WIN-It-Wednesday: New! KIND Nuts & Spices Bars

This Win-It-Wednesday on BeFreeForMe’s is sponsored by one of my all-time favorite bars …. KIND Bars. I’ve been a fan of KIND Bars for a long time, but just recently tried their newest bars… KIND Nuts & Spices, which are now my all-time favorite variety of them all.

These news bars are an exotic blend of flavors, nestled amongst the nuts and fruit that KIND Bars are famous for. The new flavors are: Madagascar Vanilla & Almond, Cashew & Ginger Spice, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, and my favorite… Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. All are full of surprising spiciness and crunchy nuts.

The dark chocolate in some of these bars make them to die for!

As always this newest addition to the KIND Snacks family are gluten-free, kosher and perfect for a breakfast on the run or for snacking. Plus, all KIND Bars offer the essential nutrients often lacking in gluten free diets including fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin B12.

All these wonderful, healthy and tasty reasons are why I am so thrilled that KIND Snacks is this week’s Win-It-Wednesday sponsor on

A total of two (2) BeFreeForMe members will be selected to win a prize exclusive for this contest on BeFreeForMe. This prize, which is currently not available to purchase, is packed with five bars of EACH of the four KIND Nuts & Spices flavors – Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Cashew & Ginger Spice, Madagascar Vanilla Almond and Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan– for a total of 20 KIND bars (retail value of $42.95). One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST, and one more winners will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, September 26 and Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 11:59 PM. SO – make sure you enter to win two times!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and let us know which new KIND Nuts & Spices Bar sounds best to you. And if you want…. let us know something kind that someone has shared / done for you lately.

Good luck, remember to be KIND … and as always,
Be Free!

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105 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: New! KIND Nuts & Spices Bars”

  1. Jillian Jaworek Says:

    I love kind bars!!! I am a college student at Virginia Tech and eat gluten free! When I am on the go they are a great snack that I know is gluten free and dont have to worry one bit! I love the dark chocolate bars, considering I am addicted to chocolate 😉

  2. Nikki Evans Says:

    I think that the Madagascar Vanilla Almond sounds delicious! I would like to try them and thanks so much for the chance to win. I believe that random acts of kindness are important, but also realizing that someone has done that RAOK is important as well… recently my husband stayed awake for over 32 hours – as he’s working a strange shift right now – just so he could be there to support my daughter in her sports tournament but also because he knew I was uncomfortable driving to the new area because I had never been there before. I think of that as kindness as he could have just went to sleep like I believe he would have loved too…

  3. robin Says:

    I love he dark chocolate kind bars. My son is gluten free and loves the kind bars with dark chocolate. great healthy snack!

  4. Kim Says:

    would love to try the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt! It sounds absolutely yummy!!!! They all sound delicious
    and I know how good they are for you. The one grocery store we have here has the regular Kind bars but not the new Nuts and Spices. Would love to win so I can try them.

  5. Kim Pennington Says:

    All of the new flavors sound super delicious!!

  6. Janet Kearns Says:

    The Cashew and Ginger Spice sounds very good. I currently eat (daily) the Cranberry and Almond which is delicious–they all taste so good you forget they are healthy. Thank you for making such wonderful and healthy products!

  7. Wendy Says:

    The Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt sounds delicious!

  8. Venessa Says:

    The Vanilla Almond flavor sounds good! Although I’d love to try them all. Something kind that has happened, can only think at the store someone let me go ahead of them in line.

  9. Sue Edwards Says:

    I have tried several of them and love them all! Anything with Chocolate is my favorite!!!

  10. Christina Says:

    Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt sounds great! What kind thing someone has done for me? Yesterday my husband heated up dinner for me after work so I could sit and rest after a long day.

  11. Erin Lane Says:

    Dark chocolate cinnamon peacan???! That one sounds best to me. I think it was kind of KIND to make new flavors. So excited!

  12. Theresa Says:

    I am very intrigued by the dark chocolate and sea salt. that combo just sound heavenly. I have not seen any of the new flavors in my area but will now keep an eye out for them to try. KIND bars are the perfect snack to keep in your car, lunch bag, pocket and anywhere you travel. I enjoy them with a cup of coffee for morning snack.

  13. Jessica Says:

    I love kind bars, so does my son. I think the dark choc cinnamon pecan sound amazing as well as the cashew ginger spice. I can’t wait to try them, but haven’t seen them locally yet.

  14. Penny Says:

    The madagascar bar sounds like a perfect snack for all ages

  15. Robyn Pels Says:

    They all sound great, but I think the Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt sounds completely irresistible.
    I love kind bars, and my gluten-free son just tried the dark chocolate peanut butter. He loved it.

  16. Marilyn Says:

    I love all of the kind bars but especially the ones with dark chocolate. I have one every day. I want to try the Madagascar vanilla bar. I hope the stores near me get them soon. My granddaughter goes out of her way to keep me up to date on all the techie stuff. Pretty nice for a 14 yr. old.

  17. Christine S. Says:

    Cashew and Ginger Spice sounds interesting. The KINDness of someone I met at a fitness resort will always be in my heart. This lady helped me take the big steps down off of rocks during some very challenging hikes (I’m 5 feet tall and 64 years young). She gave me her arm time and time again. Thanks Julie.

  18. cindy w. Says:

    The dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt sounds amazing!

  19. Melissa Says:

    madagascar-vanilla-almond sounds fabulous, but they ALL do! I love KIND products

  20. Danielle Says:

    I LOVE kind bars! I really like the almond coconut bars and the cashew ginger. YUM! I’m so lucky the local gluten free store carries them 🙂

  21. Erica D Says:

    I’ve actually had the Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan and it is AMAZING! I want 100 boxes of just this flavor and I’d be happy…at least for a year 🙂

  22. Eileen Says:

    Dark chocolate cinnamon pecan sound good to me.

  23. Mary Cowin Says:

    Dark Chocolate, cinnamon, and pecan sounds delicious!
    Today at jail where I volunteer, I had to use a new way to get from the first to the fifth floor going through several locked doors that are opened remotely by an officer, and going through halls I was not familiar with. A man I work with went with me to make sure I got to where I needed to go. That was a great blessing and made it so much easier!

  24. Chelsie Says:

    Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt! All of them sound delicious though, I would want to try them all!!

  25. Larc Bogdan Says:

    MMMMMM dark chocolate and sea salt sounds YUMMY!!!! Love that they are available at Starbucks so my hubby can have a treat when we have time to go there 🙂

  26. Debi Says:

    Mmmmmm. Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan sounds so good right now my mouth is watering…the others sound good also but those are all favorites of mine all rolled into one bar! Can’t wait to find them in a store.
    My boss goes out of his way to get me a gluten free goodies when doughnuts are brought in for others. Thanks Tom!

  27. Kim Says:

    They all sound scrumptious, but, I would really love to try the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt! That one sounds especially divine!

  28. Pat McElveen Says:

    Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt sounds delicious. I would love to try that and hope my grocery store starts carrying them soon. Kind bars are my favorite snack.

  29. Cara Says:

    The Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan sounds amazing!!!!

  30. Rebecca Says:

    The dark chocolate cinnamon pecan sounds the best to me.

  31. Michelle Says:

    The Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt sounds heavenly! Although it really is not an act of kindness, it is something that touched my heart. A friend from elementary school sent me a message when I posted about what would have been my Mom’s birthday. He told me how fond he was of her and how he still remembers how nicely she treated him as he went through some tough things in his childhood. As sad as I was that she is no longer with us, it was so nice to hear his story about her, knowing how she impacted the lives of others.

  32. Deb Gowlland Says:

    Oh for sure Madagascar vanilla almond! Yum!

  33. Noble West,NSW Music And Media Says:

    I like Kind Bars and don’t mind winning a box of them.I Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter Together like in Goo goo Clusters.

  34. Patty Says:

    I live in a very small town with not much selection for GF products in the stores. We are 2 hours drive to any large city. I have Celiac and am Gluten intolerant. I have not tried these bars before and would LOVE to! My wonderful KIND sister, who has a Huge heart sends me care packages of GF foods via US Mail (she lives in a large city with plenty of selection). She will be coming up to spend Christmas with me and I’d love to be able to share these Bars with her (she is also Gluten intolerant).

  35. Margoka Says:

    I like the dark chocolate pecan flavor. It sounds delicious.

  36. Katheryn Says:

    dark chocolate cinnamon pecan! wow, how did they read my mind!!

  37. cb Says:

    Dark Chocolate with pecans and cinnamon, or nuts and sea salt … hard to choose.

  38. Barbara Says:

    I love them all! Of all the gluten free bars available, I think Kind makes the best.
    There is always one in my bag for those times when there is nothing gluten free to be had.

  39. Kathy Says:

    Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan…. anything dark chocolate!

  40. Kim Says:

    I love Kind bars, all of them and would really love to try the new Nuts and Spice bars. They do not carry them at my local grocery store, just the regular ones.. All of the new flavors sound intoxicating, but I would really love to try the Dark chocolate and Sea salt.

  41. Kelsey Says:

    I love the Dark Chocolate Peanut kind bar, and the Coconut Almond, both remind me of a healthy candy bar! YUM!

  42. Terri Peters Says:

    They all sound great. Chocolate and nuts-how could this be anything but good. Yum!!

  43. amy Says:

    Yeah for KIND bars! They are a survival tool when traveling! The dark chocolate nuts and sea salt sounds delish! Recently the mom of my son’s friend offered to babysit both kids (in addition to her own 2) so that I could seek physical therapy for a back injury. After my first session, she gave me a box of gluten free cookie bars for an extra pick-me up.

  44. Katie Says:

    Sounds like some great new combinations by an already wonderful company. Of the new ones I’d most like to try the cashew & ginger spice.

  45. patricia Says:

    I love the Kind bars that are out now, but the Madagascar, vanilla & almond sounds good also.

  46. Denise C. Says:

    I love the taste of ginger so the cashew & ginger spice sounds delicious to me!

  47. Heidi Says:

    Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt sounds delicious! Kindness someone has done for me lately… my mother-in-law watched my son for me while I had work and hubby was at class… not only did she watch our son/her grandson but made a homemade gluten free dinner to go for all of us, a great gift on a long day!

  48. Francine Says:

    Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecans…Always go for the chocolate!!

  49. Stacey Says:

    Dark Chocolate Nuts with Sea salt sounds yummy! My womder partner helped me prepare tomatoes for canning last night. What a guy.

  50. Kathi Says:

    Enjoy KIND Bars – sweet and salty sounds great with Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt but I also love vanilla so would love to try Madagascar Vanilla & Almond. I am always looking for bars to take along with me as finding something GF to eat while traveling or running errands can be difficult.

  51. Amy Says:

    The dark chocolate cinnamon pecan sounds AMAZING!!!! I actually was just eating a peanut butter and chocolate Kind bar when I found this post! Yummy!

  52. jill Says:

    The dark chocolate with sea salt sounds wonderful, but the others don’t sound too bad either! I’m looking forward to trying them all!

  53. Jessica Says:

    Kind bars have soy lecithin in them!

  54. Tish Says:

    YUMMY!!! They all sound so good. I live in a small mountain community and have never tried these bars before. Finding a good selection of GF foods is sometimes difficult. With Fall in the air, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan sounds wonderful! I would love to try them all.

  55. Brandi Wright Says:

    They all sound really delicious, but if I have to choose one I will go w/Madagascar Vanilla & Almond.

  56. angie Says:

    dark chocolate with pecans and cinnamon,
    i would love to have this gift, to give to my husband, right now he is working 3 jobs so i can stay home with kids, and to go back to school,
    with one of his part time jobs, he either has to take his lunch, or go for a salad at a fast food, since he has given up gluten for me, (i am unable to eat gluten) when i was told i was allergic he said he would also go gluten free. it is costy for the products, but the way you feel after you eat is priceless. he is a firefighter captain, and a school bus driver, and helps his friend put up garage doors.
    thank you and have a wonderful day and safe week

  57. Suzanne R Says:

    My current favorite Kind bar is dates and walnuts, but I’d love to try the new ones. Dark chocolate cinnamon and pecan sounds fantastic.

  58. Karen Says:

    Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt and dark chocolate with pecans and cinnamon or…..pretty much any of them? I love KIND bars. I have a KIND sticker on my truck window (small) and that’s saying something because I don’t put bumper stickers on my rigs. Just so love your products. I still want one of the original T shirts you gave to vendors… Love it and would wear it proudly. The ones you sell aren’t the same….sigh…but yes, I have one. LOL.

    The people I work with are always making my day with small acts of kindness. They rock! Osborn Aquatic Center really is the best!!! The other morning I arrived to teach my 8:00 am class and the lifeguard saw me head to find a stool and said she would get it which freed me up to go get the equipment out for the class. Just a small thing but it made a difference in my day and reminded me we all work as a team and I am so pleased and happy with that. Another teammate told me of a ‘fair’ being held last weekend on health and different modalities of treatment. I have chronic Lyme disease and that was sweet. I went and it was worth the time. One woman I work with keeps a stash of ’emergency chocolate’ in her drawer for ‘those days’. If I win, I will change that stash out to KIND bars!!!!!!!!!!! Then everyone can access them in an ’emergency’!!!! It really is the little things in life that make a huge difference in the quality of our days.

    Keep it up KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Marcey Says:

    I think I would like to try Cashew & Ginger Spice. That sounds very different and exotic. Something kind that someone has done for me lately………………today someone gave me a crib mattress to replace mine which fell apart from my 5th baby boy jumping up an down on it (he’s one).

  60. Michelle Says:

    Dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt! Reminds me to always be kind, sweet, and try to avoid rubbing salt in a bad situation!!

  61. Pam Says:

    The dark chocolate and sea salt sounds wonderful. I had KIND bars for the first time at the Computers and Writing conference last May at NC State. As someone with celiac who’s also sensitive to soy, traveling for conferences (I’m a doctoral student in rhetoric and composition) is always a challenge, and I frequently find myself eating bars for “meals.” I’m looking forward to the new flavors.

  62. elohimito Says:

    Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt sounds amazing!

  63. Martha Russell Says:

    Since I like all the kind bars now, I would really like to try these new flavors. They all sound delicious!!
    I especially enjoy how easy the kind bars are to find when traveling!!

  64. Nancy Says:

    Yum … they all sound delicious. I think I’d especially like the Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan! Tho the Madagascar Vanilla and Almond sounds delish!

  65. Cindy Moore Says:

    Both my daughter and I have been diagnosed with Celiac just within the last year and we always eat Kind bars. I love them all, but Dark Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla, sounds terrific. Also just purchased a groupon to purchase lots of Kind Bars and send to my daughter while away at College. My daughter over the past few weeks has formed a group of students with allergeies and is trying to get the college to bring in more gluten free products like Kind.

  66. CJ Says:

    Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan! Oh most certainly. I love picking up nut-bars and snacks, especially KIND, and I rarely can with the tight budget I’m on — but it reminds me of when I was a kid, wandering into Trader Joe’s by the beach in Southern California. I always got to pick a granola bar.

    Now, as a student, I still feel like a little kid when I wander into a grocery and look at their cereal bars and chocolate. And I’m so grateful that, since I was diagnosed celiac, I can eat KIND bars!

  67. Emily Stone Says:

    they all sound good to me but the one that sounds best is the madagascar vanilla and almond

  68. Cheryl Says:

    Definitely can’t go wrong with the Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt. Sweet and Salty is always a win. I love the other dark chocolate bars…..can’t wait for more to choose from……who needs all those bad for you candy bars anyway!! 😉

  69. Debbie Says:

    All love all the flavors of Kind bars I have tried. I also try to have a bar of some type on kind for busy days. Thanks foe the chance

  70. Phyllis Says:

    I really like kind bars.One of the best gf snacks you can buy.I would like to try the madagascar vanilla &almond.

  71. Gayle Says:

    Have not heard of these bars but I will be checking them out-I need soy free and gluten free and the soy free gives me the most trouble when trying to find pre-packaged items. The flavors sound delicious!

  72. Katie Says:

    I think the Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan kind sounds the best! Something kind that happened to me just yesterday was my husband got me an iPhone and then spent a few hours setting it all up for me with apps, email, music, and pictures. 🙂

  73. Kim Says:

    Would love to try them all as they all sound scrumptious !! But, if I have to pick one, it would be the Dark Chocolate Nuts with Sea Salt!! It sounds decadent!!!

  74. Susan Says:

    Can’t wait to try the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Kind bar!

  75. Janice Says:

    Love the dark chocolate!!!!!!!!!

  76. Amy Avery Says:

    I just recently saw a sign for KIND bars at one of my local grocery stores so I am looking forward to trying all of the flavors before I pick a favorite. Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt will be my 1st choice. Maybe I could mention it to one of my parents at school. She loves to surprise me with gluten-free treats when she comes in at lunchtime. She even brought me a g-free pepperoni pizza the 1st day of school cause Monday is always pizza day!

  77. Michelle Says:

    Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt – takes care of both sweet and salty cravings in one delicious bar!!

  78. Veronica Says:

    Madagascar vanilla & almond!!!!! Yum

  79. Veronica Says:

    Madagascar vanilla n almond!!!!! Yum

  80. Colleen Says:

    Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt

  81. Erin Lane Says:

    Still dark chocolate pecan.

  82. jill Says:

    I had a Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt yesterday. All I can say is OMG! Loved it! Can’t wait to try them all.

  83. Christine S. Says:

    Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt–three of my favorite things. Still like the Cashew and Ginger Spice too. Kindness? Once I started looking I noticed all kinds of nice things people do for each other. Yesterday, my husband took our little dog Bear for an extra walk so I could relax in a hot bath.

  84. Kelly Says:

    I love every KIND bar I’ve ever tried and can’t wait to try these new flavors, especially the cashew and ginger spice because it sounds so perfect with some pumpkin flavored coffee on a cool fall afternoon! My “kind” act is sharing such healthy eating habits with my teenage daughters…we’re all gluten free so finding healthy but also yummy treats like KIND bars can be a struggle:)

  85. dru brangwin Says:

    I think that cashew and ginger sounds great and ill be on the look for it when it hits the shelves.

  86. Denise C. Says:

    Would love to try any of these bars. They all sound delicious!

  87. Denny Says:

    I LOVE the KIND Granolas, too! I think I would have to agree with you that the dark chocolate with nuts and sea salt would be to die for. Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. Colleen Says:

    My husband bought me a KIND bar to try for the first time about 2 months ago. I really enjoyed it. It was just the nut kind bar. I lwould love to try the other flavors but haven’t seen them in the grocery store so will have to check out some other places.

  89. desirej75 Says:

    Oh I think the new Madagasscar Vanilla and Almond sounds …. I cannot wait! I have just discovered your products and have enjoyed them greatly. Even my picky 8 year old will eat one because of the chocolate. Thank you.

  90. Deb Gowlland Says:

    Madagascar Vanilla and Almond would still be my flavor of choice!

  91. Venessa Says:

    2nd entry

  92. Nancy Oakes Says:

    The dark chocolate and sea salt is a good flavor. These bars are so perfect for especially those of us who eat gluten free foods. It isn’t bland like many others I have tried. I pass on any good foods I learn about to my sister, newly diagnosed with celiac, or anyone else who has trouble with gluten, or just anyone, because they are just darn good.

  93. Nancy Oakes Says:

    The dark chocolate win sea salt is my favorite. Eating gluten free isn’t so bad when you can have these snacks available, and I recommend all the good foods I find to my sister who is newly diagnosed with celiac.
    Love these bars,

  94. Wayne Oakes Says:

    Dark chocolate with any kind of nuts are my favorite. They are great snacks when you are trying to eat healthy.

  95. kasey Says:

    The cashew/ginger sounds awesome……fingers crossed!!!

  96. Kim Says:

    I love Kind bars!!! Would love to win the new Nuts and Spices!! They all sound scrumptious, but I f I had to pick one flavor it would be the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt. This one just sounds absolutely decadent.

  97. patricia Says:

    I love the Kind bars and the new flavors all sound good to me.

  98. Cara Says:

    One thing kind that someone has done for me is to let me use their new MacBook Pro to do all my homework on since my computer is older and doesn’t work as well.

  99. Kim Says:

    They all sound yummy, but if I have to pick one that I would most like to try, it would have to be the
    Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt. This one just sounds absolutely decadent!!! If I win , I can then share them with my brother, who is hypoglycemic, and needs to keep healthy snacks with him at all times. Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. Lynda N. Says:

    Today is my first day to be on this site. All of the Kind bars sound wonderful!! It’s hard to pick just one. I’ll say the Cashew Ginger sounds tempting today. I can’t wait to check this site out every day!

  101. Debbie Says:

    I would love to try flavors I have not yet tried. Not many stores around me sell Kind bars

  102. Noble West,NSW Music And Media Says:

    I would like to try the Chocolate peanut Butter Kind Bar if they make them.It is a flavor i got used to when i was a kid in the 60’s.

  103. Heather Says:

    The Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt or Madagasscar Vanilla and Almond bars sound amazing! Kind bars are the best snacks!

  104. Susan Says:

    Madagasacar Vanilla and Almond. I love vanilla!!! But all the flavors sound great!

  105. kera bell Says:

    I would like the dark chocolate and nuts and sea salt flavor

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