WIN-It-Wednesday: Double the Prizes! Livefreeda Gluten-Free Meal Plan Contest PLUS Free Product Giveaways!

Do you often wish you could just click your heels and fill your cabinets with a month’s worth of gluten-free meals… dinners, lunches, breakfasts, desserts and snacks? Now, thanks to Livefreeda all you need to do is click your mouse and have some of the best gluten-free products, arrive at your door!

No fuss… No trouble… No running from market to market to gather up all my favorite gluten-free brands.

The LiveFreeda 28-day gluten-free meal kit is packed with the best gluten-free foods out there… including many of my favorite brands. Brands that have been BeFreeForMe’s Friday Favorites including:  Udi’s bread and bagels, Van’s Waffles, Glutenfreeda Burritos, Kettle Cuisine Soups & Chili, Nature’s Path Cereal, Organic Bistro Meals and Pamela’s Cheesecakes To name just a few.

Breakfast, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks that I love… for about $13 per day… Shipping included!

And with no measuring, mixing or cooking required – LiveFreeda is great for kids in dorm rooms, school or office lunches and traveling.

After hearing about this new gluten-free meal plan, I thought about how great it would have been if Livefreeda was around when I had first gotten diagnosed with celiac disease. But in actuality, Livefreeda is a good, convenient way to get gluten-free foods for anyone. I plan on ordering a package myself and have it shipped to my family’s house that lives out of state next time I visit for an extended stay. No more searching for my favorite gluten-free foods while on vacation!

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday is a Double-WIN!

First off, make sure you register to win one of the 30 (YES… THIRTY!) 28-day Livefreeda Gluten-Free Meal packages.  Each of these packages is a $400 value! Remember you must log onto the Livefreeda Contest site in order to enter to win one of these fantastic thirty prizes!

The second way to WIN is right here on BeFreeForMe! Respond to this post and tell us your thoughts on the LiveFreeda Meal Kits and why they’d be perfect for you! Several LUCKY BeFreeForMe members will win one of the prize packs sponsored by the manufacturers of products included in the Livefreeda meal kits. This prize will include an assortment of freebies… product, coupon and giveaways! There are TWO Chances to WIN one of these several prizes! One is between Wednesday, January 12th  and Tuesday, January 18th and the second is between Wednesday, January 19th and Tuesday, January 25th. So make sure you respond two times to this post!

Good Luck, Live Free(da)… and as always,

Be Free!

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116 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Double the Prizes! Livefreeda Gluten-Free Meal Plan Contest PLUS Free Product Giveaways!”

  1. Kerri Says:

    The LiveFreeda meal kits look AWESOME! Would be absolutely perfect for my 2-year old daughter who was diagnosed in March 2009. (and the items that little Miss Picky may not like… Mommy will LOVE!!)

  2. Liza Vladyka Says:

    they sound good but expensive I get food stamps and no cash for food

  3. Hillary-Heidi Berndt Says:

    My boyfriend’s schedule and mine do not mesh. He works 10-7pm and I work 4-4pm. This means we are eating dinner very late, when I should be sleeping. Having a quick alternative on the nights that I am sleepy, would be a great way to make dinner. This way, he may even be able to make dinner for us.

  4. Lori Niver Says:

    This kit would be perfect for my daughters. They are both working at the hospital and meals quite often are on the run. How wonderful. We have to go to many stores in order to purchase all the brands and snacks that we like. What a wonderful idea.

  5. cindy Says:

    This sounds wonderful. It would be so nice not to have to think about what to eat or shop for. I hope I win!

  6. Francine Says:

    I would like to win this for my daughter in college. It has been very difficult for her because of cross contamination issues at school. It would be wonderful if she had a month’s worth of being worry free as far as caring for her diet.

  7. Michelle Says:

    I love these products!!!! It so great your offering all these products.

  8. Anne Rod Says:

    This is a great convenient way for newly diagnosed Celiacs to obtain gluten free food without the worry and hassle – they can approach grocery shopping etc without all the panic knowing they are receiving healthy “safe” meals from Livefreeda. Wish this was around when I was first diagnosed!

  9. Lisa Says:

    These meals sound awesome. I would love the convevience of them!

  10. Christina Says:

    The LiveFreeda meal kits would be perfect for me since I work long hours every week. Having some convenient gluten free meals would really help with my busy schedule. Plus this is a great way to try products from different manufacturers and find some new favorites.

  11. Kathi French Says:

    This would be perfect for me because, I am the only one in my house that has to eat gluten free. There are times that I only make gluten free and they eat what I make. Other times I am making two meals. I am sure some of these items would be great to take on our 25th wedding anniversary trip in May.

  12. patricia Says:

    These meals sound just awsome. Would be great for my daughter who is celiac and working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. jill Says:

    This plan sounds awesome ..such a wonderful variety !!! It is a real chore to have to make two separate meals for the GFs and the not GFs.This would be such a convenience !!

  14. Alisha Says:

    The meals would be great for work and school. It’s always nice to have a meal that quick and easy to prepare 🙂

  15. Paula Says:

    Sounds almost too good to be true! I could have this set up as a gift for a college student…or for my son when he’s away for the summer…!

  16. Kara Says:

    I love this idea. This would be excellent for my boys when we travel! I spend a ton of time planning and prepping meals to have ready when we go on trips and I’d love to do more travelling with them. Having the food all planned out and ready to go really opens up a lot of doors. This is also great for those days/nights when we are running from one appoinment to the next and they need to be fed quickly.

  17. Cassie Says:

    This looks amazing to me with my schedule for shool right now. I am running out the door, taking two busses to get to school, some days having three classes in a row, then two busses back to the house! CReating meals has always been a tough job and thought along with school work and this would be an amazing gift. <3

  18. MIchelle Watters Says:

    This would be perfect to leave at my friend’s house for when my daughter visits. I also would love not having to cook every night, not to mention leaving some for the babysitter to feed her when we go out.

  19. Kathleen Says:

    The kit would be really helpful for my husband. It would be wonderful not to have to cook every night or bake bread every weekend.

  20. PJ Says:

    The LiveFreeda Meal Kits would be good for us because of the convenience of them. We are also recently diagnosed so it would help ease the frustration of figuring out good GF foods. I would like to see LiveFreeda offer kits where you can pick and choose what goes into a kit.

  21. Jenny Says:

    It would be perfect for us. We eat gluten free (2 of us have celiac disease) and to have meals like this would be amazing to eat and save us a bunch of money! thanks!

  22. Susan Says:

    OH WOW! My son’s in college and has only a microwave and refrigerator for his use. I have prepared (and frozen) all his entrees and he runs to the grocery store to get the additional meal items. He is a very busy guy, and this sort of thing would make his life so much simpler. He’s having to deal with the meal prep, getting additional groceries, and washing dishes all in a dorm that is not designed for anyone to function the way he must to stay well. It would be a welcome relief for him to have this kind of resource not only during the school year but during the summer when he’s at music camps and has to navigate all those new dining situations.

  23. CathyS Says:

    These are an awesome idea! I would love them for the nights I try to go to exercise, but still have to get dinner on the table for my husband and myself. I also have 2 sons whose wives do not cook much, and I would share with them. I feel bad that I shared celiac disease with them, and would like to share some easy foods too!

  24. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Year two of needing to be Gluten-free. And after being good for months, I eat something I thought was OK. This would be a great help to me. I hate buying food to find out ti is just icking tasting. Or after reading ingredients finding out it was cross-contaminated or a word I did not recognize was yet another way to say gluten.


    I am so glad you are offering this. This would mean so much to me. I have already tried some of the brand names here. So I know they taste good. With the knowledge of nutritional value, it is a win-win for me.

    Thank you.

  25. Eileen Says:

    These meals sound great. I would like the conveniences of them, not make two separate meals.

  26. phyllis Says:

    I work a full time job and pack my meals every day. It would be nice to have gf food on hand to quickly pack. Some times I do not have much that is gf to take to work.

  27. Martha S. Kerr-Burke Says:

    I haven’t done a lot of cooking for the last 6 yrs. because my husband had surgery to lose weight and his diet now is very restricted. I would love to win this plan ! The food choices sound delicious and I myself am trying to loose weight. I eat a lot of smart ones (weight watchers), lean cuisine,and healthy choice ! Since these meals don’t require freezing I could get more in my freezer! THANK YOU for this opportunity !

  28. katie Says:

    This would be so great for upcoming trips we will be making this year. Sounds like some great on-the-run foods for us Celiacs. Thanks for offering!

  29. Julie Stafford Says:

    I am new to the gluten free diet as I was just diagnosed with celiac disease 2 months ago. I would love to try new gluten free items! I always pack my lunches for work since I work full time and study for professional exams in between so there is very little time to grocery shop at multiple locations and cook.


  30. Lisa Says:

    As a senior in college, I’m always on the go! It would be great to have this stock of food that I know I can eat without worry!

  31. Venessa Says:

    This is an awesome idea! It would definitely make my search at several different stores a snap. Thanks for this opportunity to win!!

  32. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have never bought anything that is pre-packed as a dinner, etc. so I would love to try something like this as I work 2 jobs and am on the road off and on and don’t have time to make a dinner/lunch. It would be so convenient to just have something already prepared for me without the fuss and thinking of what to make, etc.! Sounds like a great program!

  33. Melissa Says:

    with my daughter’s celiacs and my son’s soy allergy i would love for meal time to be easier

  34. carrie Says:

    Wow! These sound fantastic. They would be perfect for my on the go teenage son.

  35. Sherry Pinto Says:

    My 16yr old daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease a few days before Christmas and we are very new to this as well as are in deep financial despair so this would not only help us out financially but would help educate us on gluten free food products. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity. =)

  36. Toby Says:

    These would be perfect for me because they’re a no brainer, and I sure could use that after the holidays!! 😀

  37. Chelsie J Says:

    I think these kits sound great! It is hard to find gluten free items sometimes in the normal grocery stores so this is very convenient! I have a newborn too so getting to the store can be difficult! Having good, nutritious food delivered to your door, now that’s service!

  38. Glorrie Says:

    These meals would be perfect for me. I am single and was only diagnosed about 10 months ago. I’m on a budget as most of us are but I think what is hard for singles is that most foods –not just gluten-free are most economical in bulk. And because certain gluten-free foods are by no means cheap –even when you buy in bulk on sites like Amazon- you can still end up with products that you regret. Somtimes they taste awful or are too sweet despite rave reviews. Other times, I’ve simply got bitten by the learning curve. For instance, I bought a load of my fave bread mix only to later find that gluten-free grains go rancid far faster than wheat products. And in my small living space, stuffing all those mixes into my freezer is not an option. I would love the opportunity to have LiveFreeda hand-pick the best of the best for me! I also have weight concers so I might also find that if I like this service, it might be more economical AND healthier to continue.

  39. Mary Costello Says:

    Would love to try ouy this program. I miss the convenience of drive through, so having some “fast food” in the kitchen would be awesome.

  40. Gina Algeri Says:

    This would be great to take when we go to grandmas since she does not understand what I go through to get the foods for my daughter, and how I worry about cross contamination. Now with this I have the food available when we go to visit and I don’t have to worry about what is in her house for my daughter.

  41. Terri Peters Says:

    The convenience of having premade food would be great.

  42. Cassandra Says:

    The meals look really good.

  43. Lisa V Says:

    Amazing. I’d love to try.

  44. Tina Says:

    I’ve only been diagnosed since August, there are many products out there I have not tried, becuase I am leary of spending extra money of food I wont like/eat. This would be awsome for me!

  45. zoey dampf Says:

    These meals sounds terrific!! How easy to follow the GF diet with meals that are already prepared. I would love to try these meals, what a big help they would be to me.

  46. Heather Says:

    I would love to win this my little sister was diagnosed and where I live is hard to get food at the stores. I would give them to her to help her out and make her feel better. Good luck to all!

  47. Christine S. Says:

    OMG! What a fantastic idea. I’m excited about the prospect of a pantry full of GF foods. I’m trying to turn my grandsons on to GF eating, and this would be an ideal way to do it as they like to raid the pantry and fridge when they come over.

  48. Janet D Says:

    Wow! It would be almost Heaven! My husband does a lot of the shopping and most of the meal preparations and is still confused about gluten-free foods. Also, they are usually quite expensive. We are starting on Dave Ramsey’s financial plan, so things should get better, but it is a struggle to buy gluten-free items and I’m usually too tired after work to start cooking from scratch. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Rachel Says:

    I love this idea!! I am a college student so this would be perfect!!

  50. Tammy Says:

    The meal plan sounds like a great idea! I usually have to shop around to find all the products I like.

  51. Kat Says:

    This is AMAZING! I had no idea that such a program existed… this would make my life a heck of a lot easier because I’m a single mother (with Celiac) with two picky picky kids (with Celiac) and a small budget. I have such little time to prepare meals and get frustrated by putting so many ingredients together myself to make a meal that they may or may not eat. If we won this package, it would give them a chance to choose what THEY want to eat- SO many options!

  52. Darin Says:

    My wife had done Jenny Craig in the past, prior to her Celiac diagnosis. Since she was diagnosed, she has looked for a home delivery nutrition system that could accomodate her GF needs. Neither Jenny Craig nor Nutrisystem have any plans to offer this, so this product from LiveFreeda is perfect.

  53. Jamie Seigfried Says:

    LiveFreeda looks like an awesome idea and would be great for me because it is just my husband and myself, and I am gluten free but he isn’t. We live in a small town that is not so gluten free friendly and is very hard to come across pre packaged gluten free meals. Having this plan would be less stressful then having to make everything from scratch every day and running around town to town trying to find gluten free food. Crossing my fingers that I win 🙂

  54. Joan Says:

    This would make my life a lot easier for me and my hubby! My husband has taken over the shopping temporarily and he has a hard time finding the products I send him for. My 2 daughters are also gluten free, so the cupboard is getting bare quickly!

  55. Sandra Says:

    It sounds amazing! Would love to try all!!!

  56. Linda L Says:

    This would be great. Newly diagnosed and confused. Shopping and cooking has become a nightmare. Live in the country, larger stores that carry gluten free products are 30 miles away, and products are very expensive. Live on limited income, husband has to have low calorie and sugar free diet. Planning and preparing food for both of us is difficult to say the least. Tired of throwing away food that costs a fortune and taste like dirt. Dr. says I need to gain some weight and maybe this would help. I’ve cooked for over 40 years but can’t seem to come out on top of this challenge..

  57. Theresa Says:

    As a new mom with a baby, a husband working full time, and only one car, I don’t get out much. Planning our allergen-free meals definitely takes time and a lot of think-ahead skills since I don’t get to run to the store if I’m missing something. Having a kit that would help out for a month sounds like a DREAM!

  58. Laurie Says:

    As a college student, it is incredibly handy to have pre-prepared gluten-free meals because relying on dining services can be especially difficult (particularly when you are gluten-free AND vegetarian!). It is nice to have options other than salad. And all of these products sound delicious!

  59. marsha pitter Says:

    well it sounds great for BUSY BUSY MOMS….and a little different way to eat for GF kids.

    have not seen or tried them but if we win then we will KNOW ???

  60. Amanda S Says:

    It sounds great but also expensive. Not sure the plan would fit into my budget.

  61. Stephanie O Says:

    I have been gluten free for just over a year now. I recently moved across the country and cannot find my favorite brands or even a regular supply of the items I have been able to locate. 🙁

    This sounds like the perfect program for me since I could enjoy the brands I know and trust and also sample some new items I didn’t even know were out there! I am very excited about this offer and would love to try it out! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  62. Jessica Says:

    This sounds AMAZING!

    As a newly diagnosed Celiac, I can’t tell you how challenging it has been to begin learning all of the intricate aspects of a healthy, well-balanced gluten free diet. After being sick for months with no diagnosis, and finally finding out what was wrong with me, there is nothing more that I would love to do than relax and have gluten free food delivered to me no hassle. With the challenges and new expenses that naturally coincide with living a healthy life as a Celiac, the concept of LiveFreeda sounds almost too good to be true. Getting food in the mail that I know won’t taste like cardboard after I’ve spent twice as much as I would have previous to my diagnosis on it sounds even better. Way to go LiveFreeda!

  63. Rita Whirls Says:

    Sounds tasty, can’t wait to try them.

  64. Colleen Says:

    This would be so wonderful to have foods sent to me and I didn’t even have to go to the store. I will definitely find out more about Live Freeda since I am the only GF person in my household. It would be perfect.

  65. Rebecca Steil-Lambert Says:

    I’m a busy mom with both Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes. I work full-time as a social worker. I have a very hard time finding food that my child will eat, my husband will like, and I can enjoy without compromising my health. It’s vital that I eat GF foods that are low in fat and sugar, but at the same time there are so many bad gf products out there that I become discouraged. I hope that you can introduce me to (and my family) to more GF foods that are worth trying. Packing a GF lunch for myself at work is one of my challenges. GF sandwiches don’t come out very well, and I can’t make soup all the time, but I am sick of salads and yogurt. I recently started baking with Chebe bread mixes and they are SO good, I wish I had discovered them years ago. Udi’s bread I also love toasted, but as for most other GF pre-made food I’ve tried…Well, I’m still searching for stuff worth the money…I would love to win an opportunity to see what’s on the market and try some new items without the cost involved of potentially purchasing something I end up disliking. Very excited to find new GF food that is healthy and yummy!!!

  66. Rita Says:

    I am preparing to travel by car with friends who already have their favorite restaurants picked out. It will be a challenge to be gluten free and eat healthy on my trip and these prepared meals would be a godsend. I wish I could find some of them locally. Please enter me in the drawing.


  67. Michelle Says:

    The only thing I buy is Udi’s products because I tried other products and are bad. I would really like to try other products but with the
    price its hard.

  68. Tamela Cayward Says:

    Gluten free meal packages would save me a lot of time. I wouldn’t have to try and figure out what I could eat while preparing a meal for my family. This would be wonderful!

  69. Patty Says:

    I have a 7 year old with a wheat allergy and he is having a rough time dealing with eating at school. It would be nice to have easy items to send with him to enjoy.

  70. Sue Says:

    What a great idea, this would make it a lot easier to put a last minute dinner on the table.

  71. Maret Hunsaker Says:

    This is an awesome service. I live in an area that does not provide many gluten free foods. I usally plan trips to whole foods which is two hours away to get what I need. I would order more off the interent but it seems like a waste of money to order so much of somthing that I don’t know if I it or not.
    It would be wonderful to have it sent to me instead of me spending all day making a trip.

  72. becky Says:

    I think these kits look AWESOME! Wish I could afford them, for sure.

  73. Danielle Marino Says:

    I just found BeFreeforMe for the first time online. I was doing searches because my grocery store costs have sky-rocketed since my celiac diagnosis. Thanks for this resource! I look forward to entering all of your promotions and reading about your tips and tricks for living with the GF diet! -Danielle

  74. cb Says:

    Gluten-free bagels ??? No way! How do they do that to the most gluten packed tasty item on earth?

  75. mary Says:

    I am so glad I found you! My 12-yr daughter was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and I am SWIMMING on information overload. This would be such a huge help to get us started down the right path!

  76. Jenny Says:

    Just reread this post and it says to respond twice below, so this is my second response.
    i’ve been dreaming of this prize since i entered last week, crossing my fingers that I might
    win this prize!! It would be so helpful to our family!!

  77. Kathleen Says:

    It would be nice to have nutritionally selected meals, since many GF foods are low-fiber and low-nutrition.

  78. Lori Niver Says:

    I would love the opportunity to try it. It sounds like a great offer.

  79. Esther Fraser Says:

    Convience! It’s 9PM, I’ve just come home from work and realize that I have no bread or pasta or a frozen meal AND there’s no local store that has GF products that I can get to at this time of night! Meal time is a challenge in my home most days because I have a meat & potatoes eater (hubby), a vegetarian (my daughter) and me (celiac disease). I’m usually so concerned about the other two that I don’t take inventory of what I have for myself! What a treat it would be to not have to worry for 28 days!

  80. Michelle Says:

    It would be great to win that way you don’t have to shop so many different stores.

  81. Kristen Green Says:

    Love that they also have gluten free VEGAN options, too! Awesome!

  82. Dave Says:

    I would love to win one of these packages for my wife and daughter who both have Celiac. We’re going on a trip this spring and these packaged foods would be perfect for them. Thanks.

  83. Dawn Says:

    Living GF is a struggle some days. I work full time, I train for triathlons and I try avoid eating out because it isn’t healthy and it is expensive. This would be such a blessing for 28 days.

  84. Kat Says:

    commenting for giveaway week #2, my other thought about this meal program is that it would be SUCH a time saver for me!!!

  85. Christine S. Says:

    Not having to spend time shopping is very appealing. This is also a great opportunity to try various products without buying a lot of full packages.

  86. Kathy Bunn Says:

    What a terrific idea……great for a working celiac. Saves time. 🙂

  87. cb Says:

    And gluten-free pizza – so hard to find good GF pizza. The menu calendar looks really helpful.

  88. AA Says:

    I would love to try all of the items listed especially the Van’s Waffles and Pamela’s Cheesecakes. Mmmm…:)

  89. carrie Says:

    Really love the idea of being able to recieve a variety of items without having to go to several shops and then online just to find everything you are looking for.

  90. cindy Says:

    I love the convenience of this plan and I would also have a broader choice of gf items to try.

  91. Lauren Says:

    What a great idea! Not only would this save a lot of meal planning, ingredient checking, and preparation time, but it would give me a chance to try some new gluten-free foods and brands I haven’t tried before. It’s great that there are so many gluten-free products hitting the market every day, but it does get expensive to purchase items I’m not sure will live up to expectations.

  92. Terri Peters Says:

    Winning these meals would be great-someone cooking for me for a change!

  93. Cara Says:

    I think this is an awesome idea!!! It would be so nice to not have to go grocery shopping or think what to buy! 🙂

  94. MIchelle Watters Says:

    I just want a break from cooking and shopping. I have to go to three different stores to get all the gluten free items we use and I cook almost every night because gluten free prepared foods are so expensive. Udi’s bread is a staple in our house. I once made my own gf bread weekly it did not taste as good as Udis and only tasted good in the first couple hours. I have never tried Pamela’s cheesecakes looking forward to it.

  95. meg c Says:

    My family follows a g-free diet so Livefreeda would be an enormous help! I have 2 very active and busy boys so we are constantly in and out of the house. My husband, an accountant, who now during tax season works long hours needs quick easy meals. Not to mention the fact that we are new to this way of life so i am completely overwhelmed so Livefreeda would take a lot of the time and research out of the whole process. Can’t wait to try the plan – hope I can try it for free first – hint, hint.

  96. Elizabeth Says:

    I love this idea my daughter is going on a field trip with school and will be away for 4 days and we are sweating what she will eat while away it would make choices for her very easy.

  97. Christina Says:

    I’m responding for the second week and hoping to win. I’d love to try some new GF products!

  98. Lisa V Says:

    These look delish! Would love to try.

  99. robin g. Says:

    this is great! my 4 year old would love it. i wont have to run around trying to find food for him to eat

  100. Stacie Says:

    This would be fabulous, since all of the larger stores that carry gluten free are located about 2 1/2 hours from my home. Around my home I have to visit about 4 stores to be able to get all the things that we need. The convinence of having it delivered would be fantastic.

  101. patricia Says:

    These meal kits sound just awesome. We live in a small town that does not offer much GF food items. This would really be nice to have. Thanks for the giveaway.

  102. Sandra Says:

    Great idea and great products would love to try!!!!

  103. Chelsie J Says:

    These kits sound convenient and yummy! They are also healthy which is another plus!

  104. Jessica Says:

    This sounds AMAZING!

    As a newly diagnosed Celiac, I can’t tell you how challenging it has been to begin learning all of the intricate aspects of a healthy, well-balanced gluten free diet. After being sick for months with no diagnosis and finally finding out what was wrong with me, there is nothing more that I would love to do than relax and have gluten free food delivered to me no hassle. With the challenges and new expenses that naturally coincide with living a healthy life as a Celiac, the concept of LiveFreeda sounds almost too good to be true. Getting food in the mail that I know won’t taste like cardboard after I’ve spent twice as much as I would have previous to my diagnosis on it sounds even better. Way to go LiveFreeda!

  105. Agnes Says:

    Love the concept for those of us new to gluten-free foods, and don’t have to think about coordinating one more thing. Would be nice to feel a bit pampered with all my hurried schedule.

  106. Kara Says:

    The kits sound so awsome! It would be so great for those meals where we are in a hurry to get out of the house, or for when we travel since I usually have to spend hours planning all of my kids’ meals. I think even my kids could prepare their meals from here:-)

  107. Cassie Says:

    Love the fact that there are many different meals. Also, with type one diabetes, it is always helpful to have all the info on carbs and such for the insulin pump. This would make the day run much smoother with stress, something helpful for seizure activity which has decreased bsince brain surgery but still seen when high stress is around with school.

  108. Linda Says:

    I’m always on the lookout for delicious home delivered meals. We are retired personal chefs, we cooked in client’s homes. And the requests for service just keep coming. I would love to try the plan and have a great resource to direct people to. There are no other personal chefs in our area who want to handle the gluten free diet. And not everyone who inquires can afford a personal chef. This might be a wonderful alternative for them. Thanks for the giveaway offer.

  109. Lisa Says:

    These look delicious and seem so handy! It will be great for a busy college student schedule!

  110. sarah Says:

    I want these soooo bad! Long gone are the days of just grabbing something quick to eat. Everything food related in my life is planned out to the “T”. It would be so great to know that I the guess work would be taken out of the equation…even if for a little while.

  111. Judi Silva Says:

    Great, innovative idea!

  112. kathy Says:

    Making food to take to work would be so much easier.

  113. Erin Small Says:

    Anything that makes gluten free living easier is welcome in my life!

  114. Michelle Says:

    Thats so cool !!!

  115. gris Says:

    It sound’s very convenient specially if you have not nail down straight the gluten free life style.. I am work in progress.

  116. Jennifer Bussey Says:

    This is a good idea, but I am also allergic to milk, soy, MSG and artificial colors and flavors so I doubt it would work for someone like me.

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