Win-It-Wednesday: Club House Gluten-Free Gravy Mixes & Baking Products

Good Gravy! It’s tough being gluten-free for the holidays. All the baking, the roasts, the turkeys, the fixings… it can leave a gluten-free gal like me wondering when holiday cooking and baking will get easier and more convenient.

Well wonder no more. Thankfully, Club House has recently come out with some gluten-free products to make our holidays… and our lives a heck of a lot easier. Thank you, Club House!

The gluten-free products that Club House has recently come out with are the Brown Gravy, the Turkey Gravy, Rice Flour, Potato Starch and Minute Tapioca. It’s also important to note that Club House, which is McCormick Canada – the largest spice, dry sauce, seasoning extract and specialty food operation in Canada – has become one of the growing number of companies that has become certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) with the introduction of this line of gluten-free products (which will be available at grocery stores across North America).

I love the new gravy mixes. Why? They taste great, and they help me make my holidays meal prep a lot more simple. Gluten-free folks everywhere can now enjoy gravy on their Thanksgiving turkey or holiday roasts without all the fuss, mixing, whisking and lumps. These gravies also contain no artificial colors and flavors, and have 25% less sodium than the Club House original gravies.

The flours are awesome too. Want to try some chewy and fudgy Gluten-Free Brownies? Then grab a bag of Club House Potato Starch and get baking. How about making some Classic Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookies and packaging them up in a gift basket with an assortment of teas for a thoughtful, yet thrifty, gluten-free gift idea; or for a quick and easy dessert for a weekday (because desserts should not be reserved for special occasions only!) try making some Gluten-Free Tapioca Pudding with Club House’s Minute Tapioca.

The convenience of the Club House gluten free gravy mixes and the ease in baking-up gluten-free classic desserts are why I am so excited and thankful that this Win-It-Wednesday on is sponsored by Club House.

A total of FOUR (Yes… 4!) BeFreeForMe members will be selected to win a prize pack containing the Club House Gluten-Free Gravy Mixes (both the brown gravy and the gravy for Turkey), Minute Tapioca, Potato Starch and the Rice Flour. This prize pack is bursting at the gluten-free seams with holiday goodness! Two (2) winners will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST; Two (2) more winners will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, November 6 and Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 11:59. SO make sure that you enter to win two times!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us one thing (even the simpliest thing) that you are thankful for. (Me? I am thankful for the happy, cheery and smiling gal that serves me every day at my local coffee shop. Through thick, or thin, her smile is always there!)

Good luck, be mindful of and thankful for those little things… and as always…
Be Free!

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53 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Club House Gluten-Free Gravy Mixes & Baking Products”

  1. Larc Says:

    I am thankful for the fact that there are now so many gluten free options! When my husband first discovered he was gluten intolerant, we had to make everything from scratch or just not eat certain things. So much has changed!

  2. Carri Breze Says:

    I am thankful for my husband, who is an active duty Marine, who lives in another city, but drives home 3.5 hours to see us every weekend, and never complains!

  3. Carri Breze Says:

    I am thankful for my dog, Peanut Butter. He is always happy to see me and will nap with me anytime I want!

  4. Deb Gowlland Says:

    I am so thankful for my family…and coffee!!! 😉

  5. julie Says:

    I am thankful for 2 healthy kids

  6. tomi Says:

    I’m thankful for a job that I love and enjoy going to everyday!

  7. Forress Says:

    I am thankful that one of my daughters, her husband, and my grandson have been able to move closer to me. Also thankful that after 10 plus years my sister and her husband have moved back to the local area. It is going to be a GREAT Thanksgiving.

  8. Susan M Says:

    I am thankful for my family.

  9. diane bruckner Says:

    i am thankful for everyday that i get up and feel good after finding out i have to be gluten free i felt sorry for myself but realized that everyday is a gift and there are a lot of people who are worse off than me and its not the end of the world.

  10. Pat J Says:

    I am thankful for my health and my family.

  11. Rhonda Polston Says:

    I am thankful that with each passing generation society gets a little more tolerant of diverse life-styles. It’s not a choice…. It’s how God made us.

  12. Theresa Gates Says:

    I am thankful that I woke up this morning. I am never promised a tomorrow.

  13. Neda Says:

    I am thankful for being healthy! With out health, many things are impossible or not pleasurable.
    Thank you for your blog 🙂

  14. Eileen Says:

    I am thankful for being healthy and for family.

  15. Katheryn Says:

    I am thankful for all the blessings in my life, most recently, I had the priviledge to rescue a sweet Schnauzer! He is such a joy, I could not have found a better pet. I am glad he found me!

  16. cindy w. Says:

    I am thankful for my health. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Melissa Says:

    I am thankful that I am healthy for the most part! As are my family and friends!

  18. Sylvia lombera Says:

    So thankful for health and family.

  19. Stacey Says:

    I am thankful every day for my family, my home and my job. Whenever I feel down or wish things in my life were different, I remind myself to cherish the basics and know I am fortunate to have what I do.

  20. Margoka Says:

    I’m thankful to be able to shop at the local Co-op, buying organic food.

  21. Lisa Says:

    I am so thankful for my family and my wonderful church family!

  22. Tammy Roberts Says:

    I am thankful for my family. No matter what else is going on, I can always count on their support. Thank you for a chance at a terrific prize.

  23. Carol Asher Says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful and friends and that we
    Live in a country with the freedom we enjoy.
    I am thankful for our military who fight for that freedom.
    I am thankful that so much has progressed for those who have Celiac disease or sensitivity, that we are able to control it with diet and not be on drugs or medical equipment, and that so much more is available for the gluten free diet.
    I am thankful for the treatment available to family and friends and others to fight diseases such as Cancer.
    I am thankful to be alive to enjoy my family.

  24. Barbara Says:

    I am thankful for my beautiful family and good health

  25. Tonya G Says:

    I am thankful for this website and others, to help me with finding new products. I have two children diagnosed this year with celiac and we live in a small area with not a lot to choose from.

  26. Jan H Says:

    I’m thankful to know what was causing my problems and to be able to take care of it with diet.

  27. Terry Says:

    I am grateful for GF gravy. My Thanksgiving meals have been lost without it

  28. Linda Williams Says:

    I am grateful for sunshine shining on fallen leaves in my yard, so very pretty and the next door children who rake them for me.

  29. Christina Says:

    I am thankful for my family and friends.

  30. Donna R. Says:

    I am thankful for my family, friends, and my 2 little dogs.

  31. Donna Says:

    I am thankful for GF websites (like this one) that assist me to feel better and better!

  32. cb Says:

    Thankful for every time I mess up and use gluten by mistake so that I know what to avoid.

  33. Joyce Breisch Says:

    I am thankful that by learning to be gluten free my health has improved, I am very thankful for my wonderful, supportive husband, and all members of my special family from my 93 year old mother to my 2 precious grandchildren!!

  34. Todd Says:

    I am thankful I have a job, having been laid off twice in the last 3 years makes me grateful to wake up every day and have a place to clock in.

  35. Christine Says:

    I am thankful for my husband who helps me make new recipes and meal changes so that I don’t have to make 3 different meals avery night ( gluten free, dairy free and regular meals).

  36. Kim Pennington Says:

    I am thankful for my new little grandson….he has already brought such joy to our family.

  37. Deborah Knaack Says:

    I am thankful for; a working mind, having a house to live in, central heat, church, friends, husband, pets, food, coffee, hot & cold running water and faith.

  38. sherry bracy Says:

    I am thankful for each day that i am still here to see my grandkids grow., and hopefully be around to see them become adults with thier own children!

  39. Tiffany Says:

    I am thankful for my family and friends and there are products that’s are gluten free for my little girl to eat

  40. Michelle Says:

    Everyday I wake up and I am thankful I am here for another day! I have had 2 too many close calls to let my thinking be any other way!

  41. Tammy Says:

    I am thankful for my family and church friends that have supported us as my husband is facing a job loss this month.

  42. Neda Says:

    Thankful for being healthy & have a good family.

    Also thankful to you for your blog!

  43. cindy w. Says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful children and grandchildren.

  44. patricia Says:

    I am thankful for all the advances that have taken place in the celiac world.

  45. Christine S. Says:

    I am thankful for my grandson’s cute little nose that he uses to give his Grammy Eskimo kisses.

  46. Erin Says:

    I’m thankful for my mother. I am disabeled and often in too much pain to cook. She not only cooks for me but now has to make seperate meals so that I can eat gluten-free while the rest of the family doesn’t. This is a lot of extra work for her and I appericiate all she does for me.

  47. Dominique M. Says:

    I am thankful for my boyfriend. We are saving our money right now to get married. He’s the love of my life and my best friend. I’m so thankful for him because he keeps me from stressing out about little things. No matter how sad or angry or hungry I get he’s always there to make me laugh. He’s there to make me feel beautiful, strong, sexy, but most important I feel complete. And thank you for this site for without it I would never know what to feed the love of my life 🙂 and they do say the way to a mans heart is his stomach, so I’m thankful for your help 🙂

  48. Susan M Says:

    I am happy for supportive friends and family!

  49. Susan M Says:

    I am thankful for supportive friends and family.

  50. Rhonda Polston Says:

    Thankful for my Boys (dogs) Nothing says “love you” more than wild wagging tails and a face full of puppy dog kisses 🙂

  51. Celine Girouard Says:

    I am thankful for my 3 kids and husband who really make me happy.

  52. Susan M. Says:

    I am thankful for and proud of my daughters who just got into the National Honor Society

  53. Christina K. Says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful family who has always supported me.

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