WIN-It-Wednesday: Eat Right America! 28-Day Challenge – PLUS Bonus $25 Whole Foods Market Gift Card

When visiting the Whole Foods Market in Newtonville, Massachusetts, I got to chatting with Kimberly Ransom, the Healthy Eating Specialist at this store. (For those of you that have never heard of Healthy Eating Specialists they are folks that work in each of the larger Whole Food Markets helping both customers and team members with their goals of reaching the next level of health in terms of their diet.)

During this visit Kimberly got chatting about Whole Foods Market’s new Health Starts Here program that promotes healthy eating and cooking. The foundation of this program is to encouraging eating whole, unprocessed foods; eating a colorful variety of plants; eating healthy fats; and eating nutrient dense foods. All simple basics for those of us on a gluten-free or allergen-free diet.

Kimberly also mentioned to me the Eat Right America 28-day Challenge! which is one of Whole Foods Markets partners that’s supporting their Health Starts Here program. And although the Eat Right America 28-day Challenge! is not specifically designed for those on a gluten-free or allergen-free diet, and may require tweaking to fit your dietary restrictions, it offers common sense approaches to eating and cooking, most of which are naturally free of gluten and other allergens.

She also let me in on a great deal that is being offered only until 03/31/11… Whole Foods Market shoppers can receive an Eat Right America’s free online Nutrition Prescription membership, consisting of a personal nutritional & eating assessment plan which offers guidance for healthy eating. But to get the free Nutrition Prescription, you need to enter Key Code: CERANANTV on the registration page.

The free personalized Nutrition Prescription includes an online:
•    Personal eating analysis and health risk evaluation
•    Daily eating plan
•    28-day step-by-step daily e-mail support that offers pointers and tips
•    60 days of FREE access to the Eat Right America website, which is packed with delicious recipes, instructional videos and much more.

And if you need more creative recipe ideas to jump-start your new healthy eating plan, your local Whole Foods Market also offers Health Starts Here recipes at their stores, or online. (Note the recipes are tagged if they are gluten or allergen free).

So… besides everyone being a winner by receiving a FREE Nutrition Prescription (Remember to enter code # CERANANTV) complements of Whole Foods Market, another LUCKY BeFreeForMe member will be randomly selected to win a $25 Whole Food Market gift card!

How can you win?

To win the $25 gift card reply to this blog and tell us your prescription for good nutrition. Me? A daily dose of veggies, veggies, veggies… and when I think I’ve had enough… more veggies!

All entries must be received by Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 by 11:59PM EST.

Good Luck; Eat, Drink and Cook Merrily & Healthily … and as always,

Be Free!

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52 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Eat Right America! 28-Day Challenge – PLUS Bonus $25 Whole Foods Market Gift Card”

  1. Andrea Says:

    My perscription for good nutrition is: no refined or processed foods, good healthy fats (evoo, coconut oil, butter), meat from “happy” animals (grass-fed; free-range), lots of good vegetables (fermented veggies included!), and limited sweets.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is to eat your calories, not drink them.

  3. Cassandra Says:

    My prescription is to watch what you eat and you are what you eat and what you put in will put out, so with that in mind I eat a lot of veggies and fruits take my vitamins and drink 8 glasses of water daily and not overdo it. I also excercise daily.

  4. cindy Says:

    I try to follow the pyramid guidelines when eating.

  5. Linda Williams Says:

    My RX is eating a variety of nutritous foods prepared in a healthy way; using a whole grain GF flour blend for muffins and flat breads and moderation in all things including my favorite fat, chocolate.

  6. Kat Says:

    My prescription for a heathy body is keeping a lid on carbs for healthy blood sugar, lots of non-starchy veggies and whole foods and avoidance of allergens.

  7. Lisa V Says:

    gluten-free and lots of veggies

  8. Marilyn Kelly Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is lean meats, lots of fish, and fruits and vegetables. Spice thing up with fresh herbs, not salt.

  9. Kim Says:

    My rx for good nutrition is to eat veggies,veggies, and more veggies!! Will fill you up without filling you out!!!!!

  10. Jennifer C Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is sneaking in organic fruits and veggies whenever I can.

  11. Alisha Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition involves exercise and a healthy does of fruits and vegetables 😀

  12. phyllis Says:

    I limit the processed foods in my diet. I eat lots of fruits and vegtabels plain. Saves calories and no gluten.

  13. Patricia Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is cooking healthy, balanced meals and limiting eating out and processed food.

  14. Kathleen Says:

    Lots of protein, fiber, addition of good fats, and minimal junk and processed food.

  15. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Color and being open to try new foods. (forgive my misspellings) Acia, dragonfruit, quicina, and new spices like curry and cumin; all are foods and spices I was not raised on to eat as a child. New foods add that something I never had and may have been missing. Being open to new foods from over the world means having health from over the world.

    Some of the new foods have become favorites with me.

  16. Gina Says:

    My prescription is to eat more vegetables at dinner time and fruits throughout the day. I also limit red meats and eat more beans dishes and fish.

  17. Katina Says:

    My prescription for nutrition is limiting as many processed foods as possible, decreasing unhealthy carbs, increasing vegetables and fruits.

  18. cb Says:

    Every day I try to avoid potatoes, wheat, sugar, shellfish and red meat, while not avoiding fish, veg, salad, 1-2 litres of water or green tea.

  19. Cynthia Says:

    I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies every day. I take a two or three day break from any animal prodoucts each week. Mostly because it makes me feel good and saves money.

  20. ToCo Says:

    Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store (where you find the basics for breads, produce, dairy and meats), avoid the aisles with the processed foods as much as possible!!!!!!!! 😀

  21. Tam Says:

    Eating Gluten-Free and lots of veggies and fruit.

  22. Meredith Says:

    Fruits and veggies with every meal and whole grains (brown rice, gluten free oatmeal, flax added to baked goods).

  23. Hillary Heidi Berndt Says:

    I have finally gotten my nieces and nephews to like dessert at my house. Find the right fruit and suddenly dessert doesn’t have to have chocolate and refined sugar. They really like pummeloes and kiwis right now.

  24. Mary Cowin Says:

    Eat live foods as much as possible, not cooked or processed. Stay away from sugars and fried foods. Grow your own vegetables for great taste!

  25. Eileen Says:

    Cooking healthy, lots of vegetables and fresh fruits.

  26. Theresa Says:

    Vegetables are my go-to prescription for health. I sneak them into everything and then have more on the side always aiming for several servings each day!

  27. Liza767 Says:

    water fruits and veggies

  28. Karen Says:

    My personal prescription is to read every label all the time. Gluten sneaks in there if you are not informed.

  29. Vicky Says:

    I have lost 60 pounds in the last 1 1/2 yrs by keeping a food diary, making me think about my choices, and making sure I get at least 5 servings of vegetables a day. I actually aim for 7 servings of fruits & vegetables, but am sure to get my 5. I have tried several new to me types of vegetables which has broadened my diet.

  30. cindy tetreault Says:

    I eat gluten free, don’t eat after 7:30 pm and always take snacks out of a bag & place on a plate.

  31. Lisa Says:

    I do have a goal to eat more fruits and veggies and get more exercise. I know, it is a common goal but gosh darn lets do it!

  32. sue Says:

    Eating food in moderation and knowing whats in the foods I choose.

  33. Laurie Says:

    Good nutrition comes from eating a variety of naturally wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and so much more. Nature truly provides all that is needed for a healthy life; nothing else is necessary!

  34. Denise C. Says:

    When making choices I try to think plants. If it originates from a plant I can’t go too wrong. Fruits, seeds,(we avoid nuts because of allergies) and vegetables. I try to keep ‘finger vegetables’ cleaned and available, such as carrots, cucumber, grape or cherry tomatoes on hand. It’s too hard to have to clean and peel when I am hungry.

  35. Erin Small Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is to eat what makes me happy and feels good. As long as I am getting loads of exercise, this works great for me!

  36. Tina Says:

    Eat the colors of the rainbow for good nutrition and drink lots of water!!! Meditate or pray daily to cleanse the mind too!

  37. Christina Says:

    I read all the labels to make sure all ingredients are natural and wholesome. Thanks for an opportunity to win a Whole Foods gift card!

  38. patricia Says:

    My RX for healthy eating is lots of exercise and drinking lots of water. I also try adding in lots of nutricious grains and fiber into my flours that I use, plus the many veggies and fruits.

  39. Chelsie Says:

    A well balanced diet! Fruits, veggies, protein, carbs all in the right portion size and plenty of water!

  40. Margaret Thompson Says:

    My RX for eating healthy is eating Gluten Free, using fresh veggies & Fruit, drinking lots of water and taking whole food vitamins along with a good attitude!

  41. Karen Says:

    Eating a healthy,whole foods vegan diet!

  42. Summer Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is a green smoothie every day. It helps me get in extra servings of raw fruit and veggies. I also avoid processed foods and eat according to my blood type 🙂

  43. Cara Says:

    Eat fruit or veggies with every meal and try to do some exercise everyday (not necessarily strenuous just movement)!

  44. Lisa Says:

    Eat balanced meals each day!

  45. andy depeano Says:

    I read all the labels of the food that i buy, i avoid junk food, and eat lots of fruits and drink lots of water to help fill me up, thankyou for giving me a chance to win a whole foods gift card, i love that store!!!

  46. Giovanna Says:


    My prescription for healthy eating consists of water w/lemon with my meals and a couple times a week a glass of red wine. Of course, lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I also add Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar to a large glass of water (a tablespoon) in the AM. Regarding protein, I limit red meat to once every couple of weeks and eat chicken, pork, fish, beans and cheese the rest of the time. Walking is my favorite exercise with laughing as backup. A sense of humor sure does lift the mood and spirit. So, enjoy the simple pleasures and be grateful for all the conveniences; washing machines, dryers, microwaves, the internet. We have so much, appreciate it and this in itself will aid your prescription of healthy living.

    Good health, Good Spirit and Happy Spring to all!

  47. Maria Says:

    According to them I need to eat more of the other vegetables and less white meat. The matter is that
    I cannot eat most of the vegetables that they mention like tomatoes, peas because my body
    does not tolerate them( I am a celiac with multiple food sensitivities).

  48. Theresa Says:

    My prescription is follow my cravings and put veggies into everything. The more the merrier and healthier!

  49. Danielle Says:

    My prescription for healthy eating includes as many fresh, whole foods as possible. It is best to remember that everything can be eaten, if eaten in moderation though. Try and eat the “rainbow” everyday as the different colors provide different nutritional benefits….and don’t forget to drink lots of water!

  50. Stephanie Harter Says:

    The best way to maintain a healthy diet is to find food you love. For me, Garbonzo beans and peas are my favorite so they tend to find their way into every thing I make. Food is a way towards a persons heart. SO you should never stress about what you eat instead try to make every thing from scratch and enjoy cooking. It will make the healthy diet easier to fallow if you have fun in the kitchen.

  51. Michie Page Says:

    Being gluten free can make it hard to get enough fiber. I start my day with oatmeal and add different fruits each morning to keep it from getting boring (my favorites right now are banana flax oatmeal and ginger pear cranberry oatmeal). I also make sure I drink plenty of water.

  52. Kara Says:

    My prescription for good nutrition is balance- eat regularly in reasonable portions, lots of fruits and veggies, and water. Food should taste good, eat what you enjoy, but not in excess.

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