  17. r Says:

    alone time in God’s word, gleaning newness for the new day He has supplied my with

  18. Tami Perrin Says:

    My husband wakes me up, and then I wake up any of our five kids, who are still asleep, and get them ready for school. We love granola on yogurt or with milk for breakfast. He have a couple kids who have celiac disease, so we have a harder time finding granola that is gluten free in our little town.

  19. Karen Says:

    I sleep as late and possible and then give my kitties some love!

  20. Hannah Says:

    I begin each day with time in God’s word and prayer. Since we homeschool, I begin each school day with the children the same way. It really makes a difference! We also sing songs together too.

  21. Lynnae Says:

    I like to start the day with prayer, and then a good breakfast, usually mesa sunrise cereal (nature’s path). sometimes I’ll do gf oatmeal buttermilk pancakes or eggs and pan-fried potatoes. yum!

  22. Lindy Says:

    I start my day of on a positive note by giving my sweetheart a big hug and kiss. Then I make us both a nice hot cup of coffee to get us moving and a really lovely breakfast to get us going.

  23. Summer Says:

    I like to wake up early so I’m not rushed in the mornings. I usually listen to music, spend some time praying, exercising and prepping for the day.

  24. Toby Says:

    Waking up to my wonderful hubby and puppies is a fabulous way to start my day, and I like to think the feeling’s mutual! LOL Life is to be cherished and I truly look forward to each day and what it holds ahead…:D

  25. Theresa Says:

    Well, we just had our first baby so mornings are very different around here! We spend the morning together, trying to juggle feeding her and ourselves, usually grabbing yogurt and granola and fruit to start the day. We listen to our favorite morning show, cuddle with our new baby girl, and strategize the rest of the day!

  26. Phyllis Says:

    A relaxing morning for me is enjoying a cup of coffee on my deck while watching the birds. The birds have no worries, God takes care of them.

  27. Miranda Says:

    I never get out of bed until I can think about at least one thing I have to look forward to that day. It makes it much easier to get out of bed when I’m tired, and it usually gets me off to a good start!

  28. meagain2 Says:

    I get up very early because i run a daycare, so no time for me, so i pray fist thing after i get moving i pray for energy patience compassion and love for the children in my care

  29. Caryn Says:

    My day gets started on a positive note if I get everything ready the night before, then I’m free to enjoy the time with my girls without the stress of rushing around.

  30. Nan Says:

    Get up before my husband and my kids. House is quiet and still. I either grab my gluten free breakfast and watch the news or grab my book for some down time to read before the day starts.

  31. Lisa Says:

    Studying abroad this semester, I begin my mornings with some gluten free corn flakes I have found, topped with a banana. I eat it while looking out over the beautiful country of Ireland.

  32. Judy Says:

    I start my day by unlocking the doors, checking my roses, letting my bird out of his cage and settling with a cup of coffee to read “Be Free For Me” I like to read the quote of the day.

  33. jenn b Says:

    i start my days by playing with my cats. makes me laugh and is a great start!

  34. Catherine Says:

    I take my rat terrier, Milo, on a nice long walk to get the blood flowing for both of us. We come in, he gets a sweet potato treat, and buries himself in the covers. Then it’s time for my Cockatoo to awaken, and the cat (that someone moved away and left) comes in and eats, stretches out, and is every critter is napping when I leave for work. This scene is repeated each day – I love how my days begin!

  35. gr mrt Says:

    i love the mornings!!! waking up to fresh coffee and if im lucky enough , fishing at sunrise on a pier watching the sun rise. It is so relaxing and exciting at the same time. Lots of snacks like granola! perfect!!!

  36. Hnybny Says:

    I start my day by taking care of my animals and calling my fiance. Feeding my fish and giving and receiving love from my cat connect me to life, but hearing my honey’s voice is the motivation to get through the day.

  37. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have been starting my day by getting outside and gardening and enjoying the flowers, wildlife, and warm air! Fall is coming so I am going to have to alter this routine soon! BRrrrrrrr!

  38. Colleen Says:

    I start my day with “gluten free” oatmeal every day! No matter what I am doing, it is how I begin each day.

  39. DeAnn Says:

    I don’t like mornings much. 🙂 Just looking at what everyone listed as their positive start to the day has given me some good ideas. I think a cup of hot tea and some gluten free hot oatmeal sounds like a positive start to any day. 🙂

  40. zoey dampf Says:

    first thing in the morning is my alone time which i use to pray and reflect, and in these hard times that we are all living i pray to god for all people, and i also ask him for enough strength to get by and thank him for what he has given me

  41. Brenda C. Says:

    First thing I usually do is pour a glass of O.J. Then I check-in on facebook. Make some coffee. Decide what to eat. I love Bakery on Main. I take some to work with me for a quick breakfast between taking care of my critical care patients in the hospital I work at. I love to brag about how nutritious it is and NO gluten! Yummy stuff. Love it!!

  42. Tammy Says:

    Thank God for another day and read something while I eat breakfast!

  43. Heather Says:

    I start my day waking up with the 2 y/o daughter, working on going to the big girl potty, and then it’s ‘chereal mommy’. 😉 Always the best way to wake up with a precious little one!

  44. ashley Says:

    I start every day off with yoga for runners and then a walk around town with my puppy 🙂 it’s my favorite time of day!

  45. Gris Says:

    I take it slow and easy and enjoy the sound of silence!!

  46. Terri Peters Says:

    Always start the day watching the news to catch the weather report.Then on to a good breakfast.

  47. Susan C Says:

    I start my day off positively by taking a nice hot shower using a favorite body wash (I love The Body Shop products) and then by eating a delicious omelet made by me in my kitchen. I call them O-mazing omelets with a variety of fresh vegetables, sausage and cheese. YUMMO! It is a great way to start the day and wake up those sleeply brain cells.

  48. Carly Says:

    In the mornings, I get up around 6. I love to be up early before everyone in the house is up. I start my morning off with a shower to relax, and then I read my Bible and journal. Lazy mornings are my favorite, but when I am in a rush I usually make a bowl of gluten free oatmeal (yummy on cool mornings) and top it with craisins for a quick and nutritious breakfast.

  49. Nan Says:


    I start my day at 5am by waking sleeping teenagers (way worse than giants!) 🙂 and fixing them first breakfast – gluten free of course. They then head off to seminary with their Dad for an hour and then swim practice (hence first breakfast) and I have a bit of time to connect online while enjoying some hot chocolate or herbal tea before waking my youngest and fixing second breakfast. We all are gluten free and soy free because of my youngest.

  50. Hillary Snow Says:

    I watch the morning news with my dad and have a cup of coffee.

  51. Cameo Says:

    I start my day with hot coffee and yoga in the peaceful quiet.

  52. Kara Says:

    I start my morning off on a positive note by preparing as much as I can the night before. With 2 kids to wake up and get ready (one starting at 5:10 am) it is good to get things rolling smoothly. I take my oldest down to the bus stop with the puppy and then take her for a good long walk, then come back to the house to get the other kiddo ready. This gives me a few minutes of alone time with each boy in the morning, too!

  53. marsha pitter Says:

    HER SNACK TIME AT HER SCHOOL….Meemee had to try it this week….thanks for your time…

    P.S. her name is Esther Rose…..again thanks

  54. Lisa Says:

    I like getting up @ 7am and going down to the gym for a great workout and feeling positive before i head into work.

  55. Debi Says:

    I like to start my day by eating right! A good breakfast to start my early day (sometimes as early as 2:30 am. I need to be able to be alert and positive and the way to do that is eating a good hearty breakfast.

  56. Jessica Says:

    I have a ‘morning playlist’ on my iTunes to wake me up and get me going. I drink some PGTipps or ‘Zen’ Tazo tea and get to work in the kitchen making breakfast for my roommates and me. Neither of them have food allergies, but they love the fruit smoothies or gluten-free pancakes, muffins, etc I make. Being able to share my passion for healthy cooking AND show others that living with food allergies doesn’t necessarily mean ‘sacrificing’ great tasting food…that’s what puts me in a positive mood for the day.

  57. Carmen Ferreira-mzaouakk Says:

    I start my days off with Zumba classes. They are great, the music is awesome, the exercises fabulous, you have fun and stay full of energy for the remaining of the day!

  58. Martha Russell Says:

    Now that I am retired the best part of the morning is not having the alarm clock go off!! When I wake up on my own I do some exercises before getting up and then do my Tai-Chi warm up before leaving the bedroom. Then it is off to breakfast, check email, and ease on into the day! I really enjoy bakery on main and use it many different ways.

  59. Christine S. Says:

    Nothing beats starting the day with a good workout at the gym. Even if I only do 20 minutes I feel great the rest of the day. Some days I do 60 minutes. It’s all good. It’s just about getting up and getting going. Plus, I get to burn off my breakfast carbs.

  60. Anne Says:

    Start the day with a cup of green tea and the local news.

  61. Jackie Says:

    I love to go out to see the sunrise while I water and work on the garden. It is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful.

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