Win-It-Wednesday: Navitas Naturals Chocolate-Lovers Prize Pack

Yes… I am coo-coo for cacao. In fact you could dub me a “Super-Chocoholic” since I am one of those people who will find a way to squeeze  some of this superfood’s goodness into my smoothies, snack time and even meal-time too! And if you are a Super-Chocoholic too … this Win-It-Wednesday is for you!

Navitas Naturals, the maker of the finest organic superfoods that increase energy and enhance health, is the sponsor of this Win-It-Wednesday on

Navitas makes a whole line of superfood products that are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, raw and vegan. Some of the products they make are powders for smoothies (can you say “yum” to Pomegranate Powder, Acai Powder or Goji Berry Powder?), dried berries and fruits (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried one of Navitas Dragon Fruit Slices!), trail mixes and snacks.

But, my all-time favorite Navitas products are one’s made with cacao. Cacao (often confused with cocoa) is a pure, raw form of chocolate. And I love it. It is packed with magnesium and one of the world’s best sources of antioxidants. I love the intense, pure chocolate taste of cacao over processed chocolate.

That’s why I am thrilled that for this Win-It-Wednesday, Navitas Naturals has graciously offered the BeFreeForMe Super-Chocoholics a chance to win a super-duper chocolaty prize pack full of their three most popular superfood cacao products: Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder and the Cacao Goji Power Snacks.

Two (2) lucky BeFreeForMe members will be the winners of this cacao-licious prize pack! One winner will be randomly selected from all comments / entries received before Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST), and a second winner will be selected from all comments / entries received between Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM (EST) and Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST).

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us the superfood product that Navitas Naturals makes that looks the best to you (how easy is that?)! Good luck, remember to be super and remember to be strong… and as always…

Be Free!

Follow Navitas on Facebook and Twitter for news, updates, and special offers!

P.S. Navita’s products are also perfect for those that are on the Paleo Diet too.

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51 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Navitas Naturals Chocolate-Lovers Prize Pack”

  1. julie Says:

    I would like the goji berries

  2. jessica Says:

    I already love the cocoa powder, but would love to try the other products as well I am sure they are just as awesome.

  3. Deb Gowlland Says:

    The cacao nibs sound delicious!

  4. Chelsie Says:

    I’d love to try the cacao goji power snacks! I’m a chocoholic as well and have to have chocolate everyday!

  5. Melissa Says:

    the power snacks look really good!

  6. Linda Williams Says:

    Oh, I want the cacao powder for fudge or brownies or smoothies. Yum! Chocolate is my 5th food group, LOL.

  7. scorekeeper Says:

    I’m really looking forward to trying these products with Cacao!

  8. Theresa Says:

    The cocoa goji snacks look best to me although being a chocolate fan myself I would live them all. I am sad to say I have never had a cocoa nib so I would be so excited to win this and most likely get hooked on its goodness.

  9. Forress Says:

    I would really like to try the Nibs and the snacks most of all. But then I am sure that I can find some thing to cook using the powder also. Looking forward to these samples.

  10. Neda Says:

    Wow, this is new to me! First time hear about it. Maybe starting with Cacao Nibs!
    I mostly get cacao powder or 90% chocolate instead of other types, much better!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    It was hard to choose one since thy make so much yummy looking stuff so I chose this one Cacao Liquor/Paste

  12. Tawny Says:

    I can only eat vegan chocolate due to allergies. I have been wanting to try this brand. I could make so much out of this fine chocolate.

  13. Jaclyn Horne Says:

    Cacao nibs!

  14. Michelle Says:

    Cacao Nibs!! I am working on reducing my sugar intake and am a HUGE chocoholic, I LOVE these!!

  15. Venessa Says:

    The Cocoa Goji Power Snacks sound the best to me. Yum!

  16. Francine Says:

    I would love to try the cacao nibs!

  17. cindy w. Says:

    The Dragon Fruit Slices sound wonderful. I have not tried any of their products yet. Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. Cassie DeCristofaro Says:

    The top pick for me from their website would be the cacao products. as stated in on products despcription it is like double dark chocolate. I love the 96% dark chocolate and let it melt in my mouth. it has almost no affect on blood sugars and is a delcious long lasting dessert. the ways it can be used in gluten free recipies will be helpfull and healthy with its magnesium and antioxidents.

  19. Christina Says:

    I already love the cacao nibs sprinkled over fresh fruit!! Can’t wait to try the Cacao Goji snacks.

  20. TXEdie Says:

    All the Navitas Naurals oridycts sound delicious, but the powders that go into smoothies are the most interesting to me. If I were fortunatae enough to win the package, I would entheusiastically analyze each product while trying to declare a favorite! 😉

  21. Margoka Says:

    Cacao, goji power snacks is my choice.

  22. Eileen Says:

    The Cacao Gobi snacks sound good to me.

  23. Rhonda Says:

    I love cacao powder and nibs!

  24. CJ Says:

    Cacao Nibs, or the Mulberries! although everything Navitas makes has always made me want to spend over my food budget. ^_^

  25. Kim Pennington Says:

    I wold love to try it all but the nibs sounds wonderful!

  26. Susan M Says:

    Love their Cacao nibs! Can’t wait to try their other products!

  27. Tawny Says:

    Cacao goji power snacks would be my first pick. They all look great.

  28. Susan M Says:

    Can’t wait to try their Cacao Goji snacks

  29. tomi Says:

    The 3 berry cacao cashew trial mix sounds very good to me, it has three of my favorites; berries, chocolate and nuts!

  30. Olivia Says:

    Cacao Sweet Nibs!

  31. Barb C Says:

    I’ve never heard of these but would love to try the Cacao nibs.

  32. Danielle B Says:

    The cacao nibs sounds om nom! I definitely need to try it 🙂

  33. Dorlaine Simmons Says:

    I had the hardest time deciding what product appealed to me most. I thought you said this would be easy lol. After careful consideration I decided on the Maqui Powder. The benefits sound like what I’m looking for.

    I would like to try everything at least once and I know my daughter would love the Noni strips along with the coconut milk..

  34. Rogene Robbins Says:

    They all look good do me, but I guess I would have to say the cacao nibs. I haven’t tried them yet.

  35. scorekeeper Says:

    Pomegranate Powder would be a great addition to my smoothie in the morning 🙂

  36. Christine S. Says:

    I’ll start with the pomegranate powder as a favorite. These products sound fantastic for all of us health-conscious gluten-free-ers. Of course anything chocolate will be a go-to.

  37. cindy w. Says:

    The Cacao Nibs sound great.

  38. Tawny Says:

    The cacao goji power snacks is what I want to try first. But I would be thrilled to have any of their products. They look great and oh so sweet!

  39. julie Says:

    I would like to try the coconut palm sugar

  40. Karen Says:

    What’s a girl to do…..can’t decide between the powders to add to smoothies or the coco nibs but in the end, the nibs will win. Coco always does…………

  41. Christina Says:

    Cacao goji snacks!!

  42. Neda Says:

    I like to try these, seems yummy! maybe Cacao nibs this time.

  43. Kristen Says:

    The cacao nibs look yummy!

  44. Amy Castleberry Says:

    My FAVORITE are the Cacao Goji superfood snacks! Mmmm mmmm delicious!

  45. Venessa Says:

    2nd entry- I’d still like to try the cocoa goji power snacks. 🙂

  46. Melissa Says:

    Cacao nibs, chia seeds, and the lip balm look especially good to me!

  47. Kim L Says:

    I would like the cocao

  48. Sylvia lombera Says:

    The cacao looks so delicious! I would love to try it.

  49. ANDY DEPEANO Says:


  50. Kim L Says:

    cocao nibs please

  51. Yulia McKnight Says:

    I put cocao nibs on my low fat ice cream as a “healthier” treat!

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