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New Orleans’s Saint’s QB: Drew Brees is Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Looks like Drew Brees, the winning quarterback of Super Bowl XLIV, won’t be on the front of a Wheaties box anytime soon.

Brees is allergic to wheat & gluten, as well as eggs and dairy.

Full of spirit and spunk, this winning quarterback is a role-model in showing those with food allergies and intolerances what can be achieved with determination and persistence.

So I got to thinking… what does a gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free sports superstar eat? With a little research I found a Sports Illustrated article from January 2007 that details a typical nongame day meal plan that Drew may eat. It looks something like this:

7:30 a.m. Two wheat- and gluten-free waffles or pancakes. Four strips bacon or two links sausage. Side of corn grits or potato hash browns. A peach, pear or four slices of cantaloupe or honeydew.

Mid-morning (postworkout) AdvoCare recovery shake. About 10 ounces and 230 calories, it’s vitamin-packed and high in soy protein. He drinks a second shake in the afternoon after the Saints practice.

2 p.m. Grilled chicken breast or grilled redfish fillet with a side of rice or green beans. Or shrimp and sausage gumbo.

7 p.m. “I love the New Orleans flavor,” says Brees. “We go out a lot.” A typical restaurant order: turtle soup, shrimp rémoulade and fried green tomatoes, green beans, spinach or broccoli. At home Brittany often makes wheat- and gluten-free pasta with marinara sauce, with a soyburger chopped in it. “She’s big on soy products,” says Brees. “I’ll have soy milk, soy yogurt, soybeans.”

9 p.m. XanGo mangosteen fruit-based juice. “I just take it out of the fridge and chugalug three ounces. It’s supposed to have a lot of antioxidants.”


Drew, cheers and congratulations from the whole gluten-free and allergen-free community on your super Super Bowl win!

Enter To WIN! Sweet Solutions for Valentine’s Day: Cherrybrook Kitchen & Shelley Case Giveaway (plus $1.50 OFF!)

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cherrybrook Kitchen, the Sweet Solution for Food Allergies, and Shelley Case the author of “The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” has teamed up to offer BeFreeForMe members a chance to win one of five super sweet solution gift-packs!

The gift-pack includes a copy of “The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” . This book has been my bible when it comes to seeking solutions to living gluten-free. It is a must-have for anyone who has been diagnosed with celiac disease.

Also included is a Cherrybrook Kitchen variety pack with six all-natural baking mixes & ready-to-eat cookies that are free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, nuts & eggs! Plus they are vegan, kosher, contain no artificial colors or flavors and they are Feingold Association approved. The six products in the variety pack are: yellow cake mix, chocolate cake mix, pancake & waffle mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, chocolate frosting mix and ready-to-eat vanilla graham cookies.

And just to sweeten the deal even more, Cherrybrook Kitchen is including these bonus items in the prize pack: Two (one blue and one pink) Cup-a-Cake cupcake holders, unique containers that will hold a frosted cupcake in such a way that the cupcake will not move within the container if jiggled or turned upside down; a 28-ounce Cherrybrook Kitchen water bottle, plus a copy of Kyle Dine’s CD, “ You Must Be Nuts” the first music CD that is dedicated to helping children with food allergies by delivering upbeat and catchy music that encourages them to learn about dealing with food allergies in a fun way!

How can you win one of these five (5) super sweet solution prize packs?


Reply to this blog and tell us what solution, answer or discovery you have found since being gluten or allergen-free. (Me? Meeting someone else with celiac disease or food allergies turns a stranger into a friend!)

All entries must be received by Valentine’s Day – Sunday, 02-14-10 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck, seek out sweet solutions… and as always,

Be Free!

P.S. Bonus! Until 02-28-10 enter coupon code BEFREE at check-out and get $1.50 OFF each Cherrybrook Kitchen item… now is the time to give these yummy products a try!

Friday Favorite: Gin Gin’s Ginger Candies

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

When I am on the go & traveling to and fro, I like to grab a handful of Gin-Gin’s Ginger Candies and throw them in my bag.

I love the spicy & fresh taste of the ginger. My favorites are the hard candies or the soft chews since they are wrapped in their own individual wrapper and so easy to transport. But I am also a huge fan of the sweet, yet spicy, crystallized ginger too.

I like the fact that they have a whole gluten-free section on their website, and also offer tons of products like spreads, syrups and sauces… all made with, you guessed it, ginger!

They say that ginger has medicinal purposes. Fondly called the “potion of motion” ginger has been known as a soothing remedy for any type of motion sickness. Ginger has also been linked to helping with nausea, nixing pain and also promoting digestion.

But beware Gin-Gin candies are addictive. Once you try them you’ll be a fan for life.

Win-It-Wednesday: Little Bay Baking Company

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday’s sponsor is Little Bay Baking Company, a company that was started with one simple idea – to produce a gluten-free & casein-free line of products that provide celiacs and others with a gluten or wheat intolerance with foods that “taste like you remember”.

Plus, all of the Little Bay Baking items are also lactose, peanut and nut free too.

The Founder of Little Bay Baking, Helen Sanders, is on a gluten-free diet herself, and understands the challenges of living with food allergies and intolerances. Over the past 30 years Helen has reinvented her family’s favorite baking recipes into gluten and casein free versions so that her whole family, as well as celiacs everywhere can enjoy them.

Some of my favorite baking mixes from Little Bay Baking are the awesome corn bread mix that goes perfect with my homemade chili, and the donut-hole mix that is as good as your local donut-shops when sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar!

The Little Bay Baking Mixes have also been awarded the Celiac Sprue Association Seal of Recognition. The mixes are now available in over 100 stores including Whole Foods and on line at They offer monthly specials (this month the special is 15% off the Yellow Cake Mix) and free shipping on all orders over $30. 

And for those of you that like to cook from scratch, Little Bay also is an authorized distributor of Expandex modified tapioca starch.

For this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday, Little Bay Baking is offering TWO (Yes… 2!) lucky BeFreeForMe members a “Get Acquainted Package” of baking mixes. This sampler includes 1 bag each of Pumpkin Bread, Waffle/Donut, Corn Bread, Yellow Cake, Cookie Bar and All Purpose Breakfast Mixes.

How can you win?!


Reply to this blog and tell us what your favorite gluten-free, nut-free, casein-free, etc. family recipe/meals/treats are… (Mine? Pesto… on anything… chicken, pasta, you name it!)

Entries must be received by Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 12:00 Midnight – EST.

Good luck, Here’s to the favorites… and as always,

Be Free!

Fabulous Finds & Friends: Part 2

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Along with finding some fantastic products at my local celiac support group’s winter meeting this past weekend, I also met some fabulous people too. Many thanks again to all of the BeFreeForMe members who came up and introduced yourselves. Your kind words mean the world to me, and make my work (and my world!) a lot more fun!

I wanted to give a special thanks to Amanda for introducing herself to me. Your enthusiasm, support of the Healthy Villi group, and passion to spread the word about celiac disease and give back to others is inspirational!

I just love the bond that all of us celiac share!

Along with meeting new friends, I also found some new (and revisited some old) gluten-free and allergen-free products too. Here is Part 2 of my finds:

Bakery on Main Granola: Made in small batches, crunchy and sweet this granola should be tried! My favorite is the Extreme Fruit & Nut Granola, which is gluten-free and casein-free. Also worth checking out are their granola bars.

Everybody Eats: These guys are from Brooklyn, NY and make pizzas that do their neighborhood proud! Everybody Eats also makes a phenomenal gluten-free baguette that tastes like the “real deal” and sinfully sweet Cinnamon Sticky Buns. All are a must try!

Food Should Taste Good: As always, it is pleasure to see Andrea and her yummy tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good. My fav is the Olive. Check out their website for delicious recipes, too!

Gluten-Free Naturals: If you are looking for premium baking mixes check out Gluten-Free Naturals. I tried the yellow cake mix, and it was moist and delicious. They also carry bread mixes and corn bread mix.

Pamela’s Cookies and Mixes: A favorite of many celiacs, Pamela’s was a popular booth with their yummy mini-cupcakes! If you haven’t tried them yet, check out Pamela’s Cheesecakes! Cheese-alicious!

Pure Bars: Certified gluten-free, vegan and no refined sugars these bars make a great breakfast or snack. Cherry-Cashew is my favorite!

Woodman’s Of Essex: A New England favorite! Gluten-free clams, chowders, and French fries. And coming soon, a make-it-yourself from home “Chubby’s Original Fried Clams” kit can be sent direct to your door!

Bard’s Beer: Gluten-free and refreshing! It’s been awhile since I had a gluten-free beer, and Bard’s hit the spot! Grab yourself a cold one and enjoy!

GaGa Sherbetter Sherbert: Not quite ice cream, but creamier than regular sherbet, GaGa Sherbetter is just plain ole’ … better! My favorite is the Rainbow. All flavors are gluten-free.

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