WIN-It-Wednesday: Yumpeez Snacks. Plus a Bonus: Awesome Pulse Flours for Cooking & Baking!

Back by popular demand are Yumpeez! Made from certified-organic yellow split peas and cleverly disguised as crunchy flavorful snacks.

And as a BONUS, we have added two packages of Pulse Flours… a Chickpea Flour and Whole Yellow Bean Flour (35-ounces each package), so you are able to bake-up some of the recipes featured in this week’s Ask Shelley Case column on BeFreeForMe, as well as in the new booklet about Pulses which was put out by Pulse Canada.

If you have never tried Yumpeez before, you MUST give them a try! These crunchy gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free and soy-free snacks have an astonishing yummy flavor, nutritional label and health benefits. High in fiber, protein and iron, they are also a fantastic source of calcium.  Better yet they are trans-fat free, low in fat, and certified vegan.

I also can count on Yumpeez to “hold me over until dinner time” since they are low on the glycemic index, which means they are a complex carbohydrate that also provides energy that sustains. Yumpeez are a new and exciting snack… so if your snack-times are turning into nap-times due to the same old boring gluten and allergen-free snacks that you eat day-in and day-out you need to try Yumpeez.

My favorite flavor is the Dill, but the Barbeque flavor is a winner too. New to the Yumpeez line-up is the new Naked variety (the only ingredient: organic peas) that comes in a new larger shaker container. At only 120 calories per pack, I feel good about reaching for Yumpeez for snacking, especially when Spring is approaching and a low-cal and healthy snack is welcomed. I also like to toss a handful over my lunchtime salad, to give myself a crunchy salad topping, with an added protein energy boost.

Now I know why Yumpeez tagline is “Yumpeez Takes You Into Overtime!”.

All these healthy and flavorful reasons is why I am so glad that Yumpeez (and the bonus flours!) are this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor on Yumpeez will provide six (Yes….6!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members a combo-pack of all three of the Yumpeez flavors, plus the bonus Chickpea and Whole Yellow Pea Flours!

How can you WIN?

Reply to this blog and tell us how you take yourself into overtime during the hectic work week (Me? I have a cup of green tea and a healthy snack in the afternoons). Three (3) winners will be randomly chosen from entries received before Tuesday, March 15 at 12:00 midnight EST; and three (3) more winners will be randomly chosen from entries received between Wednesday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:00 midnight EST. All winners must be a member of

Good Luck, slow down to enjoy the good things in life and, as always…
Be Free!

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52 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Yumpeez Snacks. Plus a Bonus: Awesome Pulse Flours for Cooking & Baking!”

  1. Chris Says:

    I hit the treadmill for an hour with my Ipod, then I cool off with a cold glass of ice tea. Red Rose is my new favorite. Can’t beat the combination – just breathe deep and start over is my motto.

  2. cindy Says:

    I enjoy a small snack while watching Ellen to wind down after a busy day.

  3. Cassandra Says:

    I usually eat some fruits and I drink this great red roibos tea and just unwind to some classical music.

  4. Alisha Says:

    I like to have a nice trail mix of pepitas, cranberries and nuts 🙂

  5. phyllis Says:

    A power walk after work melts the stress away.I often pray as I waik and think about the good in my life.

  6. Barbara Says:

    My guilty pleasure is a lemon italian ice- It is my allergy free treat!

  7. Chere Housefield Says:

    I get up and walk around outside.

  8. Lisa V Says:

    I’m totally addicted to hot jasmine white tea. It perks me right up in the afternoons.

  9. Christina Says:

    Yumpeez sound great. I’d love to try them. I’m also always game for trying new flours. As for taking my week into overtime-first I set aside some time in the morning for prayer and reading my bible to energize myself for long workdays (the pre-game). Then I make sure I have lots of healthy snacks with me. If i eat several snacks and don’t go more than 2 hours without a little something I feel more energized.

  10. Linda B Says:

    When things get hectic I like to take a hour or so and do a crafting project. Letting my creativity flow calms me down.

  11. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Granola with dry fruit, grains, and seeds.

  12. Toby Says:

    An Avocado!! I eat this at work all the time and my co-workers just shake their heads. I swear by them, toppled off with a squirt or two lemon juice. You just know and feel some things are good for you, and this is one! 😀

  13. Tina Says:

    A nice herbal tea and 15 minutes of ME time a day helps me unwind!

  14. jesscia Says:

    A healthy breakfast always makes a big difference. For me some cream of buckwheat or quinoa flakes with nuts and fruit works great and is satisfying. Whenever I reach for the sugary gluten free cereals i’m always left feeling still hungry and not as energetic. For snacks make a goat yogurt and fruit smoothie or snack on some nuts. Also some time in the sunshine always gives me an energy boost!

  15. patricia Says:

    For me, a good long walk or a trip to exercise is the best start for the day! I have never had the chance to try Yumpeez yet, nor the yellow bean flour. Sure would like to try though.

  16. jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless Says:

    any kind of hot coffee or tea helps me! also, dancing!

  17. Tamela Cayward Says:

    At times, a natural energy drink is in order. Other times a cup of hot tea and a bath are a must. A brisk walk, self reiki treatment or some meditation always revive me. 🙂

  18. robin gamache Says:

    in our household we have one 4 year old autistic and an anxiety 8 year old daughter. so when things get hectic i blast the kids music and we all jump and dance and be silly. gets the kids laughing instead of fighting

  19. Lisa Says:

    I always try to drink lots of water so I stay hydrated.

  20. kathy Says:

    I go to the gym with my 16yr old son. Gives us time together and increases energy.

  21. Heather Simmons Says:

    I work out on the elliptical for at least 30 minutes but somdays up to hour and half. I do this at my in-laws and then I sit quietly and watch television without interupption from my five children. Then ready to come home and start supper and things for the evening.

  22. Martha S. Kerr-Burke Says:

    I don’t work and I don’t have children at home but I do have several ways to unwind ! I sometimes look at my e-mail & snack on yogurt,chips,or Cinnabon bars(love them) . I also like to read or work Crossword puzzles to relax. Last but not least,believe it or not, I like to fish(whether or not I catch anything).There’s something very calming about throwing a line in the water and just losing yourself in thought or sometimes day dreams ! I’ve never heard of Yumpeez snacks but they sound tasty and I’ll try anything once !

  23. Liza Vladyka Says:

    I take a nap but DR said no more 🙁 so need to find another pick me up

  24. Kristie Boyd Says:

    I relax in front of the TV at night after both girls have gone to bed. My youngest was just diagnosed with Celiac so any help I can get is great. thank you

  25. Cara Says:

    I try to go for a walk everyday for 30 min and then swim for about 30 min 3 times a week. It helps to keep me energized and refreshed. Oh course maintaining a gluten free diet helps!!! 🙂

  26. Crissy Bremer Says:

    I keep hydrated all day, which helps. I grab short mini-breaks whenever I can and practice deep, relaxing breathing. I also keep focused on the fun I’ll have with my 3 year old son and husband when I get home. Mentally, that really charges me up!

  27. Rebecca Duncan Says:

    I work out two days a week at a weight lifting class early in the morning. It energizes me for the day. I also snack on walnuts and fresh fruit.

  28. Elaine Huntsinger Says:

    I have a glass of water and a piece of fresh fruit, which is banana, apple or orange this time of year.

  29. Cassie Says:

    I make a cup of iced tea then go play some piano. Trying to teach myself new songs, especially Beethovens Sonatas, as a way to relax mind from other stressful things.

  30. cindy Says:

    A little hummus with carrots is my late afternoon snack to keep me going till dinner.

  31. Sharon Says:

    When I pack my lunch in the morning I also pack a snack for when I am driving home from work. I have a snack of raw veggies and sometimes I add a few nuts to hold me over until I get home and get dinner on the table.

  32. kathy Says:

    I hit the gym 4 times a week. Drink lots of water and share wine with friends on occasion.

  33. Mary Gerken Says:

    To calm down a tough day or crazy moment, I like to walk into my husband’s office and give him a big hug a kiss and tell him how much he’s loved. Never can get enough of that! Hugs are good for you, spiritually and physically!

  34. ToCo Says:

    A second chance!! 😀
    An Avocado!! I eat this at work all the time and my co-workers just shake their heads. I swear by them, toppled off with a squirt or two lemon juice. You just know and feel some things are good for you, and this is one!

  35. Mary Ann Osborne Says:

    I wouldn’t make it through one day without praying to God and reading my Bible with a nice big mug of Green Tea.

  36. jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless Says:

    I also pray every night. It helps me relax to fall asleep so I feel a lot better during the day. Writing helps me as well. 🙂

  37. Hillary Heidi Berndt Says:

    I take my dog, Emiol, for an extra long walk and have a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I have a weakness for ice cream.

  38. Alisha Says:

    Exercise is always something that helps keep me active through a hectic work week.

  39. Tina Says:

    I go for a walk with my 3 dogs and chase them around the park! After we get home and I have a cup of jasmine tea while they get water.

  40. patricia Says:

    Some time with God is the best morning time, then a cup of good coffee.

  41. Michie Page Says:

    I usually keep df yogurt or a bag of veggies to snap me out of the 3pm slump. Sometimes we even take a break and go for a little walk.

  42. Christina Says:

    Glad for a second chance to win. When I start getting tired and my energy drops, I get cold. I make a cup of warm tea to re-energize and keep me going through the day. Can’t wait to try the Yumpeez!

  43. gris Says:

    Some cool water or tea and deep breathing to regain focus on the important things and not on the negative things round or those that make me tired

  44. Margoka Says:

    I like to have my green tea with Lara bar.

  45. Liza Vladyka Says:

    coffee and kids

  46. chelsie Says:

    I allow myself some exercise time and I take deep breaths! Especially when my son won’t go to sleep, I take slow, deep breaths hoping it will calm him down too! I’ve recently been diagnosed with a wheat, milk, and soy allergy though so these snacks sound like they would be a good way to hold me over too!

  47. helena Says:

    I meditate nightly and write in my journal every morning. also, reminding myself that all the craziness is for my kids usually does the trick.

  48. jessica Says:

    A nice cup of hot tea or a hot bath with bath salts. Ahhhhh, very relaxing

  49. Lisa V Says:

    Nothing beats a glass a wine and a soak in the hottub when life gets crazy and hectic.

  50. Meredith Says:

    I reach for a yogurt with a few tablespoons of gluten free granola mixed in. Yum!

  51. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have never heard of these snacks and have not seen them in our area! I would love to sample these items as they sound different and yummy!
    To get me through the hectic times during the week I do a few things..I make sure I take my zumba class as it destresses me gives me more energy. I then like to come home and relax with a nice hot bath when time allots!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something and your blog is wonderful!

  52. Denise C. Says:

    I need a pick me up after work. My favorite after-work snack is pumpkin seeds and dried fruit and a glass of water. Then I take our dog for a walk.

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